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  1. If we go up I'd be hoping we try for Mitrovic and maybe Sessegnon. Can't think of anyone off the top of my head from Huddersfield or Cardiff that would be worth the potentially inflated fees they would be after when going down. I have faith that our scouting network will do a decent job of finding players from around Europe that we can bring in at a good price. In terms of our starting XI, I would say Tammy, El Ghazi, Grealish, McGinn, Mings, Chester, Tuanzebe, Guilbert and Kalinic are all prem standard for us to stay up. We would need to add to that core though and 3 of them are currently on loan so would definitely need to be bringing in serious quality.
  2. skarroki

    John Terry

    Commited to the club he works for I believe. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere about his commitment issues in his personal life though...
  3. I've just got FIFA 19 after only playing it with friends and noticed that it looks like the player faces have been updated? Is this a recent thing? Grealish looks much more like himself now
  4. skarroki

    Scott Hogan

    Why is he a write off though?
  5. skarroki

    Scott Hogan

    Smith got the best out of him before. If he's here I'm sure he'll use him effectively. If he's not then he's wages off the book. Can't really lose with this guy. The fee and wages are already written off now may as well use him as best we can in the side.
  6. I'm just hoping the kit from this year goes dead cheap at the end of the season so I can a home and away, peel off the sponsor and just have that for the next decade
  7. skarroki

    Dean Smith

    Do rules state you have to start with a keeper? Something for Smith to consider. Going in with 11 outfield players might give us even more goals and we'd not be conceding any more than we are currently
  8. Surely that's the worst example you can give. Sancho was offered the chance to play games at one of Europe's biggest clubs. RHM would probably have to drop to non-league level, he's not known as a talent around Europe. I'd rather stay at a club and hope I can take my chance and prove myself at this level then get regular games on a part time contract.
  9. I feel like we're only 1 confidence boosting win away from a little run which could put us right back up there. And Preston are the perfect side to play at this time. I'm happy to hold on till the end of October and see where we are.
  10. You can't have an opinion on something like that though? It's either happening or it isn't. And there's no evidence or rumours coming out the club to suggest it is. Adomah has faded badly since the first half of last season but he's been a key player for us for a while. Him moving away for a bit of time on loan is good man management. Get him away, rediscover some form and get him back once he's found some confidence. He won't find it here sat on the bench.
  11. I think Bruce looks confident and he has every right to be. Last season he was told to get us promoted or face the prospect of being the manager that took us to failure and liquidation. The pressure on him, if he knew about the financial position of the club, must have been unbearable. Much more importantly, he had both his parents struggling with illness at home and lost them both. Last season would have been the most difficult of his life for a multitude of reasons. He still got us to a play-off final and turned Jack from a promising youngster to a champions league level talent. Forgive him for enjoying himself while his team are unbeaten in the league.
  12. There's plenty of things to slate Bruce for without picking out his strengths and trying to explain them into weaknesses.
  13. Where does the VT league get its name from?
  14. Fantastic. Need every point I can to avoid finishing bottom
  15. Doesn't look worth getting and the worst part is for the last couple of years the price doesn't drop much for months. Used to be able to pick these games up for less than £20 after Christmas most years

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