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    Anyone know the name of this commentator by any chance?
  2. Some fans feel the need to make their minds up on a player before they’ve actually set foot on the pitch for us. For some reason quick conclusions are very important to these fans. Understanding this is crucial to enjoying VT, imo. Me? I very rarely watch Ligue 1, I’ve barely ever heard of this lad and am not embarrassed to admit that. Hope he does well for us.
  3. A hugely underappreciated aspect of the spread of COVID is how Trump's unprovoked attacks on China made them less cooperative with the west. The Chinese should have done more. But they would have, had Trump not repeatedly accused them of being "currency manipulators", or "raping this country", and so on.
  4. i think a fixture pile-up is the least of our worries. Could well have the league postponed, or some of the lads suffer with long COVID, etc.
  5. Great Breturn. I like it. Except yiz aren't coming back anytime soon. The great "dominos falling" predictions of Italy, Greece, Netherlands going to leave the EU was five years ago now. Remember when everyone was predicting the collapse of the euro in 2010? That was a decade ago. We might see the UK looking to rejoin in twenty years.
  6. Au contraire (as we say in Europe). If you sign deals on worse terms, it might mean you've surrendered on a few points the EU wouldn't stand for. I think a(nother) country leaving the UK will happen before Brentry.
  7. Fecking Genesis? Get a grip lads. This thread’s about Exodus.
  8. You can check this out yourself. The “funny” thing about electricity is that every second of every day the amount produced has to match the amount used because it can’t really be stored. That means there’s real time data of electricity demand available publicly online. I only know the exact sites for Ireland but it looks like gridwatch.co.uk makes it available for the UK
  9. Thanks for all the good wishes, VT. On Saturday I went to training with the intention of measuring my heart rate and lung capacity. One of the lads I play with is a doctor, so I knew it would be safe with him around. I did a lap of the pitch and took a reading of my blood-oxygen. The usual level is between 95 and 98, with below 90 considered quite dangerous. I was told to sit down after my lap, because my reading was 85. Dr Teammate reckons it might be lung tissue damage and I’ll be fine in a few months... but says I should go get checked for damage to my heart valves. That wou
  10. There’s three syllables, but it being Limerick the third one was probably stolen. (More seriously, it should be two. The Irish version Luimneach is pronounced “Lim noch”.)
  11. Ah yes, good old free-trading Britain open to new global deals and also going to produce its own spare bicycle parts. From the same school of thought of naming an attacking 4-3-3 formation but hoping you can still play five at the back. See also: hoping Brexit will facilitate a wave of market liberalisation and radical tax reform, but still improve the working conditions of lower-wage workers in Rochdale.
  12. No such thing as a violent agreement. Agreement means to reach a consensus of common cause. In contrast the root of “violent” is violate, which comes from the Latin for “villalad21”.
  13. The Irish parliament is scheduled to approve the deal in January. A few environmental backbenchers have complained, but the government is on to sign it.
  14. Hi Jack, overall fair post but I want to pull you up a bit on the bolded part. A few months ago I was working away on improving my 5km race time. I’d beaten my 2 mile record, everything was going fine, and then I got COVID. A mild dose, no hospital admission and certainly no dying. But I have not been able to run more than 100m since. I don’t know if I ever will. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to play football again. There’s absolutely no chance I could run a 5k. Some days I need to leave work and go lie down. Please don’t tell me that’s irrelevant. Other than the bolded
  15. A few weeks before emigration made my trips to VP less frequent, I was in the Holte for that Blues match where we got that last minute penalty. Class. Free ticket too, as myself and a pal had won it at a table quiz. Or there was the time I met Stephen Warnock and told him he’d lose his place to Enda Stevens
  16. Imho a few of our players could do with a bit more of a nasty streak. I’m thinking the likes of Matty Targett, Ollie Watkins. Nothing against either of them but Targett is a bit soft and Watkins should be less honest in front of goal.
  17. Stephen Warnock looks like he’s just popped back from a data science convention.
  18. Costa on a 6 month deal would be immense. Huge upgrade on Davis, bags of experience, and everyone from Tyrone to Ollie would learn a ton from training with him every day. Give him a few million for his trouble, and option to extend if it goes well. While I’m dreaming, Amavi on a Bosman would be great business. No comparing him and Taylor.
  19. And on the button, he loses 5-0 and the headline on BBC is Sam Allardyce calls for “circuit break”.
  20. Hi Andy, interesting post. I think you were hopped on a bit here, but you did add to it yourself! What do your lot export? Requirements will vary for different sectors.
  21. How are you sure Seas at Risk, an environmental lobby group, has a more accurate estimate for MSY?
  22. It is a Congressional choice whether to tax on accrual or repatriation basis, or on a territorial or worldwide system. If the IRS wants to go easy on Tim Cook for repatriation then those decisions are made in Washington, not Dublin.
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