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  1. Crypto currency

    If you are using the phone app you could try, going to settings and then identity verification. There you can submit new verification by hitting the + This also took care of a stalled Gdax verification for me.
  2. Crypto currency

    I guess that is up to everyone to decide for themselves. I'm just looking at the numbers with my very limited understanding. Since it's massive rise yesterday it's been going down at a steady rate. Many sitting on the fence until monday maybe? If BTC goes down, is it likely that there will be a rise with the other currencies?
  3. Crypto currency

    I want to get into this, but I feel like now that everything is up, I should wait for it to go down a bit. Maybe tomorrow or monday will be a big day? I signed up to coinbase, but in the process of getting verified on Gdax as I'm told there is less transaction fees on it. Oh, and I tried ethereum mining. I made about 0.04 USD worth of it in 2 hours!
  4. Football Manager 2017

    Jumping Reach is how high the player can reach in the air. It's both height and jumping in one stat. Heading is a technical attribute and has no bearing on whether the player wins headers, only his ability to head the ball. I've taken a long break from FM. I keep getting an itch to start back up again though. However I keep booting up the game, starting a new career, having a look at the squad of whatever team that has tickled my fancy... and then I realize this is gonna take forever and I just can't be bothered running this slow race. Am I cured, guys?
  5. Gym Routine

    @JBI watched a couple of videos with Alan Aragon. Got any recommendation of what to look at or read? From the interview I saw I don't disagree with him at all. He basically talked about carbs being important for high intensity training and athletes. He said weight loss were equal if you took into account the protein intake. Now, not considering Taubes in this as he takes it a bit far, Aragon doesn't really talk about people struggling with obesity, are pre-diabetic, etc. He's talking about people who have their diet in order and need to fine tune it for best results. That's the first impression anyway. I don't really see a problem in accepting that both diets have their benefits and drawbacks for different situations.
  6. Gym Routine

    Yes, I think we can all agree on that. I didn't realize it would spark a debate, really, and I regret mentioning it as it triggered my anxiety a bit. Couldn't get much sleep as my mind was occupied by ruminating thoughts. For a very easy introduction there is a documentary on the subject freely available on youtube called CarbLoaded if you are interested. I guess with JB's perspective in mind and the fact a few of the names he mentions makes an appearance, skepticism is probably a good friend when watching it. It's not about ketogenic diets specifically but deals with how the current nutritional beliefs came about, the effects it has had on society and there is a lot of info on how the body responds to foods, but explained in a very simplistic manner.
  7. Gym Routine

    If you are interested in reading about it I suggest you have a look at r/keto on reddit. Lots of people over there share their stories and transformation. A couple of really impressive ones on the front page as we speak, 40 kg in 4 months in example. Some with more details than others. Many people post full scans, blood work, etc. Also lots of more in-depth articles and post on r/ketoscience and for those training weights there is r/ketogains. I did it for about 4-5 months starting fall last year and ending a little over a month ago. I didn't track BF% other than visibly seeing the difference. At a guess it was around 15-17% to start with. The first month I payed close attention to my macros, but after that I did 'lazy keto' and intermittent fasting. Eating however much I felt like whenever I felt hungry. I'm not fat. So the goal for me was not to lose weight. My goal was just to get rid of the belly fat that had started to accumulate and I couldn't seem to shed. I'm 188cm. When I started on keto I was around 75 kg and stayed around 73-76kg for the whole period. I decided not long ago to up my carbs intake so that I could gain a bit more mass. I've been eating carbs for about a month now, although limiting it to natural foods like fruits, veggies, potatoes, legumes, etc. Now I'm 80-81kg with almost no visible fat left. When I got back on carbs I quickly gained a lot of weight, but I attribute most of that to water weight. You have the opposite effect when you go on ketogenic diet. As glycogen is spent and fiber is expelled it's common to lose 3-5 kg of water in the first few days. My goal is to hit as close to 90kg as I can manage without putting on too much fat and then going back to maintain on a ketogenic diet. At a guess I'm eating 50-100g carbs a day now and it's working out rather well, except for one thing. The effect that I didn't expect from the diet was that it made my stomach work like a well oiled machine. On carbs I'm bloated, full of gasses, have to go to the toilet 2-3 times a day and it's all very inconsistent. A mild form of IBS according to the doctor. Something I can't handle, not sure what. But that all went away. Sorry to go into so much detail but I hardly had a fart a day on keto and my toilet visits was only every 2-3 days, and a great success every time Not at all, mate. If I'm being brain washed I would be very happy to be told so. I just don't think I am.. but I'll look in to those debates. I'm well familiar with Taubes by now of course and many others, but not Aspey. I did read a book by Noakes and one by Jason Fung though, I'm sure you think they are the devil's servants, hehe With regard to the BP-coffee argument I feel like you (and with the quote from Aragon) are misunderstanding the whole point. We could probably go back and forth on it all day. I don't believe it's some magic trick or anything. Of course a table spoon or two of oils has lots of calories. You still have to keep within a caloric deficit to lose weight... the points I'm trying to get across is 1) on a high fat diet you are not getting hungry the same way you are if you are consuming carbs and 2) fat will allow you to feel full over a long period of time while not breaking ketosis, which is a state that is great for the body to be in if your goal is to burn stored fat in stead of glycogen. Sorry if I have stirred up the hive a bit and clogged this thread with what seems like gibberish. Someone new to all this really shouldn't be having to read it. I've read so much on this stuff the last 6 months or so that I kinda forget it's a controversial subject and contrary to the status quo of the food pyramid. I'm also no expert on biology or nutrition and I wouldn't put it past me to be fooled. So you are right, I should be more careful about this stuff. I'll keep it to myself from now, unless others have questions about it.
  8. Gym Routine

