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Ratings and Reactions: Norwich 0-1 Villa


Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Vlaar
    • Clark
    • Bacuna
    • Luna
    • El Amadi
    • Weimann
    • Agbonlahor
    • Delph
    • Tonev
    • Benteke
    • Kozák (for Benteke 28)
    • Helenius (for Agbonlahor 61)
    • Sylla (for Tonev 77)

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Real mixed bag this afternoon. Poor team performance peppered with some impressive individual displays (and a couple of shockers). I'll take the three points though.


Guzan - 10: Immaculate


Bacuna - 8: Really impressive game at RB. Good set pieces too.

Vlaar - 6: Not bad

Clark - 8: Outsanding from Clark as well. Looks like he's rediscovered his form.

Luna - 4: I like him but he's a bit of a liability to be honest. All their decent play went past him.


Tonev - 2: One of the most embarrassing displays by a professional footballer that I have ever seen.

El Ahmadi - 6: Just can't impose himself in a two man midfield but made a couple of decent challenges.

Delph - 7: He CAN impose himself in a two man midfield. Another good display and he's one of our key players now.

Weimann - 5: Worked hard but nothing came off for him.


Gabby - 8: Really good first half. Not sure why he came off, hopefully not injured.

Benteke - 5: Didn't do much then got injured. Do hope he's not out for long.




Kozak - 7: Debut goal and some decent hold up play. I guess we'll be seeing more of him over the next few weeks. 

Helenius - 5: Never really noticed him. Probably not entirely his fault as we sat back second half.

Sylla - n/a: Nice to see him back. Not really on long enough to do anything. 

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Question now is, does Bacuna keep his right back spot over Lowton?


Very nice to see him have such a good performance with little to no cover.


Luna is the type of defender who likes to get forward a lot just like Lowton, both of those need cover in my opinion, whether it be from our wingers tracking back more often or by sticking Sylla in much earlier.


3 points, a clean sheet and a good defensive performance, something I didn't ever think I'd say about us!


Onwards to Spuds.

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Guzan could seriously captain this side. I like Ron, but Brad seems to do all the talking, motivating, revving up etc, and leads by example like no other.

Thought Bacuna was great, and Clark also good after his typical clumsy howler

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Guzan - 9 - Game winning save and controlled the box all game. Another top class save and he'd got a 10.
Bacuna - 7 - Did very well.
Clark - 8 - Continued his impressive return to form. Extra marks for sorting out most of the trouble that Luna caused.

Vlaar - 7 - Assured performance.

Luna - 3 - Made Snodgrass look like Ben Arfa of last week . Why is he constantly backing down and standing off? Positioning was awful as well.

Weimann - 6 - Decent first half. Looked better suited on the left, cutting inside on his right. A couple of great defence splitting passes but messed up many simple ones.
KEA - 7 - Good game.

Delph - 7.5 - Another decent game.
Tonev - 3 - Need to pick his opportunities. Cost us 3-4 decent breaks by silly shooting and almost cost us 2 goals by giving the ball away. That said I think he is one for the future.

Gabby - 7.5 - Thought he was very good in a more central role. I assumed he was taken of for a bit of rest?

Benteke - Please be alright!

Kozak - 7.5 - Has got great movement off the ball, and quick feet for a tall player. Good decisions and makes it look simple. I really like this guy. Faded a bit in the 2nd half.
Helenius - 5 - I don't see much in him. Hopefully I'm way off and he will step up.
Sylla - Brought a bit of stability to our midfield. Good time to bring him on.


Lambert - I cringed when I saw the lineup but happy to admit he got it right. Thatsaid we were extremly vunerable on the flanks and a better team (or Norwich on a better day) would have scored plenty.

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