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  1. My Dad, a PNE fan, mentioned the other day that he could see Smith as England manager one day and that day could be soon depending on our performance at the Euros. He's not the first person in the last few months to mention that possibility either. What Smith has done so far has been remarkable and it is often forgotten that he's got us into the top half of the Prem both defending well and playing attractive football. I actually genuinely enjoy watching Villa again which is such a great thing after the last decade of absolute dross. Having watched other teams in the past and wishing we co
  2. I really think we just need someone with real quality in the LW position to come in and allow Grealish to move back central. I like the back 4 and keeper and our more defensive central midfield options. I think it's more about depth this window, getting players who can compete with who we already have for a starting berth. Anyone that becomes available on a good deal financially for the club we should look to move on. For me, It's now about getting players like Ramsey and Davis out on loan for a season whilst we bring in some genuine quality to rotate the squad and have viable bench
  3. Only 6 points between us and West Ham "dreaming" and we have games in hand on them. The only games I've been disappointed with are games like Burnley where we capitulated and games like Southampton where we were 2nd best. We've also lost games when playing well so I think it all averages out in the end. Losing to Sheffield United stings but we're still well on course for a great season. Go beat Wolves and Newcastle and we're 9 points better off than the previous season with 10 left to play
  4. Thinking there are some great players being badly used at Newcastle - Saint-Maximin looks a fantastic player despite some recent injuries and maybe his recent injury record would mean we could get him in a cut-price deal? Having a quality winger with genuine pace would add an extra dimension
  5. He wouldn't frustrate me so much if he didn't show glimpses of just how good he can be. The thing is though, when you're playing alongside Watkins and Grealish who consistently show how good they can be and also work tirelessly, seeing him never busting a gut to reach either end of the pitch is infuriating. There was more than one occasion yesterday when a teammate ran past Barkley to try and win the ball back as he made his way. The guy has talent in spades and all the physical attributes he needs too, so whether it's attitude or confidence, something needs to change mentally in his game for
  6. I don't have the time, patience or resources to go back through games and find all the times he's gone down without contact. Diving is subjective anyway and my opinion is he does, clearly your opinion is that he doesn't.
  7. Grealish does dive, almost every game. I get embarrassed now when fellow villa fans claim he doesn't cos he doesn't half throw himself at the turf during matches, but he does also get legitimately fouled and kicked around. I think the problem is that getting an advantage for something typically/subconsciously seen as a masculine thing to do (nasty tackle, wrestling, shoulder barging etc.) is seen as okay by the British audience but that can give just as much of an advantage as diving. Swings and roundabouts really, just one looks aggressive and one makes you look weak. I also disagr
  8. We looked absolutely shot, I'd go back to what we were doing before Barkley came back and put Sanson and Nakamba behind Grealish with Trez and Traore on wings. We need to set up in a way our next opposition won't expect because currently we may as well send them a document with our formation and tactics before the game, it's too easy to predict what we're going to do and therefore nullify Jack and Watkins
  9. The improvement in his finishing since October is astonishing. During his 9 game run where he kept scoring offside goals or hitting the woodwork I did think it was a worrying pattern that he didn't seem to be able to shrug off. Whenever me and my housemates are watching him we all discussed and agreed how he could end up being an Henry type player and be in the top tier of strikers of his generation if he could improve his finishing. Against West Ham and Arsenal it was starting to really show that he might be. I'm excited to watch him play every game now, just willing him to perform and s
  10. 1- Grealish 2- Martinez 3- Targett 4- Watkins 5- Konsa Cash unlucky to miss out and if he hadn't been left so exposed in a few of our games I think he'd be into that top 5, These 6 have been our best consistent performers who are on the starting XI whiteboard in permanent marker. We've got some great players who I haven't listed but I don't think they're playing at their best, the likes of McGinn, Dougie and Mings have had dips in form that would have been catastrophic if the rest of the side hadn't been playing so brilliantly. Barkley hasn't played and lo
  11. Sheffield United are just a bunch of terrible players in a good, well coached system. I don't dispute that you were the only person on VillaTalk who actively posted that they would do badly this season @useless but I don't personally know anyone into premier league football who thought they'd stay up this season. There squad is full of players who'd struggle to get into a lot of championship teams.
  12. We have to submit our 25 man squad at the end of the window I believe but you don't have to name a full 25 players. Anyone who signs after you've submitted your list can be added if there are spaces I believe. The only people who can't be added are players who were already registered when the forms were submitted as I understand it? EG if Arsenal signed somebody in November they could have added them to their squad as it was less than 25, but they couldn't have added Ozil
  13. Not till next season. Sanson already announced as the new #25 when he signed
  14. He said he started watching our games from early December once he knew of our interest so I think despite a few people claiming this, we didn't hold a firm enough interest in him for him and/or his representatives to know till last month.
  15. Well you buried your cryptic "joke" in a bizarre list of people you hate for leaving Villa so you'll have to excuse me for not picking up on the niche humour
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