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  1. As we know from Houllier onwards in the last Premiership days before relegation, you cant just keep escaping relegation by the skin of your teeth season after season, eventually something either has to change or you run out of luck and get relegated. Seemingly with them they don't have a goal scorer, they are negative to begin with in the mould of the manager, don't have any money to invest in any real quality, no assets to sell to raise funds, and have owners that don't want to invest for whatever reason with a ground which half of it has been deemed not fit for purpose. They don't even ha
  2. The occasional time it gets played pre match really does make the hairs stand up, brilliant
  3. Did Arsenal not score a goal with a man in our wall which is also meant to have been not allowed but funnily enough not reviewed!
  4. I always like it when they use the trophy line, as soon as you mention Leicester winning the league they tweak it to "they are East Midlands", which is correct, but considering it was originally the Midlands which to me implies the whole of the midlands and doesn't exclusively exclude the East side its a flawed argument, to mention the league cup in the same breath as winning the league is amusing in itself
  5. The one thing about this season is I am now starting to become greedy, I think about Friday against what is no vintage United team, and I will be very disappointed with anything other than a win It's an exciting time to be a Villa fan.
  6. Is the phone in worth a listen tonight? I wonder if Eddie will make an appearance
  7. Stinks of cheap points scoring to me, and with their history of ex cons donning the shirt probably best they don't take the moral highground
  8. I remember when we played Huddersfield on a Tuesday night, under Bruce we lost 2-0 I think, got talking to a local walking to the ground and he said the only time they took a decent following was when we had been relegated and mentioned the coffin
  9. Yeah WM was mostly just Wolves and Albion, and then I think BRMB for whatever reason could not carry us and Scum, still was worth it moving just so Tom Ross did not cover our games
  10. One of the greatest commentaries of our games I have heard, still sends shivers down my spine, another one that comes close is the (I think) Brazilian commentary of this goal which is also brilliant
  11. I do yes....I remember fans pulling down the goals and that PA announcer asking fans to leave the pitch, think that was the end of Gold/Sullivan and Brady?
  12. We won't mention Huddersfield surrendering by sending out a second 11 against them which basically kept them in the league under 'Arry, or the countless other final day get out of jail cards they have been dealt
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