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  1. Jaap Stam - plays attractive football and knows how to get the best out of players. I know a few people involved with the Reading first time squad (both players and staff) and all of them say how great he is and he has everyone totally behind what he is doing they all cant speak highly enough of him.
  2. Don't know if it's his fault or the boards but we knew January was a make or break month being still in touch for the play offs. We needed to hit the ground running but instead are midfield is still shocking and the fact Gabby is now our main forward is criminal!! Did he think he could actually get Gabby playing? If so that's shocking I wasn't a Rudy fan but we should never of let him go leaving Gabby as our main attacking threat for such a crucial month.
  3. Hi mate,

    Hope you dont mind me contacting you, but I am going to the southampton v sparta prague game next month with a czech friend and i noticed that you posted on here about the ocean village for parking. In your opinion, is it a secured area/well it & safe enough to walk back to after the night match ? Is the ground well signposted from there ?

    I'll be driving from Birmingham so I'm hoping for a decent & quick getaway afterwards :o)

    Thanks in anticipation,  UTV !

  4. I am not worried about him leaving, my only concern is that he would rather go to the barcodes. what does that they say about our ambition as a club? that he would see another team in the championship than a better option that us.
  5. Agree not worthy of a spot in the midfield over the other options we have.
  6. When he picks up all the ball and he runs thorugh to score that's Traore!
  7. Most excited I have been about a signing for a long time! Welcome Adama
  8. Sad day going to be a long time before we see someone as good as him at Villa Park I fear..
  9. Milner & Benteke in Liverpool shirts is not a nice mental picture
  10. I feel excited, for the first time in years we may actually have a decent LB!
  11. Delete this thread [emoji12]
  12. Horrendous tackle! can't believe he didn't even get a yellow, it's a a straight red every day of the week! When he gets in to the first team squad premiere league defenders won't be allowed to get away with challenges like that against him. I was really hoping to see him get a chance in the first team this season,he looks to have come on loads at Notts, on the plus side finish the season there progress and learn more. I am really excited to see what he can do next year, we are starved of exciting signing's these days this would bring some real excitement to the first team IMO.
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