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  1. skarroki

    Scott Hogan

    That was how I viewed it. Can't knock him for taking the pay rise and large transfer fee but he knew that came with joining a club that plays very differently to Brentford and if he was to have a good career here he'd need to progress and develop. If anything he's gone backwards since joining.
  2. skarroki

    Scott Hogan

    To defend Bruce, Hogan knew what kind of style Bruce plays, it's been no surprise to anybody. He maybe joined for the club size, much more likely for the money. I can't help but feel like he should have bulked up a little and worked on fitting into our style of play. Both parties are to blame though because the coaching team should have been instructing him to work on playing within our style
  3. skarroki

    Scott Hogan

    Sorry to be that guy, but 4 of the 7 goals we've scored have been scored with the players 1st touch? Noones had anything much to do at all after recieving the ball. So I don't understand your point. 2 have been short runs with Elmo and Hutton, the other was an own goal.
  4. skarroki

    Ørjan Nyland

    No never seen him play I'm basing it on today's game. If he turns out to be a solid keeper then I'll have been happily proven wrong but he looked awkward out there and his kicking was poor, punching was poor and that was from the few times he was called upon. Plus as I say it was telling how Chester played today compared to when he has Steer or Johnstone behind him. Just not a fan based on that performance. Didn't appear to be an off game he came across a bit awkward. Also didn't help that other debutants had good games
  5. skarroki

    Mile Jedinak

    He will be needed for the harder, bigger games to control midfield and aid defence but we have very capable CBs now in Tuanzebe and Chester who should be played there and Elphick hasn't done anything as bad as Jedinak does every game
  6. skarroki

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Adomah went off the ball long before Kodjia has come back in up front but I agree Davis would be good, although I'd rather throw RHM up top he's looked good in his spells. Kodjia - RHM - Green Hourihane - Grealish - McGinn Hutton - Chester - Tuanzebe - Elmo New GK
  7. skarroki

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Kodjia in my opinion needs to play wide left next game to give him a different position to effect the game and make him more effective.
  8. skarroki

    Ørjan Nyland

    Do not rate him and not surprised he's only reached the heights of second division football by 27. Hopefully he kicks on from here. But very telling the amount of balls that were kicked out of play by Chester when they could have been played back. Also a couple of later free kicks played short for someone else to launch long.
  9. skarroki

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Think huth is training with Stoke as he was there so long. Happens a lot with players training with old clubs doesn't it? Can't think of a single good example now I'm typing it but I'm sure it's a common thing. Somebody please back me up
  10. skarroki

    Joe Bryan

    Fair play to Bryan if he's chosen to go to Fulham. They've got a good manager and squad, bought well and LB probably their weakest position. He owes us nothing at all and Prem opportunity + higher wages most likely is a no brainer for him.
  11. skarroki

    John McGinn

    You can be happy and full of praise now AND change your mind later if you like. You get to be happy more often that way.
  12. skarroki

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    I didn't see a chatroom otherwise I'd have been throwing shade at all of you picking the highest ranked defender one after the other towards the end
  13. skarroki

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    Very happy with my team. Spent way too long making a shortlist and found some real gems I have high hopes for this season. Think my team lacks the wow factor though. Anticipating sticking to the bottom of the table
  14. skarroki

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    Cheers @NurembergVillan @chappy much appreciated. Building a list now. Trying to avoid the temptation I normally get on FM to just build a 'what if'? Squad of former villa players.
  15. skarroki

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    So is this an online version of how FM works? I couldn't see a budget or player prices when looking on the site before