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  1. avfc456

    Tammy Abraham

    Corrected for you Good old Tammy, was never in doubt
  2. avfc456

    Tammy Abraham

    Sad to see him go, but can I blame him for leaving a team 5 points off the play offs for a top half premier league club on ridiculous wages? Good luck to him
  3. avfc456

    Pre-match thread

    This won't be easy, but after watching Derby comprehensively beat them on Sky we should be going there full of confidence and really taking the game to them, which going by recent Smith performances is exactly what we will do. I will be watching them tonight with interest
  4. avfc456

    Ticket Info

    Block 1 on sale now- 87 tickets left
  5. avfc456

    Pre Match Chit Chat

    At the risk of sounding like a wally, how do you do it? I have Q, went to Sky Sports football but could only record the Leeds game?
  6. avfc456

    Ray Wilkins

    Good video which is on talksport of a guy from the army who called in to pay tribute, said Ray sat and spoke to him gave him £20 when he was on the streets and turned his life forward from that point. Sounded like a very decent bloke. RIP
  7. avfc456

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Fulham have some tricky games still, Brentford at home who are pushing for play offs decent win last week away at Bristol, Millwall away, and this Saturday Sheffield Wednesday away who had a very decent win last week against PNE. I think its unlikely, but you never know, that saying Cardiff win tomorrow and my thin optimism will quickly diminish.
  8. Made me laugh how that lad said its the most plastic ground hes ever seen, half of the Sty looks exactly the same!
  9. avfc456


    I remember this, one being a early kick off under McLeish, they cited price as a reason, they have also done the same at small heath with hundreds of tickets going unsold Also I noticed in the upper trinity there are a few tickets along the very back rows that have been sold, which I always find suspicious in games like this
  10. avfc456

    Callum O'Hare

    We need flair and we need wins- for that reason I hope he starts.
  11. avfc456

    Mile Jedinak

    Anyone heard a rumour online about Jedinak not being happy after Saturday with Bruce? Probably twitter rubbish but seemed odd.
  12. avfc456

    Birkir Bjarnason

    I have no idea where he is meant to play, where did he play for his previous club? Didn’t he get bags of goals?
  13. avfc456

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Bashing Hutton also. One criticism I read from a Hull fan about Elmo is that he is very lazy on the defensive side of the game and is not one to track back. Thought it was just sour grapes at the time but looks like there could be some truth in it
  14. avfc456

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    I thought this also
  15. avfc456

    Games streamed live overseas 2017/8!

    There are enough set top boxes, websites, IPTV providers, pubs that offer 3pm football and have done for a good number of years, I watched the Blackburn game from home last weekend live, so I don't agree it would kill struggling clubs if all 3pms were broadcast in the U.K, chances are the people that would subscribe to extra games are watching them already.)