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  1. I read his Dad is a copper and a small heath fan. As for Hogan, he will be worth more if we sell him come the end of the season with a bag load of goals for them rather than his dismal half a season at Stoke.
  2. https://forums.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk/threads/league-cup-final-tickets.344504/page-22 They are keeping tabs on this thread
  3. They have not taken defeat well thats for sure
  4. avfc456


    Just to add- at the City game the other week a few lads in front of me could not get their phones into the scanner, showed it to the bloke manning the gate and let them straight through, must be a common theme
  5. avfc456


    I have seen quite a few people in the DE use their phones with the ticket on it at the turnstiles
  6. avfc456

    Tyrone Mings

    Does anyone know if he is back for Burnley?
  7. Fair few tickets appearing now, assuming these are ST holders who have put it on the exchange
  8. Give the club a call- if they have any sense with the many thousands of empty tickets available they will sell you one
  9. I phoned the club Saturday and got the £13 difference refunded
  10. I just think we need to try something different and Wes needs to come out of the firing line, I'm getting to the point where I almost feel sorry for him.
  11. Kodja for me to start, not his biggest fan but I struggle to see how he can be any worse than Wes, I would also personally rather see Hause alongside Engels being left footed.
  12. Could be a few Liverpool fans in home areas for this?
  13. Digbeth dining club will be a morgue going forward with all the noses who are going to boycott it
  14. Still lots of the training range missing online. Makes me wonder after last season how we have again got it so wrong
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