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  1. He was also woeful against Barnsley and Stoke which they both lost. I am not convinced he is what we need, nor is worth the gamble
  2. Going by the green third kit the mock up above looks a little PC by current standards! I’m still mortified the home shirt costs £57 to pre order!
  3. If true I quite like that third strip, claret sponsor and badge looks smart IMO
  4. If 20m is the figure which seems crazy if true, smacks of their owners trying to reap as much cash back as possible from the TV money
  5. A friend from the other side also told me he has a brother and its an attempt to keep the family on side so they will hopefully get another big windfall from him, no idea how true this is mind Although I read the official twitter account saying you cant take the boy out of Birmingham......isn't he from Hagley?
  6. Least they have found a use for that tampon thingy they use on matchdays, although looks a little grubby!
  7. I would love to think we have a really big performance in us tonight, we owe them one for the 3-2, but I just cannot see it
  8. Agree- Andy Robertson was on a yellow early doors, can't remember in the whole game him asking him any questions
  9. God that felt good! Hope the same team plays Thursday
  10. A goal would be nice, I have forgotten about what it is like to celebrate a goal, I cheer shots these days, and if it's on target, well sh*t is going down!
  11. Agree RE Hourihaine, I am no means a fan of him at all, but what cannot be doubted is that he gets goals from midfield, and right now when we look so poor in the final third I think he must start- I keep thinking back to the Norwich game boxing day, how vital was that!
  12. I could almost take defeat if at the end of the game I thought we really had a go and went out to win the game, I will be disappointed if it is another showing like Sunday
  13. Dropping El Gazi would be a start, but I have little faith in picking up a point nevermind 3, the remainder of the season looks grim IMO
  14. avfc456

    Jed Steer

    I wonder how far off Jed is making a return? 3-4 months wasn't it when he went off V Wolves?
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