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  1. Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your time here If someone like Hughes is available on a cut-price deal I'd be all for it. My only concern is stunting opportunities for our youth players in similar positions, but if they end up out on loan and Hourihane leaves, he's competing with the other 4 and would be good competition.
  2. Just looking through players still without a club this window and wondering what people think about David Luiz? He could play the DM / back-up CB role quite well if he's settled in England and knows he's not coming in with a guarantee to start. I know I'm opening myself up to GIFs of Sideshow Bob and lots of different ways of saying it's an awful idea but I'm curious nonetheless.
  3. I'd say down to his agent more than him. Why come out and announce your intentions when you can get more money on the same contract by staying quiet
  4. Contractually obliged to post regularly on social media wearing Nike products. If he posted in Villa gear he wouldn't get paid. Plus he's unlikely to have his villa gear yet if he's not been in to bodymoor
  5. Was going to post something similar earlier after reading the article on John Terry. The first 2 paragraphs are so unnecessarily negative: We're pushing for top half / Europe, got a good coaching team and made good signings. The only thing seemingly going through Gregg Evans mind is "let's open the article nice and negative, that's the mood of the club right now." I mean talk about knowing your audience. The first article of the summer where he doesn't get to say how much he hopes Grealish will leave.
  6. I think Villa fans only seem worse because you're more inclined to be embarrassed by your own clubs fans behaviour. You'll also see more villa tweets than any other I'd imagine so get to see the worst. I don't think we're much different from any other club. Having said that I stopped using Twitter a couple years back because it had seemed to descend into a mess and I've not missed it. Anything worth reading ends up here within 30 minutes villa related anyway, and a lot of stuff not worth reading seems to be making its way over this season.
  7. I think we're sure it is It's Clark and Bowery doing community work whilst they were at Villa
  8. I don't think they'll do terribly. Might be fighting relegation but they've got some talent in. Tom Lawrence is a good player and they have Aluko and Morrison on trial soon to sign, they'll end up with 20 or so players in the squad by the time the season rolls round you'd imagine?
  9. I feel like I'm missing something with people saying he's a RW not a LW? I always understood he was comfortable both sides. I feel like I've seen him more on the left than right but maybe that's an anecdotal coincidence?
  10. Sounds like we've helped make his move to Newport happen so we must have a reason for that. Potentially buttering Newport up to get hold of a hot prospect from the academy? The only other thing I can think of is he would have worked with the guys we brought over from the WBA youth setup so maybe they saw something in him when they worked with him that they feel still hasn't been realised and more game time will help let that flourish. Don't think he's got as much potential to be a world beater as some of our academy but then again he's produced the goods at a professional level so he's a step ahead in his development. I thought players like Calum Rowe looked good enough for league 1 but he ended up in non-league on loan before getting released
  11. Can't wait to see who we sign purely to better understand how we plan on lining up. Seems to be a lot of debate about where Buendia and Grealish will play. In truth I imagine they'll move across the attacking third throughout matches. Based on my presumption (read: hope) that we'll get Bailey, I'd like to see:
  12. He's really out of shape, dunno if he'll be able to last 90 minutes by the time the season starts in that state.
  13. Sometimes I think it's a simple case of someone getting wind of say 5-6 clubs that a player has been offered to, then contacting people within the club for word on whether a move is happening. Everyone who comes back saying "no" is written off which just leaves the "yes" and the "no idea". We might be a tight ship but if we're the only club where inside sources don't deny the rumours then for every Bailey rumour we get, we'll also get Smith Rowe, Ward-Prowse and Tammy Abraham
  14. If Grealish is leaving I'm sure they'd alert the club shop before finalising any transfer. If he stays, fantastic. I love watching him play and he kept me interested in football when we were at our lowest ebb. We wouldn't be where we are without him. If he decides to move on this window he does with my blessing (not that it would mean anything to him). He deserves to prove himself and win it all if he has the opportunity. I hope he'd rather lead Villa to glory in his career but careers are short and he's spent a lot of it with his boyhood club already. Just feel like this is one of those where we'll never really know what's going on, and the only thing that really matters is him on the pitch in our colours in September. So I'll wait for that moment instead of needlessly obsessing daily over it. Villa existed before he was born and it'll be here when he's gone.
  15. It's odd as that seems likely but his statement suggests he's taking time out of football for a short spell until the right opportunity comes along. It seems as though stepping off before pre-season is underway is sensible for all parties, especially now he's finished his qualifications and has his pro licence.
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