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  1. God forbid someone have a different opinion to you on how to unwind and spend free time.
  2. I think he wants to start games so I imagine he'll be leaving at the end of this season. He's good enough to be starting games regularly for a more physical side and I'm sure a promoted team would take a punt on him. We should make a healthy profit too.
  3. Liverpool lost 3-0 to Watford the season the won the league I believe? It doesn't really matter how good or bad the teams are that you pick up or drop points to imo. We just need to end the season with more wins than losses and that should be enough to end on comfortably more points than last season, which would all but guarantee top half. It's consistency in performance and cutting out silly errors that we need to work on, we give away too many goals and always have under DS. Second highest in the league for mistakes leading to goals again last season. I think that's our Achilles heel and if we cut that out and all the new players click it will be a very exciting season.
  4. Jobi McAnuff talking on the football league podcast about Swindon Town and saying about how good their recruitment has been this summer and bringing in signings / loan players who all suit each other. All sounding very positive. Kaine seems to be enjoying life there judging by his socials. Few proper pros at the club too who he should benefit from having in the dressing room, Anthony Grant and Jonny Williams so good for that level. Think this loan will prove to be the best of the lads that have gone out this season.
  5. skarroki

    Louie Barry

    I'm assuming this is tongue in cheek but I think some fans need to remember players like Watkins struggled to get into the Weston Super Mare team at an older age than a lot of our youngsters out on loan
  6. skarroki

    Louie Barry

    There's an interview with Paul Cook on the athletic football league podcast from the day after they signed Barry and he says they needed to build an entirely new side. They had almost no senior players left at the club at the end of last season. It's only a few games in and there's a lot of top quality players there for league one. As soon as they get a bit of rhythm and find a settled side I think Barry will force his way in. The current climate in the league though is get lots of points and get them now, not a time to be throwing in kids from other teams academy's and hoping they don't sink. Players on three times his wages with 10 years football league experience are going to be ahead of him for a bit yet.
  7. Starting to think this could be a write off I've joined another fantasy draft and in plenty of leagues on the normal version of the game so I wouldn't have a problem bowing out of this. Edit: I don't mean to sound harsh with this, appreciate the effort you've gone to getting this set up but trying to get all 8 of us to sign up to the league and do the draft feels like organising a stag do with how it's gone so far.
  8. I am busy tonight but will join now and make a shortlist
  9. Having another manager won't get us Europe and we're certainly not getting relegated. The team clearly like Deano and the staff, why stir the pot when there's nothing to gain or lose by doing so?
  10. skarroki

    Louie Barry

    He's in a great side, Ipswich have a very strong squad and a top manager. If he stays there this season he'll have gained from the experience for sure, even if he isn't tearing the league apart by himself. Cook has a lot of experienced forward players in the team and there has been a huge turnaround at the club, they've signed 20 people or something crazy. Throwing in a lad who's not played mens football at the start of this season wouldn't have been fair to Barry or the players around him who would have had to support him. I think his time will come, I'm sure by the end of the season he'll end up with 30+ appearances if he doesn't get injured, but I think September and October need to be written off until the season is in full flow.
  11. Hopefully rediscover some form in Belgium. I thought he must still be liked in Turkey as he played in all 3 of their games so far this season, mind you the most recent one he came off the bench. They won all 3 games without conceding and without their striker getting a goal or assist, quite impressive. Can't believe we got an obligation to buy loan, absolutely robbed Fenerbache even if we made a loss on him
  12. I really like some of the podcasts and find that paying £1 to avoid ads on maybe 6 epsiodes I listen to weekly whilst working is enough of a plus to keep the sub going, plus the occasional good article like this one on Chuk. However, on the whole I find The Athletic just a group of self-congratulatory journalists who love telling each other and the readers about how good they are at their job. Luckily the key journalists in that bracket don't show up on the pods I listen to. Michelle Owen is another who does in house Villa stuff and works for the athletic and others, she's brilliant at her job and has good links to inside Villa but still Greg Evans plods out his minimum quota of Villa exclusives each month.
  13. I think this is the case. Test a few clubs by low-balling them for players who are stalling on new contracts. I think there are players we should have maybe gone for (potentially wanted to sign) but the problem is putting in a low bid for a player coveted by others (read: Bissouma). I think there are a few teams that would have gone after Bissouma but knew they'd get outbid and didn't have the resources this window to complete. A few players who have stayed at their clubs I believe are victims to a lot of Prem teams holding and folding
  14. I've done just that in the post you're referring to, as I thought that would be the case for some VillaTalk users (and I don't blame them, I'm only still subscribed because I found a cheeky code that made it £1 a month for 12 months)
  15. Excellent article about him on The Athletic by Charlotte Harpur. Hope she starts writing more regularly for Villa now. https://theathletic.com/2795731/2021/08/29/nobody-passed-better-than-carney-chukwuemeka-in-the-opposition-half-aston-villa-have-a-gem-on-their-hands?source=user-shared-article
  16. He's definitely got something to prove this season, I can't wait to see if he can perform at the levels we've seen in the past. He's undoubtedly got the talent, he fits a Dean Smith side really well and he just needs to become more consistent now.
  17. I'm not judging anyone I was just making a light-hearted, sarcastic remark. Nothing sinister meant in it. Sorry for being so self-centred.
  18. I think Cameron Archer should be converted to a viable striking option from the bench.
  19. Like this a lot! I made a spreadsheet to keep track of all our players squad numbers for the season, don't know if this would help you at all with filling in a couple more players that might be considered as "first team" this season? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KgJat-KYYqa5RSKRMkTiLBPW7XaTq6E2OchDspGvnCg/edit?usp=sharing
  20. I always find the best football player chants are the ones sung from the stands during a match day instead of typed out on a message board. They catch on a lot quicker that way too
  21. frankly with how crazy shallow the squad is now, I'd welcome a couple of free agents coming in after the window closes to bolster our squad. At this rate we have, from what I can see, 21 players to register for our 25 man squad. I'd say bring back Elmo if Guilbert is off to France again but I didn't feel comfortable with him coming into the side last year. I don't know if I'd feel more comfortable with Tuanzebe or Konsa covering there either though, especially when one is a sick note and the other is currently injured. Cash hasn't looked that good end of last season and the start of this season so the last thing we need is no competition for his spot in the side.
  22. I've mentioned Lingard a few times before as I think he'd suit Smith's style but I think he'd divide opinion a lot more if people weren't desperate for one more signing. From memory when Lingard has been mentioned in the past, even earlier this window, it's been met with widespread mockery
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