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  1. Grealish is an exceptional player. He has attributes that the English team would greatly benefit from and currently lack. Put simply .... he's uniquely different.
  2. I also have good friends who are life long Blues fans. They are good people who love their club. The difference between us is 'expectation'. We Villa fans are aware of the history and huge potential of AVFC, and are constantly waiting for a rebirth to return us to those halcyon top six days. My Blues mates have no such opportunity to dream and scheme of ways to achieve 'greatness'. They are what they are, and that is a source of frustration to them. We have a fantastic stadium and infrastructure, they have a shack and a bleak and unwelcoming training ground. It's not surprising that Blues fans are often focussed on us, and some despise us for being a storied club while we in turn hardly notice them. I hope Hogan does well for them, because it will benefit all parties involved. I wish the Blues well for the sake of my good friends who support them, but I wish much more than that for my beloved Villa.
  3. Second to most balls .... again. Konsa failed to defend his space .... again. Lack of any evidence that we are coached tactically .... again. Failed to beat ten men .... again. Bournemouth are a poor team with very little confidence, but we failed to match their effort and desire .... again. Manager, coaches and players have to share the responsibility and show some balls!
  4. I think moving his wages off the books was important in order to demonstrate that our club is trying to operate within the constraints of FFP. FFP shouldn't dictate clubs actions, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that it does.
  5. FFP must have been more of an issue than the club was admitting. NSWE have got the money, but were evidently unable to spend it. The Premier League should be pleased that their scheme to stop lesser clubs threatening the privileged few is working. Leicester slipped through the net much to the PL's annoyance, but now they're also suffering from financial constraints. We need to accept that there will not be a level playing field in the Premier any time soon. I think (hope?) that we'll stay up by the skin of our teeth, and are able to add approximately three players this summer who are clearly better than the players they are brought in to replace. UTV.
  6. I'm relaxed about the second striker 'delay'. The way I see it is that we could have signed a plan B 'reserve' striker already, but that is exactly what he'd be, back up quality. By waiting until the very end of the window we might just get a plan A striker who's other option/s have fallen through. It's worth the gamble imo.
  7. Isn't he just a left footed clone of Anwar El Ghazi?
  8. I was there. The atmosphere as we marched out of Goodison Park was electric. It was an amazing feeling, singing so loud yet melodiously, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end! That's what late wins can do for you, lol.
  9. I'm hoping to be doing my version of Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah' at full time!
  10. Teams don't need to be good to beat us, they just need to wait for us to gift them goals.
  11. Not one of them is even looking at Deeney. Konsa hasn't looked around once and is totally unaware of his presence! Who's coaching this defence?
  12. Pearson is a thug despite his weasel words about JG. I hope that Jack is intact at the end of this game, because if he does pick up a serious injury that's one less team for Pearson to worry about in this season's relegation battle!
  13. A warm welcome to Ally Samatta. I've welcomed many players to Villa over a very long career as a Villa fan. I've been excited by a lot of incoming players, and I've been wrong about so many being "excellent" signings. In an era when so many signings are necessarily from abroad due to outrageous prices for home grown talent, we have to form our original opinions from hearsay and YouTube clips. Samatta's signing is no different except for the sheer number of examples of his goal scoring prowess and general team play. By contrast I watched Wesley's clips over and over again before he was confirmed as a Villa player, and I saw a big unit but no real evidence that what he did would convert to goals in the Premier League. Ally appears to be different. For example his heading ability is something that will finally make sense of the high crosses that we routinely lob into the box, something which Wesley totally lacks. His ability to hit the target regularly will hopefully maximise the return on the relatively small number of shooting opportunities we create. His work rate will complement Jack's game, and his pace will draw space for other players as CB's try to close him down. I may well be wrong as I've been countless times before, but this time I think we may have found a very round peg to fit a very round hole! I look forward to hearing "Samagoal" sung regularly by our brilliantly noisy fans.
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