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Especially when followed by the Chelsea performance. 2 brilliant performances on the bounce shows that we are capable of producing some fantastic high paced football and give any team something to think about. It's no coincidence that 2 of our worst performances (well, 1 and a half, excluding the second half of Liverpool) were our home games, and our best showings were away. We're more than capable of bossing this one, but it really depends on how we hold up defensively.

the performances were decent not excellent. Arsenal had 16 shots in goal and chelsea had 15 shots on goal. The scorelines could have different on another day.



Shots on goal mean nothing, we had the better chances both games and fully deserved our win at Arsenal. Even Wenger admitted that! Our one poor performance was Newcastle and that came after a 3 week break. So although we only have 3 points we have seen a big improvement on last season but need to back this up with a win at Norwich and I think we'll get that.

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for me i think we need to give 4-4-2 a go, i would switch up the team big time and show players that if you arent performing you arent guarenteed a start



Lowton Vlaar Clark Bennett

Albrighton Sylla Delph Agbonlahor

Kozak Benteke


Subs: Steer, Bacuna, Helenius, Weimann, Luna, Westwood, Herd



Yes i do think Albrighton and Bennett should play, that midfield 4 can go narrow if it needs to with Gabby's strength and pace, but with that you'll have Gabby cutting in and causing issues, Marc whipping in balls and causing all sorts of problems with Benteke and Kozak in there, Westwood needs to be rested imo he hasnt impressed me like he did last year, Sylla will add an athletic presence and Delph is becoming a huge player for us.

Lambert needs to show that at some stage we will be playing different formations otherwise everyone is going to set up the way liverpool and newcastle did, knowing that we'll come out exactly as we always do.

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Difficult game coming up again. With a little luck we can pull off a win though.

Everybody wants to drop Weimann, but I don't. Mostly because we don't have anyone good enough to replace him with. It's not the time to experiment with Tonev.

KEA off for Sylla yes, other than that I would keep the team that has played until now. Clark in ofcourse.

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433 seems to work very well away from home, so why change up?

Kozak seems to be a player that doesn't get much involved in build up play, but rather pops up in the right place to finish. Admittedly I'm basing that only on the game last week and the Czechs game against Italy.


But I think to play those together effectively we would need proper wide wingers. 2nd half against Newcastle was basically a recipe of how not to do it.. we essentially had 4 players clogging the center. I can hardly remember us having a single cross, high or low, into the box.

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Same team except Sylla for KEA. Just need to regain the form we had against Chelsea and Arsenal.


Yep theres nothing wrong with our away form. We were brilliant at Arsenal and Chelsea. Don't mess around with the team away from home.

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