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  1. Still lots of the training range missing online. Makes me wonder after last season how we have again got it so wrong
  2. avfc456


    Yes you are right- I assume this is how it will always be going forward after what happened in the WBA FA cup match, would be a disaster waiting to happen with our own fans in the lower North
  3. Can you pay for this on AVTV?
  4. avfc456

    Tom Heaton

    You assume wrong- but unlike yourself I'm not jumping on the back of a quality keeper after 2 games. Funny how you don't even it out with the finger tip saves he has made in both games so far. Shall we drop Grealish for his error V Spurs, or maybe even Luiz and Trezuget for their combined efforts for the second goal last week?
  5. avfc456

    Tom Heaton

    One mistake, in his second competitive appearance. Ridiculous
  6. avfc456

    Tom Heaton

    We have played 2 games, seriously come on, what is your agenda against him? What am I missing that is so impressive about Steer?
  7. This, I think we were far to open at times V Bournemouth, I would drop el Gazi for him, and hopefully when upto speed left footed "Marvelous" will come into the team next to Luiz I share other peoples gripes about set pieces on Saturday, they were frankly awful.
  8. I sat in the Trinity season before last just right of the half way line half way back, I thought it was a very good view myself, probably not so great if you are towards the very back
  9. UKSHIP discount code for free shipping on orders at kitbag, seems to be the only one working at the moment
  10. The white training top was on sale but has been removed as it has sold out
  11. It’s sold out, I want it too (we’ll online and at kitbag anyway) can’t speak for in store
  12. Same I am a medium, last seasons kit was a little fitted for my liking
  13. I think both the shirts are excellent, the training gear is a big step up from last season. Good job Villa
  14. Quite like the kit myself, although the sponsor on the sleeve is ghastly IMO
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