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  1. That is absolutely disgraceful. Hopefully they will get that moron and come down on him with the full force of the law. Interestingly, football is the only sport over here which has a separate Northern Ireland and a Republic of Ireland team. All other sports, as far as I am aware - rugby, hockey, etc. - have All-Ireland International sides, and that does not seem to cause any difficulties.
  2. He was brilliant yesterday. He is getting better every game. Always great to see one of the kids come through.
  3. We were very good first half, but their keeper was excellent. It was a mixture of missed chances and very good saves by their keeper. Mings with one of his frequent balls ups killed us. Uphill struggle after that against a very good side with many excellent players. We won't face a team of their quality many times this season. A number of our players are still getting up to speed, but we showed some promising signs today, and we can and will get better..
  4. Cowpat. Also found in the middle of the field.
  5. No, not for me it isn't. For me it is about what is best for Aston Villa, not about punishment.
  6. Emi is number 1, Tro. There is a reason for that. He is just better, and the shirt should be his until his standards slip. I know who I am most comfortable with in our goal.
  7. Cole Ramsey. Don't know much about him, but Useless or SGC might know more. See above. ^^^
  8. Oh yes. And each one is better than the one before. Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey are improving their produce with each attempt.
  9. Watching it with subtitles. Chukweumeka has been `chocolate maker' and `chuck your makeup'.
  10. You should have made that clear. Also you put it in quotes.
  11. Events have conspired against Smith this season, but I am sure the owners will understand this and make due allowance. I suspect they will be happy with top 10, as would I. Any better would be a bonus, I think.
  12. Ok. And if Cash is injured/suspended/unwell/whatever, his backup is..................................
  13. I think he will get games this season with players on international duty.
  14. Good luck to him. Always liked him and don't understand this decision or the way he has been treated during his time with us.
  15. For God's sake, people, try to be a bit more optimistic and positive. The owners bailed us out just a few short seasons ago when it looked like we were going under, and yet look at us now. I am not expecting much from this season. Grealish going; disrupted pre season; injuries. But that's ok. The future is bright. The trajectory is upwards. Enjoy it.
  16. He is easily as good as Cash. It is madness if we move him on without a back up RB. And no reason to spend money on a back up when we have Guilbert. I like him, and admire his commitment to our club, and his desire to play. I will be sorry to see him go, but he did well on loan, and will assuredly have a very good future. This one is down to Smith. He picks the team.
  17. They are blocking their players? Is that correct?
  18. Under the circumstances, I would have kept Young at LB and started JPB at LW and El Ghazi at RB.
  19. Who was that, then? A credible answer would be good.
  20. Yes, that is how it has always been in the past, but this time it is different. There are just so many that look as if they can make it. It will be interesting to see how many do, and which of them it will be.
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