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  1. It’s sold out, I want it too (we’ll online and at kitbag anyway) can’t speak for in store
  2. Same I am a medium, last seasons kit was a little fitted for my liking
  3. I think both the shirts are excellent, the training gear is a big step up from last season. Good job Villa
  4. Quite like the kit myself, although the sponsor on the sleeve is ghastly IMO
  5. avfc456


    We have had the same sorts of comments from SHA and WBA when both have achieved promotion, it must be agony for them all to be in our shadow for so long and when they are on a level playing field, or in dingles case superior to us for one season its their chance of giving us hell back, it will be interesting if they are just in the top 10 for the next few seasons if they maintain the weekly sell outs, even Leicester last season I was noticing a few gaps in their crowds week on week and they won the league only a few years ago I remember when SHA first got promoted, and David Gold was proudly proclaiming the City was turning and it was now blue and white, just like with WBA its all hot air.
  6. In fairness if thats the game I am thinking about where it was Venkys first game after buying the club, the tickets went on sale pretty much a week before the game, plus it was on Sky
  7. avfc456


    Agree with this, I am more than happy to have a rivalry with them or WBA in the Premier League, I don't have anywhere near the same ill feeling towards them as I do towards SHA, although working on the edge of Wolverhampton in a place full of Dingles I do get the impression they thought we would be in the championship for many a season with SHA and WBA and would be the only midlands team in the PL for a good number of years, they have gone very quiet here since we got promotion Also Wolves continue the current progression and they could well push 40000 crowds, especially with the potential catchment areas they can appeal too, it all depends I guess on how ambitious their owners are on and off the pitch
  8. Reading Fulham and Leeds fans it would seem he has always enjoyed a drink, but regardless of the money wasted, the lad looks like he needs help. I hope he sorts himself out, if for anything his 3 kids
  9. avfc456

    AVTV 2018/9

    Could purchase one in the USA and go with NBC (but you need 2 packages), or if you fancy Canada DAZN also now have the full premier league rights (all on one pack)
  10. avfc456


    I didn't realise you could do that, cheers!
  11. avfc456


    No.......drop me a PM if you are interested, I am parked on the next road (Chalfont Avenue) its a really decent place to park for a quick getaway
  12. avfc456


    On the off chance anyone is interested, I have a space booked on Wyld Way HA9 Wembley from 11am to 7PM on Monday, however the person I booked it for (through JustPark) could not get a ticket The space cost £16.40, it is just off the north circular on the Villa side of Wembley, if anyone wants it or know of anyone who wants it they can have it for £10 (preferably via PayPal friends and family), I just need to change the registration of the car and thats it, I have all the details to hand We are parked on the next street as it is a good area for a quick get away
  13. I find it hard to have sympathy for him after the vile abuse aimed at Grealish and family, if that makes me a muppet then so be it.
  14. avfc456


    I am the same got them on Thursday evening, so far nothing. Do you have to sign for them?
  15. avfc456


    Its a shame IMO that both clubs allocations are the best part of 1700 tickets worse off than last year, which both clubs would of sold yet will probably be plenty of gaps in those sections just like the FA cup final last weekend.

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