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  1. Let's pretend Let's pretend Let's pretend we've signed a player
  2. Thought it worth mentioning Origi is less than a year older than Watkins. He's been around forever so I think people think he's getting on but still got his best years ahead of him and been coached by the best with some of the best strikers on the training pitch with him.
  3. I'd have been disappointed in this forum if it had come to any reasonable conclusion
  4. Hearing rumours of a £17mil bid for Origi, has this been discussed?
  5. If we had signed Belotti / Giroud this week and then these rumours surfaced I think this would be universally accepted as a good transfer. Shows how the order of your transfer business can have a real effect on how well received each incoming player is.
  6. I would imagine the £100mil to spend has been leaked by the club as they have no issue in spending more than that but saying they only have a set amount to spend helps when negotiating on prices. If noone else is in for Benrahma and Watkins we could bring them in at a reasonable price that way. The stumbling blocks are 1. Is anyone else interested 2. Are we actually interested I'm not sure about either of these. If it wasn't a player we all want, I'd say this is the laziest form of journalism / speculation. After players that Dean has bought previously that have had good seasons. It's just like the Douglas Luiz to Arsenal kind of rumour, nothing to suggest there's any interest other than manager / player have been at the same club at the same time previously.
  7. Well on the way to being this season's Belhanda already
  8. Guilbert has liked the villareport tweet about Watkins as well as the Aarons tweet for what it's worth
  9. Does Guilbert like all the villareport stuff?
  10. Misunderstood from the first post you'd quoted, mentioning Sturridge and Hart. My apologies
  11. I'm okay with this signing if he's brought in to play down the left and Grealish moves back into midfield. We still need a striker that is better at finishing chances and comfortable at a high level. Makes me nervous thinking that we're gambling on getting enough goals again this season
  12. I get the point you're trying to make but I don't think Haller was very highly rated by anyone that had seen much of him, playing up top alongside Jovic (who went to Madrid) made him look a lot better than he was and then he was thrown up top as a lone striker when he'd excelled as a foil
  13. The point I am making is Sturridge wasn't contracted to Man City under Pep Guardiola. Sturridge left Man City in 2009, Guardiola arrived at City in 2016.
  14. I like him and tbh I think he just answers the questions how he thinks people want them to be answered rather than giving his honest opinion. True journalist, tailoring his rhetoric depending on the publisher. I used to like Tifo and they do good podcasts occasionally, but then they also do ones like today where you've got their "expert" talking about whether Reina will be good enough for Villa next year in the Prem when he's not even our player and sounding like he's just rattling stats off whoscored because he forgot to do his homework. Gregg did try to answer all the questions but they were all very much done to death questions that he had no answers for and just said what's been said on this site a thousand times over. Is Grealish good enough to play at the top level? Yes Does he want to move on and test himself? Probably / maybe / I don't know I'm not Grealish Where would he move to? - Here's a random list of teams in the champions league, pick one and see if they've got £80mil spare. (He actually mentioned Grealish suiting teams like Chelsea or Arsenal, or going abroad) What about Douglas Luiz? Well he's at Villa and he has a buy-back clause which City could activate. Will they? Maybe but probably not, he's unlikely to get a visa but if he could and did he would barely play until Fernandinho retires at which point he'd have played little to no football and his value would have dropped
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