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  1. I like Aston. I knew it back in the 1960's and it was a real community, and I strolled around the terraced streets a few years back and it's still a real community. It might have undergone an ethnic change but it's still a communal home to whole lot of nice people. I'm proud of our roots.
  2. Instead of sitting here at my desktop glued to Villa news, I'm going to sit out on the patio for an hour with a couple of cold beers, to give Christian Purslow time to dot the i's and cross the t's on these contracts. I'm going to enjoy the waiting.
  3. They're all good footballers, and Dean Smith's system isn't difficult to play. We won't have a single journeyman on the pitch which will make a huge difference.
  4. I'm hearing that we will be signing two or three players in the next two weeks! There is a possibility of a fourth signing but my informants can't be certain about that. My sources have guaranteed that these deals will be signed sealed and announced no later than sixteen and a half days from now!
  5. Purslow said that we want two players for each position, so what wingers do we currently have? El Ghazi, Jota, Green .... I would be amazed if Green was considered to be good enough by Smith to be adequate Premier League cover for either wing. So .... Jota, Trezeguet .... El Ghazi, Benrahma would make a lot of sense. Benrahma is back in training and is working on his own at the moment as he does the hard yards back to fitness. He would be a superb signing imo.
  6. I'm sure they have, and I'm sure if they if they sign him they'll get a work permit. They will need to make sure that his wages are in a top 50% bracket, and that the fee they pay for him is in the top 50% bracket. His 41 games for Egypt will add the other necessary point.
  7. We could sign Leao if we wanted to, but a high fee for a 19 year old who only started half his clubs game last season is probably not at the top of Purslow's/Smith's agenda. He's one for the future and I don't think we're at the stage of buying highly paid developing bench warmers. We need to shop for the first team in this window.
  8. Egypt are currently outside the top 50 ranked FIFA teams and the Turkish league is ranked 10th in the UEFA league table, so he would need to get a work permit through the exceptions panel.
  9. I feel if he was ever going to make it we would have seen signs of it by now. He wasn't good enough to be a Championship starter, and he's definitely short of Premier quality. A loan would be right for him, but if he stays he would be 4th choice at best.
  10. As you say TRO he's a "big powerful boy", but he still plays like a timid teenager.
  11. Pace, skill, strength and willingness to work for the team, make him the real deal for me.
  12. The more I see of Moraes, the more i think Maupay.
  13. Nakamba appears to be a bit of a troublemaker, which doesn't fit in with Purslow/Smith's buying ethos. Going awol, refusing to train, and a previous bust up with the coach at Brugge that saw him dropped from the team for a few matches. He seems to think he's bigger than his club.

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