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  1. skarroki

    Tony Xia

    Don't be too positive
  2. skarroki

    Going Under ?

    Who ever said there's nothing to be excited about once the season is over
  3. skarroki

    New Manager Speculation

    If we're in a mess and building ground up again I want Mellberg and refuse to entertain any other suggestions
  4. skarroki

    Steve Bruce

    We're not getting in anybody as good or better than Howe and we're not getting a manager from a top European division. You can't expect anyone in football to commit career suicide because Villa used to win trophies before they were born.
  5. skarroki

    Robert Snodgrass

    He doesn't have pace but it's not a flaw. He's a very talented player and should not be in the championship. We were lucky to get him on loan for a season and the fact is if he's not here next season it's because he's got much better options at a higher level, not because we'd rather risk playing an inconsistent winger from the academy. All this isn't taking into account his drive and personality which can only have a positive effect on the dressing room. And he's someone who has worked under Bruce and always done a job for him. Been happy to have him this season and will be gutted to see him go.
  6. skarroki

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I think some serious conversations need to happen now at the club. Words need to be had with Richards, McCormack, Gil, Gollini, Elphick, Gardner and Tshibola. Are you up for proving yourself worthy of playing for this club, if not find a new permanent. No more loans. Tempted to say that Gollini is the most redeemable of that lot and potentially a good shout for goal. If Steer wants to stay and fight for the no.1 spot he's always looked good when he's played. Taylor and Elmo are good at this level. Borg can step up as support for LB and Bree will support Elmo. Chester should be the new captain. I'd try get Tuanzebe back for a season and play him CB alongside, he has different qualities to Chester not least his pace, they'd compliment each other well. Then we'd just need a 3rd to push them and I'm struggling for ideas. 4th choice Jedinak can drop back there, or Clark to step up? Jedinak and Whelan are getting on but can still do a job at this level, may as well use them before they leave end of next season. Still rate Lansbury highly as a good backup to Hourihane and Grealish in the middle. Bjarnason has done a job when needed, not against him leaving though if he has a good WC for Iceland. Wings we have Adomah and Green both good enough to be starting. Up front Kodjia carried us previously. I personally have thought he's still looked the part when played and would be happy to have him as star striker again. So basically I feel CB is looking dangerously short but other positions aren't too bad going into next season. We have some very good players to call on still. It's holding onto our best, shifting the deadwood and then trying to bring in top quality only on frees and loans I'd suggest. Don't want a bunch of midtable championship and league 1 bosmans, we'll end up in a mess
  7. skarroki

    Pre-match chat

    If his half time team talk is like this video the players will be asleep in the changing room for the second half and it'll be an easy win.
  8. skarroki

    Pre-match chat

    Everyone keeps going about Mitro as if he's some sort of incredible talent. He's been good in the championship for about 3 months and will most likely look very average up against the likes of Terry and Chester. I'm starting to get almost too confident about this match but luckily we've got over a week for the nerves and doubt to slowly creep in haha
  9. skarroki

    Pre-match chat

    Ability is out the window and it just comes to who can handle the occasion. I don't doubt that we have the players to do that. I think we need Hutton at RB up against Sessegnon. But then If Elmo is back, could he play LB? I don't know if I'd trust anyone in the squad there. Think the rest of the XI picks itself. I'd have Jedinak in the middle with Hourihane and Grealish in front. I think Bruce could be tempted to play Whelan and Jedinak because of the experience though and I wouldn't blame him, could be seen as negative but means we can switch to a more dynamic midfield later in the game if we're chasing a goal.
  10. skarroki

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    You can say that again
  11. skarroki

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Haven't heard the name Holtby in a long time and forgot he was a left footed midfielder but remember he was bad and willing to assume from the nothing you remember about him that he's played badly for Hamburg? He's been in very good form and was one of the best players in their resurgence but unfortunately it was too little too late and they still went down.
  12. skarroki

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Just saw that Hamburg have finally been relegated from the bundesliga. Think we could do a lot worse than bring in Lewis Holtby or Bobby Wood. Holtby still only 27 I believe? And out of contract.
  13. skarroki

    Robert Snodgrass

    Came to post with the same sentiments. Throw the entire summer warchest at West ham if it means keeping these unclassic commentaries coming. Think it's very interesting how he picks up on the things all the fans complain about with the players during commentary. Could also see him as a great coach one day. Must be excellent to have round the dressing room can understand why Bruce was so keen to get him in on loan
  14. skarroki

    Current team vs Relegation team

    I've only finished page 3 and I've never seen a thread sum up the last decade of villatalk better. Absolute comedy gold, complete madness, classic GIFs, any excuse for a pun and the occasional sensible paragraph discussing football.
  15. skarroki

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Are there any players out there that we could attract that would be good signings for both the championship and premier league? I'm sure there will be contingency plans for both outcomes and I'm wondering if there are players being talked about that would involved in all scenarios? I'm assuming if FFP doesn't screw us over that we'll be looking to keep hold of Johnstone and Snodgrass in either scenario. I'd also happily get Grabban back if we don't go up.