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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Bolton v Villa

    2 difficult teams that know how to handle clubs at the top. Definitely bottled it but could have been very different, Bolton could/should have had 9 men by half time. Their keeper has had a great game too. 8 games left, think 2nd place has gone now but Cardiff are capable of bottling it too so you never know. International break has come at the right time that's for sure
  2. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Who needs formations. Kitchen sink time. We need a win and we're a long way off it
  3. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Could be winning by half time we're too good for them
  4. Pre Match

    Johnstone Elmo Chester Terry Bree Lansbury Hourihane Snodgrass Grealish Adomah Grabban
  5. Jack Grealish

    I said that you said he could be as good as De Bruyne, which is paraphrasing admittedly but hard to argue you didn't say that. I'm not knocking you, it's nice to see fans mainly positive about all of our players, last time I was on here consistently was at the start of the season where the toxicity of the relegation season was creeping back in, I'm enjoying the positivity and good vibes surrounding villa and the players + staff. Just a natural reflex of mine to dampen expectations I guess. I used to put it down to being a Villa fan, I'll have to think of a new excuse now.
  6. Jack Grealish

    I'm amazed by how highly people on here are rating him, almost unanimously. He looks fantastic at this level since he got over his injury but he's got a long way to go to show this is a consistent level of performance and I'm worried whether he'll perform this well in the prem. Doing very well, looks class and I'm very happy he's at the club, just to clarify. Don't want to knock him just not sure saying he's a potential champions league player soon and could be as good as de bruyne is sensible. Sets us up for disappointment. It wasn't long ago I would have been very happy if he'd just been good enough to be a prem league squad player for us.
  7. Birkir Bjarnason

    I would think Jedinak can cope playing tonight and at the weekend, neither are particularly strong opposition and he's a better tactical choice. Rest him after the weekend or bring him off in both games. Edit: I prefer Birkir on the wing, unpopular opinion I realise. Would rather see him coming on for Adomah or Snodgrass than a central player.
  8. Carles Gil

    If he came back and wanted to work hard and get a place in the side, would you keep him or tell him he's finished here and to look for a permanent switch?
  9. Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    Playing in a 4231 ST LW - Grealish - Snodgrass CM - CM LB - CB - Chester - RB Johnstone I think that starting XI would be capable of staying up therefore I think we need heavy investment because 2 of the 4 aren't even our players. I would keep Elmo, Taylor, Hourihane, Lansbury, Adomah, Green, O'Hare, Davis and Kodjia of the players around the first team this season. Wouldn't mind bringing back Tuanzebe on a season-long loan to play CB. Onomah and Grabban not shown they're good enough for the prem so happy for them to go. Can't see Terry staying and everyone else with an expiring contract needs to go.
  10. Steve Bruce

    I criticised him and wanted him out but more than happy to eat humble pie now. He has always mentioned this is the biggest job of his career and I think that shows in his celebrations yesterday. He genuinely wants to be at the club and have the club be successful. There's something quite special about that, you don't get it from many managers or players in football. You can see that same attitude in the likes of Terry and Grealish, they are here to make Aston Villa successful, it's about the club not themselves and the difference that makes can be huge. I would like to see a big name manager at villa in the future definitely, but not for a while. He deserves a chance with a big club and bigger cheque book to see what he can build. Let's just take 2nd place now to make sure that happens.
  11. Conor Hourihane

    Praying for another goal on Saturday after seeing this
  12. Lyngby (Danish football team)

    It would be good for them to become an affiliate club, maybe that hinges on us getting promoted and them not being relegated though? More and more young English players are moving abroad during the early years of their career and I think it can only be a good thing to take in a new culture and style of coaching and playing. Would be good to see
  13. Alan Hutton

    Don't want to see him in a villa shirt if we get promoted. Been great for us, a cult hero, we're paying him handsomely for that though at the moment and will continue to pay him until end of June for the privilege. If he stays in the championship playing for another club I'll be happy for him and wish him all the best.
  14. Micah Richards

    Shouldn't be registered as a football player at the club though. You know, what with him not playing football, and being incapable of convincing anyone he can partake in the sport, seems weird to fork out a weekly fortune based on a contract that specifically states he is an able athlete that can actively take part in the sport. Micah Richards is registered with the club as a footballer, not a nice guy. I would be looking to sue him for every penny he hasn't wasted away and getting his name distanced from the club, not continuing to pay him because of his ability to hold conversations with younger players. or smile in front of cameras