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  1. roscoe

    Kortney Hause

    Yyyyyyes!!!! Mings next please
  2. I’m pretty sure an ageing Albert Adomah tore him to shreds first half at home this year and he was subbed off at half time by Lampard...
  3. roscoe

    Glenn Whelan

    Totally agree! Jack and John are so much better when Whelan starts (minus the major error the other day!). Bring a revved up Hourihane on after 60 minutes and let him unleash on a tiring opposition with Green and Kodj. Hopefully we are a goal or two up by then!
  4. I’d have him off the bench after 60 minutes like the first leg. It also worked against SHA away and others throughout the year. His pace will be a nightmare for Cole.
  5. A bit off topic, but looking at next week, is Gareth Barry injured for WBA? Haven’t seen him on their team sheet for a few weeks... (sorry if silly question, I’m a half drunk Aussie enjoying the match down under!)
  6. He has been shit for Australia too in recent games, but scored a penalty a few weeks ago which seemed to have sparked his confidence. Not playing regularly at Palace didn't help his form. Playing regularly at Villa seems to be working in rekindling the form we know he is capable of
  7. If Ayew and others could spot a pass, he would have half a dozen goals to his name already.
  8. Much better second half from him. He doesn't look particularly fit, but he's spraying some nice balls around now
  9. roscoe

    Jordan Ayew

    Really don't like this bloke. Time to get rid
  10. roscoe

    Joe Bennett

    On ya bike you turd. Loving Tony's work thus far. Clearing out ALL the shit
  11. There's a great photo doing the rounds on Facebook of a Villa supporter waving a bag of snakes at him whilst he gets stretchered off. I can't copy it in just yet

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