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  1. Keinan Davis

    Also I'd like to add that Bruce has been picking him ahead of Hepburn-Murphy ever since he got here. Whether that was as a punishment to RHM for not signing a new deal, or because the staff have seen more in Davis than RHM throughout the last year, I couldn't say for sure. But to me it seems more likely than the contract thing I remember a few suggesting at the time.
  2. Keinan Davis

    There are 2 sides to an argument which have both been very well articulated on the previous page. Yes Bruce had few options up front, so went with Davis, but Davis took his chance and has continued to impress. I would personally say the one deserving of praise is the young lad taking his chance. Our scouts have also done well to find him and Bruce did well to pick him ahead of other forwards in the academy or a host of midfielders he could have pushed forward for a game or two. The team is winning every week and looking more settled and more convincing. I no longer fear the next capitulation, I actually have confidence now going into October. Davis is a big part of that and I'm very pleased to see us bringing through players that can be part of the squad for years to come. His story is similar, in my view, to Rashford. Van Gaal short of options up front, plumps for a kid very few had heard of who hadn't even made the bench in a competitive match or have a squad number. Now he's an important part of a very strong Man Utd squad. I don't know if Davis will reach those heights but time is on his side. For the next few years I think the focus for him and all our youngsters is regular games, I'd like to see a few go out on loan in January if they are down the pecking order, it looks as though we have a real promising group of players and it would be brilliant to see a squad filled out with graduates instead of overpaid overpriced squad players
  3. Steve Bruce

    The most irritating part of that press conference today was him saying we were second bottom when he took over. Where the hell did he get that from? And seeing as it's just not true, why say it if you don't know? Just hoping that noone checks or remembers? I was willing to give him more time almost but I'm definitely taking a big dislike to his personality. Stand up and take responsibility without coming out with all this nonsensical guff to cover your tracks. It's been very poor so far under Bruce's entire regime. We've barely ever been unlucky under him but got away lightly on so many occasions with backs to the wall and/or Kodjia magic.
  4. Next Aston Villa Manager

    I think the best option for Villa right now is Olof Mellberg but I have no doubt in my mind if Bruce goes then Moyes comes in and I think I'll be close to giving up on football and this club WHEN, not if that happens.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Looks like promotion is beyond us now. 6 games into the season. What a time to be alive
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Teams like Sunderland and Hull have made big money from their best players within the bad squads they had, look at Pickford, Maguire, Clucas etc. Shows just what a bad time it was to go down coupled with what an awful squad we really did have. I still think it's difficult to comprehend quite how far up **** creek we were. We are only really just starting to turn this juggernaut round but if it's done right, and I have confidence Xia will make sure it is, we will be reaping the rewards in a few years time.
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I remember reading that the money we got when relegated was less than half of what Sunderland got for finishing bottom last season. If we're stuck here for another season that will then include another 3 teams on big parachute payments too. Can't remember exactly figures but something like we got £30million after relegation and Sunderland got close to £70million, not to forget shortly followed by £25million for Pickford when we couldn't give our players away.
  8. Best eleven?

    Johnstone Elmohamady - Terry - Samba - Chester - Taylor Whelan - Jedinak Snodgrass - Davis - Kodjia
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think we should be concentrating on expanding the capacity of the stadium so that every member of our squad can watch home games.
  10. Best eleven?

    Oh great. Well in that case I'm glad Bruce has sorted out our complete lack of options on the left side of the pitch by signing 2 right wingers and keeping hold of 3 right backs whilst selling 2 left backs and bringing in noone.
  11. Best eleven?

    Yeah he's played there most his career but he is stronger on his left foot. It worked well cos he could cut in and unleash some shots on goal or drilled crosses but I think the idea might be from Bruce to have a more balanced side, with Taylor, Hourihane and Snodgrass being on the left side of the pitch and left footed. Bree, Onomah and and Adomah on the right side and right footed.
  12. Best eleven?

  13. Best eleven?

    I'd say our best 4-4-2 if all business is done Johnstone Bree - Terry - Chester - Taylor Whelan Onomah - Hourihane Adomah - Kodjia - Snodgrass Green, Jedinak, Lansbury, Steer, Davis, Hogan and O'Hare unlucky to miss out. Davis could be good enough but like Green, O'Hare and the rest of the youngsters they all need time and have a capable first choice in their position so a hit of bad form from the younger players learning their craft won't de-rail the season.
  14. Steve Bruce

    (To clarify I am not linking what I am saying here to your niece, I'm sorry to hear about what she went through and hope she's in a better place now) I'd say a better relationship analogy is someone who has been getting through boyfriends a lot over a long period of time and always goes on about what bad luck they have with boyfriends (managers) and when is their luck going to change. You start to wonder whether it genuinely is her bad luck, or whether the girl has become used to the idea that every guy isn't good enough for her, so when she finally gets a good egg she doesn't hang around long enough to see if it's just a spell of it not being rosey whilst they're getting to know each other. I've come to think over the last few days that as a Villa fan I've become used to the concept of having a useless manager in charge of the team that I disect and analyse every performance based on how it is linked to the management of the team rather than isolating the issues and wondering how much control Bruce really has over some of the variables of our bad form. I think a lot of us associate "Villa manager" with "Not good enough" and all evidence pointing towards that theory is amplified, all evidence to the contrary isn't important. Every person I know who is really into their football laughs off my suggestions we'd be better off replacing Bruce and any former player or manager discussing Villa in the media are happy to put their back on the line by rubbishing the idea that he should go. I fluctuate a lot on the issue and feel as though most of us on this site are so heavily involved in every tiny news story Villa related that it's difficult to step back and take in the bigger picture of this season as a whole.
  15. Next Aston Villa Manager

    For me now, if Bruce went I'd want Olof if we were going untested, Jokanovic if we were going for proven and someone who deserves a crack at taking a team up and keeping his job.