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  1. Does Davis have to be registered now? Is he not young enough to be exempt?
  2. I have to admit I had my doubts, but the longer this game goes on, the more I believe this could be our year.
  3. Chelsea don't anymore after new rules came in. They had a big old clear out a few years ago and they tend to let go of more than they sign now
  4. I'm more playing devils advocate than disagreeing with what you've written completely, but there are plenty of sides in the championship playing nicer football than we do that he'd get to play for weekly, and plenty of sides abroad that play awful football and unless Ramsey is fluent in other languages he could struggle on a personal level abroad.
  5. Watch some of his play at Ajax, there's highlights on their official YouTube channel. He dribbles and passes confidently with both feet. I know they're highlights but he looks like a comfortable two footed player at least as far as ball control, dribbling and passing are concerned.
  6. skarroki

    Ezri Konsa

    That's a weird way of admitting to making a mistake.
  7. @hogso as a veteran how do you feel about them bringing back Renegade from SARPBC for the new season tomorrow? It's the only one that hasn't been remade yet I believe? Also, not sure I like the look of this... https://youtu.be/GuQQvpJgLvg
  8. I think Traore might be a back up striker, if we get Rashica too we'll have plenty of people that can fill in if Watkins is out, once Wesley is back with Davis too we'll be fine
  9. I was going to say, having worked in call centres, the worst thing anyone can say when you're selling / trying to retain a customer is them mentioning a better / cheaper alternative. Suddenly you have no power in the discussion and have to accept what they're looking for or work with them for a compromise. I don't necessarily think they're leaking fake stories though, more just allowing it to be known that they are actively pursuing their plan B, C, D and E and they'll move on if no agreement can be made. I do think this is why Suso was sacked though. Potentially giving up on plan
  10. I was always bronze 1 on 3v3 solo which has now been removed, I don't think ranks on different modes effect you. When the new season starts tomorrow, if you play with good people and thrash out 10 games to get your rank they should place you much higher. I'd recommend playing with people around your level of play and not dropping in with randoms as if you're bronze you might get thrown in with new f2p players whilst trying to improve your rank
  11. Nice! I go from platinum to "haven't hit the ball where I want to for 30 mins" so wildly inconsistent
  12. I'd have taken a draw at the start of the game and the way they've set up we might find it hard to get through, especially after they lost their first 2 games.
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