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  1. Give the poor guy a break. Plenty of people, myself included, heard Heaton was coming back to fitness after the international break and we had Nyland and Steer as back up and thought that would be fine. How many people were calling for Heaton to be replaced? Not many fans knew we had the potential or the available funds to go out and sign someone better than Heaton.
  2. I don't think it was the worst. There were obvious doubts from some but as normal the silent majority just waited to see him play. Traore didn't help himself that he looked like a newborn giraffe on the pitch until the end of November and hadn't been great the season before at Lyon, in a position we needed a step up in quality
  3. This would be a hell of a statement of intent. The guy is unstoppable on his day
  4. That is the most narrow sounding formation I've ever heard. We could halve the pitch size of Villa Park
  5. Highly recommend season 4 episode 4 if it's cleavage you're after. If it's football transfer rumours you're after, then I've seen rumours Lansbury is off this window too on twitter
  6. I'm glad I spent so much time editing a full squad list when I could have just waited an hour to find out everyones available
  7. I'd just finished watching Community and I thought it could start some good cheese puns but alas, it wasn't meant to be
  8. Just seen Dougie and Targett so updated my list
  9. I've made a list of the players who have registered squad numbers who I can't see in any pics released across the club's social media accounts: 8 Henri Lansbury 17 Trézéguet 30 Kortney Hause
  10. He's been fantastic the whole time he's been here for the level we've been at, but now we're showing signs of pushing on and unfortunately he's not getting any younger. Great little player with great attributes but sadly not well rounded enough to be a regular in a decent prem side, I hope he finds a new team where he can play week in week out.
  11. Used to find it funny but now it's just irritating that some people on here decide that anyone with a different opinion or different way of thinking is a "troll" or on the wind up or whatever. Have some of you never discussed football away from this website? Morgan Sanson has always struck me as a very capable midfielder and I would ordinarily be happy with signing him, but at the moment our midfield 3 has the highest quality and I'd say best strength of depth too. Unless we're bringing in someone for a bargain price on reasonable wages it's the last place we need to be signing someone a
  12. If we were scrapping for survival and needed him back as our talisman I could understand us spending big money to sign him despite his injuries. The length of time he's been out has unfortunately (for him) been coupled with an upturn in form of our wingers and we're playing great football and winning whilst doing it, without him. I'd like to have Barkley here and think he's fantastic but if he'll struggle to make 20 games a season there's no point signing him, considering the wages and price tag. However, if the season pans out with him coming back from injury and being a near ever- pres
  13. More cases of footballers playing reserve football till 24 and then fading into obscurity in the vanarama north after being released I'd imagine than loans that aren't worthwhile. Some could be considered a complete waste of time but rarely, they're mostly character building, show players the workings of another club and get them used to being a genuine professional footballer. It might all sound cliché but that doesn't mean it's not true. As far as packing up a lad and sending him far from friends and family, half our u23s have been packed up and taken away from friends and family
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