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  1. Is that the same Emre that played for Newcastle? He must be about 50
  2. The picture of Trezeguet is on an article from the 6th July about about the national team out shopping or something, I dunno Google translate isn't the best and neither is my Arabic. Looks like the picture predates that article though. It's not a new photograph in the UK that's for sure.
  3. As a discussion point and not suggesting it could / would happen. IF Bale leaving Madrid meant we had a chance to bring him in on loan for a season, would you sign him?
  4. I don't think we will be bringing in a striker even in the scenario where Hogan leaves. Davis is looking very good in training and preseason and would be good enough as 3rd choice striker. Adding a 4th in there would add great competition but then you'd expect Davis to leave and I'd rather have some more continuity from last season than another exciting link
  5. Bree, Konsa and Douglas I believe are 22 before January 1st and therefore will have to be put into the senior 25 I believe.
  6. So just looking through the list of our current players, after signing Trezeguet and Douglas we'll have 26 players eligible for our 25 man squad, with almost everyone on here expecting further signings after. There are some obvious choices for who is let go first, but we seem to be at capacity now and it'll surely be a 1 in, 1 out situation to avoid players having no chance of getting into the squad? I would be worried that a few more additions, coupled with not being able to be moved on, will create a "bomb squad v3.0" This doesn't even include players such as Green, Davis, O'Hare and RHM as they are too young to be in the squad.
  7. The last 2 pages is full of people writing off a teenager playing in a very poor side in several positions. It's not really childish, it's just football.
  8. If I'm honest I wouldn't mind us bringing in one player on a free to add depth and experience to the squad. I've loved what we've done so far in the market but I'd have no issues at all with a player like Welbeck or Sturridge signing. I think the negatives of those signings are their injury records and potential wages, but if we can keep them fit and bring them in on a wage that fits within the current structure, I'd definitely be happy with them.
  9. I replayed the Lansbury goal a couple of times just to watch that delightful cross a few more times. So perfectly weighted whilst moving at pace. My expectations of him have soared.
  10. I know everyone likes to laugh about about SGC hyperbole, but in all honesty whenever I don't know about a player and someone throws out the "what kind of player is he" question on their thread, SGC is always there with good accurate descriptions of their position and playstyle and that's normally the post I'm scrolling to find. Just because he ends those posts with "he's a brilliant talent, could go all the way" shouldn't discredit his descriptions of the players. It's not his fault if these players don't continue to develop or reach their potential.
  11. Is that the Hause that couldn't get into the wolves team in the championship and barely started for us, over the Chester that yes I have watched on what, close to 100 times for villa in the last 3 seasons? Are we writing him off over comments made after the play offs because he's seemed fine and involved with the 1st team squad plans in pre season. Kalinic was highly rated before joining and only lost his place to Steer due to injury. I would definitely go with him ahead of Steer based on what I've seen of their ability. Steer did a great job for us but I don't think he's premier League standard and was out on loans or behind Bunn in the pecking order until 6 months ago under several managers and goalkeeping coaches.
  12. - - - - - - El Ghazi - Wesley - Jota - - - - - - - - - Grealish - Hourihane - McGinn - - - - Targett - Mings - Chester - Guilbert - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kalinic - - - - - - - - - - - - - Would be my current XI, but I think we need to replace Kalinic, Chester, Hourihane and Jota in that team, with those 4 dropping to the bench. Would leave us very strong I feel, with some decent youth in reserves too

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