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  1. I was at the Preston game yesterday, he was the only recognised winger on the bench. Both the wingers were substituted and they brought on an attacking mid and central mid to play out wide instead of throwing on Green in his natural position. Preston are flying high and play good football but were really poor yesterday even though they won. Starting to get genuinely concerned Neil doesn't see him as a viable option.
  2. skarroki

    Scott Hogan

    I mean Hogan is on loan and Berahino signed what, 5 years ago? And isn't there any more. It is widely reported though that there was a rotten attitude problem at the club which wasn't sorted properly by Rowett when they went down and I just think this new manager is clueless. In defence of Hogan and to play devils advocate, if you wanted to kick on in your career and prove that you had something to offer, I'd say the only club worse to sign for than Stoke would have been Bury in the EFL
  3. That whole England squad looks very good, great time for the national team. If Grealish can force his way into that group too it'll be brilliant. Mings call up fully deserved, really hope he seizes the opportunity not just if he gets to play but also in training and around the players, needs to prove he's a good lad to have in the squad.
  4. I've had Jagielka in the side as I thought he was a guaranteed starter at Sheffield Utd. Obviously not the case so swapped him for Guilbert and put Pope in for Heaton as I can't have 4 villa players. Cost me 4 points but if Guilbert plays Saturday that's 2 points more than Jagielka would have got me so took a risk.
  5. Green didn't make it off the bench tonight and PNE currently have no fit recognised strikers so Alex Neil clearly doesn't view him as an option in that position.
  6. skarroki

    Wesley Moraes

    I only said if Wesley is as good for us as Benteke was. Don't think there's any denying that Benteke was a very important member of the squad for us over multiple seasons. Whether or not he's class is another debate, but I agree with you on that.
  7. The last players we need to worry about are Grealish and McGinn. They were doing the same thing last year, if drinking was affecting 2 players game they would be bottom of the list of suspects at the club.
  8. skarroki

    Wesley Moraes

    If Wesley is as good for us as Benteke was we'll be challenging for the top 4.
  9. skarroki

    Scott Hogan

    The words dog and bone come to mind when dipping my toes into this thread. Seems less about Bruce / Hogan / transfer policy and more about SO WHAT YOU'RE SAYING IS THAT I AM RIGHT.
  10. skarroki

    Scott Hogan

    Let's talk about Steve Bruce a year after he's gone in the Scott Hogan thread because these arguments based around context and semantics never get old. Inject this thread into my vains.
  11. Unfortunately after the 20th minute when the 2nd goal was scored the game got a bit scrappy, and Green didn't really do anything of note from that point. Thought the goal would give him confidence but seemed to do the opposite, got caught in possession, was poor tracking back and blocking passing lanes. Got moved into a central strikers role for all of 5 minutes before Ginnelly was brought on and someone else pushed centrally. Ginnelly fighting for that LW position with Green. I'm hoping he was taken off to rest him for the weekend but chances are he'll be on the bench again unless he's impressing in training.
  12. We got 2 of the last 5 tickets allocated to the Preston fans. They then opened up an extra area of seats so the away fans were less packed in. The rest of our stand and both stands behind the goals I believe were closed. To be fair to Bradford fans, they've had a miserable campaign last season which has been compounded by uncertainty over the summer and a poor start to their league 2 life.
  13. Typical that the 2 lowest scoring teams were playing each other so one of them gets off to a great start.
  14. That's shit luck that is. Like choking on liquid paracetamol
  15. I'm at the PNE match against Bradford and Green running the show. Scored a good goal. Mind you I reckon I could get a game for this Bradford side.

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