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Your targets for 2013-14


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Since football got all money and rubbish, it's difficult to start a season thinking, "maybe this could be our year" - we aren't going to win the league in the coming season, and we're not going to finish in the top 4 either unfortunately. 


So, we make our own targets and we pick our own successes, I'm interested in knowing what other peoples are.


Oddly, I've found it quite simple to find some and I've missed out a whole load of others things that would make me happy this season. I've gone with one that's about the club and two that are about the team, feel free to pick targets that are about individuals, competitions, games, rivalries, whatever floats your Villa boat - one rule, a maximum of three targets per person please.


Here's mine:


800,000 tickets sold.


Bums on seats is a number I've become strangely interested in; under O'Neill in a European year we got very close to selling one million tickets in a season - we don't have those extra games this time around, but I reckon 800,000 is possible. An average of 38,000 at our league games will leave us needing to sell 78,000 tickets for home cup fixtures - that might be doable I think.


50 points


We haven't reached this milestone in any of the last three seasons and it's time we did. This squad is capable of it and it would represent a movement away from being relegation worriers to being solidly mid-table. As an indicator of progress and the health of the club I think it's a decent marker.


60 league goals


A bit ambitious this one - we've only reached this number once since Lerner took over, and that was six season ago in 07-08. This front three of ours though has me a little excited and I think it would be possible - not easy, but possible. I think we're going to entertain a few people this coming season and I think we'll be good to watch. 60 goals would be a great measure of that.


Over to you...

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Positive goal difference - should mean we win more than we lose and therefore improve upon last season

50%+ home matches won, we need to make people not want to come to Villa Park again

A win in one of our first three league matches, should give the lads some early confidence

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Tie our best players to new contracts and signal our intent to break into the top 6/7 in 2014/15


There's only really Gabby still to sign a new one isn't there?


I meant anyone who has a great season will have the big guns sniffing around. So signing them up usually puts any speculation to bed, I think you're right though the contract situation is in decent order! 

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1. Positive goal difference

2. Top-half finish, or at least very close i.e. 11/12th,

3. No more late goals! The feeling of inevitability that the other team would score every time the game went into the last 10 minutes was awful.

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Dont want to get humiliated by any team.


That 50 point barrier looks good to me too.


Id also like to get some praise off the media for our playing style and ethos (It may be egotistical but It would be lovely to get some recognition after a dreadful past few seasons).

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id take a boring league season, would be happy if we were the 1st team in the league to officially not be able to win the league or get relegated


on the field just continued development of the youngsters, less dependency on benteke


id like to see us beat the baggies, Norwich and Newcastle home and away, and utd at home


lowton and westwood get England call ups

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