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  1. avfc456


    Stanmore tube station just of the M1- 3 stops from Wembley with a large car park, you can pre book the parking too I will never use the train again after the United league cup final, horrific.
  2. avfc456


    1856 less tickets than last years 38144 allocation
  3. Don't concede early is what I keep telling myself
  4. Just looked, I don't get what goes proples heads, surely they would of known there would be uproar once it got out
  5. Whats the song? I have not heard the song / chant/ numbers involved in chanting it
  6. One of my mates has messaged me saying there is outrage online against a racist chant for Tammy? Apparently Collymore is sticking the boot in now, anyone know anything about this?
  7. Was it not Hourihaine who put in some half soaked tackle on Rodriguez in the lead upto the second? Whelan every day for me tomorrow
  8. avfc456


    I am in this position with my partner who comes a handful of games a season- my fault though really as should assign it to her client reference which I have not done this season
  9. avfc456

    Sky game?

    Just read on Villa talk Friday is not on red button, but Monday v Millwall is. There was a screenshot of a reply from the Sky help team on twitter
  10. avfc456

    Sky game?

    Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure I read somewhere that its down to the clubs to provide a feed to Sky for the game. Hopefully if it is not available on Sky you can purchase it on AVTV without the need for a VPN
  11. avfc456

    Sky game?

    Scum V Derby Leeds V Wigan QPR V Blackburn Are all available via the red button (source: LJs live on Sat Website- our game is not listed though)
  12. avfc456


    Were both blocks on Sale? Was only FU1 as of this morning
  13. avfc456


    Looks like I spoke too soon, or the club did, 2 blocks of the upper tier now on sale
  14. avfc456


    Lower tier of 2400 tickets have sold out- have phoned the club and they are saying there will not be an extra allocation due to the issues Bolton are having with the ground Disappointing as I think we would of easily shifted the upper tier
  15. avfc456


    Lower tier on sale block by block

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