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  1. I've just got a feeling now the cup dream is over and out the way, we could really see this team roll their sleeves up and get out of this comfortably. I don't expect to win this game but can see us on 40 points by end of season
  2. Where Balotelli is isn't it? Don't think they're doing well this season
  3. skarroki

    Wesley Moraes

    If I needed to know their birthday I would ask for the full birthday. If I needed to know their age, I'd ask for their age. I've never asked someone to confirm the year they were born in and can't imagine what scenario I would need to?
  4. skarroki

    Wesley Moraes

    I'd normally define a footballer's age by the day they were born, similar to how it works with people of other professions?
  5. Although now I've checked this week I might spice my team up a bit and see if I can keep this going....
  6. I forgot I was in this and haven't changed my team in a while. It's just pure fluke, don't worry you'll all start beating me soon enough haha
  7. Absolute scenes with SGC seemingly underestimating a player. Hourihane is okay but he's no Zoltan Steiber
  8. I've come in and out of this thread 3 times now wondering why it keeps changing to the Luiz thread after I've clicked it https://statsbomb.com/2019/10/aston-villa-have-given-midfielder-marvelous-nakamba-a-thankless-job-and-hes-doing-it-admirably/ Nakamba is as pure a defensive midfielder as you’ll find in the Premier League. His job is to shield the back line and win the ball. On Aston Villa, that’s a near impossible task. Villa is a classic case of a team that’s putting its defensive personnel in a position to fail. Nakamba is performing admirably despite that. If Villa continue to play this way, and manage to remain in the Premier League it’s going to look ugly defensively all year long. If it works, it’ll just barely work, but if it weren’t for Nakamba it would probably have no shot of working at all.
  9. This is my memory of Seedorf and what a player he was even at the end of his career. If any of our midfield youngsters come close to emulating any part of his career I'll be very happy. The guy was a model pro.
  10. Hadn't realised he'd been starting for Livi. For him to save a penalty and get an assist against Celtic in the same game, has to be a first surely?
  11. Pretty much my thoughts still. Side note, glad Grealish was moved further forward as I think he's really upped his game now. Plays better with Hourihane in the side.
  12. I don't think Grealish has done enough so far this season to make him un-droppable. I think he should be moved out wide left to accomodate Hourihane, go with a 3 of him, McGinn and Nakamba and that should be good enough against Burnley. Jack has been most effective skipping past players from wider positions and putting in late crosses, he's too hesitant outside the box which is where Hourihane is arguably most dangerous. I'm still baffled by the rhetoric on this forum about Hourihane offering nothing but energy, goals and creating chances, plus good dead ball delivery?? What else are you wanting from a midfielder?
  13. skarroki


    When I read this, unfortunately I thought you were referring to Grealish as he has seemed to find it tough to adjust to the league again. This type of player I think will take a few more weeks and a couple of good games / bit of luck to get their groove back but I see him being an asset for us eventually.
  14. I'd stick Elmo at left back because I trust him both defending and going forward more than I trust Taylor, who seems to play the entire game out of position, not being a viable option to pass to up front and going AWOL when defending, dragging Mings out of position. Other than that, I like the rest of the defence and midfield from the last game. I'd keep with Wesley for now. He's growing into the role and a good game against Arsenal could really kick his season on. It's the wingers that are impossible to pick. Not sold on El Ghazi or Jota, don't want Elmo up there and i wouldn't even fancy Green coming in if he'd stayed. Wildcard option. To compensate for no wingers I'd like us to go with a 5-4-1 with a diamond in the middle. Wesley Grealish (free roaming role) Hourihane Luiz McGinn Elmo Mings Engels Konsa Guilbert Heaton Although be ballsy / suicidal to try it away to Arsenal
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