    Yes, kinda. It gets a bit complicated very quickly. I'll post a link to a very interesting article below. The point is you will not feel hungry for a good while and still be in ketosis, so if you have a workout before breaking it you will be burning directly from your fat stores. http://live.smashthefat.com/why-i-didnt-get-fat/
  9. Gym Routine

    No, no, it will break a fasted state. The state I'm referring to is ketosis.
  10. Gym Routine

    Thanks for replying. I see no logical fallacies, but I wouldn't be upset if you found some and pointed it out. Saying everything is wrong is kinda strange in my view. Maybe I live in a info-bubble, maybe you live in another. Yes, coconut oil or MCT oil. It's not 600 calories, but that's not really the point. The point is to have it is instead of other food to prolong the state that your body has started while not eating overnight. It does keep you from feeling hunger and will not trigger insulin release. As for satiety, maybe my understanding of the language is not correct here. By satiety I meant fullness. Carbs might make you feel full just as fat, but for a far shorter period of time. This is really something that you can test for yourself and experience. When I ate bread and pasta I would get hungry within a few hours of eating. I would crave for stuff constantly. After removing that from my diet I can go a full day without even thinking about food and I usually do a fast each day for 16-20 hours. That is unless I'm trying to put on weight. I believe it because I've seen the effect on myself and others. And I'm not telling people to go full keto.. I'm just saying eat less carbs and try intermittent fasting. I agree though @Stevo985 - it quickly becomes a bit too complicated. I'm quite happy to not talk about this anymore on here.
  11. Gym Routine

    I'm sorry @JB but what exactly is wrong with what I said? Every thing in my post is backed up by research and the many, many people having changed their lives eating less carbs. It's contrary to common belief maybe, but more an more people are catching on. The modern high carb low-fat diet is very harmful to many people. It's not for bodybuilding, but I wasn't claiming that either. Fasting and ketosis is extremely efficient for losing weight and maintain muscle mass.
  12. Gym Routine

    Calories in and calories out is true, but it is more complicated than that and I wish I had been taught that many years ago. This calories in/out-thing puts the responsibility solely on the individuals behavior, but a lot of people does not have good knowledge about food and how the body works, or the money, time and energy to change their lifestyle. And don't forget people have varying degrees of insulin sensitivity. So while I think people who say that have good intentions, I think that answer can make people feel ashamed and frustrated. When does the body burn fat most efficiently?... When it has depleted it's glycogen stores and begins to break down fat stored in the body. In other words it's before the first meal of the day, when doing fasting/intermittent fasting or right after a high intensity workout. So for fat burning you should ideally train before eating breakfast/lunch, extending the fast as long as possible. Eating carbs releases insulin in the blood stream, which stops the body from burning fat. It also makes you hungry again when blood sugar levels drops a few hours later. While eating no carbs gives more satiety and maintains a steady blood sugar level that gives you back your appetite control. So in other words, if you want to maximize fat burning, eat your last meal at say 8-9 in the evening, skip breakfast or eat high quality fat (bulletproof coffee is a good solution) to extend the period where the body is burning fat and then do a workout at lunch before eating. Maintain a 20-30% calorie deficit while getting most calories from fat and protein, and limiting carbs to around 50-100g a day. Going much less than that will put the body in ketosis and that is even more effective, but it's probably a bit over the top for most people and requires mineral supplements.
  13. Gym Routine

    I have a very simplistic and cheap set up, but it's great for me. I would struggle to exercise as often as needed if I had to get out of the house. Got a multi-function bench press-bench with leg extension option, pull up bar, sit ups+incline bench, curled barbell, 2xdumbbells and some cables and bands The weight plates I've got fit both barbells, the dumbbells and the bench.. that makes it quite cheap. The only thing I really miss is a squat rack, but I haven't found one that doesn't cost a fortune. It means I have to lift the barbell over my head, so I can't really increase the weights as much as I need to for progressing, but I try to vary the squats a bit to make them harder. Could do with a row/lat machine as well, but I get by with cables
  14. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I might get shot down for this but in my opinion the last few seasons of Homeland has been the best in my opinion. Ever since the Brody-story ended it has been very interesting.
  15. Gym Routine

    I was thinking more along the line of an anterior tilted shoulder or something. Dunno if you're joking, but I probably wasn't explaining it well anyway... It's the joints making the sound, although it's not the gas-release you get when you first crack a joint. It happens on every moment as long as I flex the shoulder muscles. It's as if the head of the bone jumps in and out of position.