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  1. We must do something about our vulnerability on our wings. The space out there for the opposition is crazy. It has been evident in the previous games as well, not just last night, except that last night it was ridiculous. Cash was really hung out to dry. Smith should really have done something last night to change the situation, which was glaringly obvious.
  2. I remember Leeds in their pomp. Perhaps it is from then.
  3. Any deal we agree with Luiz cannot remove the buy back clause. Only City can do that.
  4. Quite proud of our guy for standing up to the `big boys'.
  5. I don't think so. That particular proposal is dead in the water. There will undoubtedly be changes, but that has been happening for many years to get us to the unfair position we now have. The top teams have to be careful, or they could kill the game completely. Competitively the game is already a shadow of what it once was.
  6. Purslow has done well here. Very impressive.
  7. A pity Grealish had not gone for Ireland. He would be a legend by now. And without all the stupid press attention that an England player gets. Might even have got to keep him a bit longer too.
  8. That is exactly what it is - a glorified loan. To all intents and purposes he is still a Man C player until the clause expires.
  9. Is that a quote from somewhere?
  10. We always knew this was basically a loan, so I have always accepted that, and expected that it would be temporary. That is why we need to stay clear of loans. Luiz and Barclay are unfortunately 2 of our better players, and will need to be bought, if affordable, or replaced. They also need to want to stay.
  11. Well, that might help us to keep him. When does the buy back clause end, if it does?
  12. This is such a good guy. So much to admire about him. Hope he is great for us, and for many years to come.
  13. Love that he said coming to us was a step up. (I know what he meant ie. number 1, but even so.) Instead of being told by an unwanted little Kosovan that we were a step down!
  14. I assumed at the time he was saying, ``This has definitely not gone over the line, just in case there is any doubt''. Whatever, he needs to do it more often - make it his `thing'.
  15. Beat me to it. Was about to post the same.
  16. I have no confidence in Hause.
  17. That would be making the same old mistake again, would it not? He would not be playing for free, hence a salary, hence a contract. Getting rid of these types of signings is a problem that has dogged us for years.
  18. Well he PM'd me that he was just winding you all up.
  19. Great. Now when he comes crawling we tell him, ``You had your chance, now fu@k off''.
  20. Ambiguous, Useless, but I knew what you meant. And I totally agree.
  21. At least we have some cover in midfield and up front. But we have serious need of another CB. We are unlikely to go all the way through a season with the same 2 CBs through injury or fatigue. Then it is Hause or Engels or Elmohamody. And that would be a disaster waiting to happen.
  22. That was a brilliant performance. They need to set that as the benchmark. All 10/10's except Watkins - MOM with 11/10. What a wonderful, crazy game.
  23. You are very cavalier with your child's future.
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