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  1. There is an interview with the new flavor of the month Gangsta "Jaykae" If you are scratching your heads wondering who this person is, he is best known for crying at Villa park.
  2. Agree, I pay for Sky but never have for BT, used to watch quite a few of the games when it was on Sky/ITV, now I just can't justify the extra £30 a month.
  3. No, although Man united are apparently having vaccine passport requirements from the 1st October, I assume that others will follow suit around that same time
  4. Agree with your point RE Beckham - even their first home game V Norwich is on General sale Also I've been reading his head was turned by Man U in the first season we were back in the PL when we were struggling
  5. I think hes going personally, disappointing but unlike when Delph and Benteke left us, I feel this is a club going the right way with the right people in charge, and not a sinking ship
  6. I think there are many, myself included that share this view
  7. As others have mentioned The fullbrook is a short walk away from the ground and also serves Indian food, shame if it has shut down
  8. Too many to recall, but many mentioned in this thread, Scum away 3-0 and 2-0 both away from home, the cup game away, that felt very dodgy in and around Birmingham that evening Scum 2-2, we battered them for an hour, think it was Vassell who gave the ball away on the half way line at the end that lead to the equaliser? FA Cup final, although I think after 10 minutes I looked at my mate sat with me thinking this is going to be a long afternoon, leaving the Fulham play off final even though I didn't know what was about to happen at the time, was one of the worst feelings I've felt in many years, Man U in the cup always sticks out being 2-0 up and losing 3-2, I think ever since then I've never been confident when taking the lead that we can hang on QPR at home under Bruce after the Wolves demolition, Everton at home under Lambert sticks out, we only took just over 1000 and I had probably the worst away view I've ever had at an away game, 3-2 up with just a corner to defend, Clark gets into a battle with Fellani and he equalises. Bradford away, Arsenal away under Mcleish in the cup, I think Henry came on and embarrassed us? Spurs Away on the Monday night the 4-4, League cup final under MON, even the Semi final V chelsea, all very much an anti climax.
  9. One things for sure, someone will take a punt on him next season Those few seconds on the bench though, I did feel for him, whatever the reason it isn't happening for him it seems as though he will go down as another who never lived up to the hype I thought we were getting a potential superstar when he signed, shows how much I know.
  10. Oh I agree- I always buy their tickets, he's a pain in the backside, I would sit on the roof as long as I could be there, I imagine though they will check the photo registered to the ticket, rather it go to a real fan and not my sister who I would normally palm if off onto!!
  11. Great- thanks for clarifying
  12. I've applied for 4 tickets as we have 4 STs together, does anyone know if I then have to buy all 4 tickets, I ask as one of the 4 is being picky about where we may be sat, the other 3 of us couldn't care less as long as we can go
  13. Albion win, seems inevitable.
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