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  1. Nuno Espirito Santo is a very good coach .... Dean Smith has shown himself to be a limited coach who appears to be totally out of his depth in the Premier League. Every time the camera is focussed on our 'management' huddle it becomes apparent that it is actually Richard O'Kelly doing all the talking about tactics, with Smith and Terry looking on silently bemused. The gulf between Santo and Smith is huge, and it showed today.
  2. I like Dean and I hold my hands up as I was one of the first to say that he would be a good choice of manager for Villa, based on Brentford's style of play and the fact that he was decent guy who loved Villa. Sadly I have to say that Dean has come up short, and has found the job of Villa manager too big for him. I could list things that he has failed to come to grips with, but that would be a waste of time as they have been repeatedly highlighted on this forum. Suso is equally culpable of failing to understand the demands of the Premier League with the players he's scouted and signed. We are probably going to be relegated due to our lack of Premier League knowledge and experience which is really disappointing. "Luck" is now the only chance we have of avoiding the drop. We have to learn from this bizarre season, or we will be perpetually trapped in a cycle of brief excitement and prolonged frustration. I actually enjoyed most of our time in the Championship, and as we are nowhere near ready to compete in the PL, I shall support whatever next season brings.
  3. It's been said many times but it's worth restating on a regular basis. Germany has had far less deaths from Covid19 than the UK. Yesterday for example, Germany had 73 deaths from Covid19, the UK had 468. Perhaps if we stop saying that "486 people have DIED from Covid19 in the last 24 hours" and instead said that "486 people have been KILLED by Covid19 in the last 24 hours" then the real horror of this ongoing tragedy would sink in. This disease is killing people in their hundreds daily, and yet we are arguing about how to entertain football fans in the midst of this.
  4. These figures are a direct result of most of the UK population rigorously obeying the "stay home, protect the NHS, save lives" instruction over the last few weeks. This is no longer the case due to the mixed messaging of the last few days. The 'R' rate has stopped reducing and is now almost certain to climb past '1'. This will mean reintroducing lockdown at some point in worst hit areas, and an 'area' designated lockdown will be almost impossible to police. Trying to force the pace of re opening will have painful consequences. The PL could well be attempting to restart matches right at the start of a second peak panic, which will not do football's already tarnished reputation any favours. Voiding the season now would show belated common sense.
  5. This is the key question .... What will the number of Covid19 new case numbers be like at the time and during the weeks that the PL is restarted and played to a conclusion? My expectation is that the 'R' number will climb back above '1' within a few weeks, which means a return to exponential growth of Coronavirus transmissions. I don't have a qualification in epidemiology, but I've watched the media coverage of the rushed 'return to work' public transport fiasco, and it's left me shaking my head in disbelief. The lack of planning is glaringly obvious and the knee jerk politically driven responses are totally inadequate. The end of June through to August may well be a very sobering period of time, if the reality of re opening the UK without a workable plan kicks in. I really hope I'm wrong about the risks of striving to return to a 'new normal' too soon, but my own opinion remains that we should not be creating more unnecessary risk to health and safety than is absolutely essential. We're nowhere near being in control of this pandemic, and wont be until an approved vaccine is developed and administered globally.
  6. Everyone who posts on here has made their views both for and against 'restart' very clear on numerous occasions. We know what we disagree on, so let's discuss what we agree on. Do we agree that the only defence against spreading Covid19 (until we finally have a proven vaccine) is strict adherence to social distancing, and the legal requirement for the use of PPE for those workers who cannot social distance due to the absolute importance of their occupation ( NHS and other designated key workers)? Do we agree that football is a non essential industry? Do we agree that football cannot be played as a non contact sport in order to maintain a safe isolating distance? Do we agree that footballers will exchange breathed air in droplet form for a considerable percentage of a 90 minute match? Do we also agree that no amount of planning by the PL will prevent this exchange of droplets from one player to another? Do we agree that suggestions like "a player should turn his head away from another player the moment he has tackled him" (as suggested this morning in a circulated document) indicate that the PL are clutching at straws and realise that there is actually no safe way to play a football match before a proven vaccine is available? Finally something that we may have different opinions on .... If attempting to mitigate the potential danger of a non essential business is the only way to restart football, should the PL be allowed to risk jeopardising the health and safety of participants in order to do so?
  7. I don't know whether this has been discussed previously, but another negative of broadcasting 'behind closed doors' PL matches live, is the 'fan herd mentality'. How many tens of thousands of fans around the country will arrange to watch their beloved team in company with a group of their mates at someone's home. "We'll bring the beer, you lay on some snacks and we'll cheer the lads on together"! Sensibly it shouldn't happen, but I think we all know how many lads there are out there who can't watch football on their own, and see football and beer with their mates as a tribal thing.
  8. Which is the safer option villalad21, playing or not playing? Is playing riskier to everyone concerned than not playing? I can ask the question in a number of ways but the answer will be the same wont it. Wouldn't you agree?
  9. The Premier League and Boris Johnson can continue to pretend that everything is going to be all right. While hypothetical plans are being argued back and forth about restarting PL matches in 4 weeks time, just stop and consider the current background to this embarrassing show of self interest .... 627 more people have died from Covid19 in the UK over the last 24 hours. 627 more families are today crushed with grief. People have died in their thousands, and many thousands more will continue to die. The UK is considered such a dangerous place at the moment that it is deemed necessary for the government to ban you and I from meeting up with our families and friends, yet we are desperate to play football in the midst of this shocking human tragedy!
  10. The PL. media and fans forums have made the resolution of the 2019/20 season seem like a hugely complicated problem .... but it's not. Twenty clubs signed up to the competition rules prior to the season starting and they are clear and unequivocal. Thirty eight matches, 19 home matches, 19 away matches, will decide finishing positions on which the awarding of title winners, European competition positions, relegated clubs and prize money will be decided and there can be no deviation from these legally binding rules. An act of God may void the season, but it cannot legally be used to rewrite the rules of the competition at this late stage without the full agreement of the twenty clubs who signed in good faith prior to the start of this season's competition. This will not happen. We can discuss the health and moral arguments until we are blue in the face, but it won't change the unalterable legal document that the Premier League and it's 20 clubs have signed up to.
  11. Restarting the season will involve taking deliberate risks with the health of all the people involved. Football is not an essential service so doesn't have the right that 'key worker' services have to compel their workers to breach social distancing just for the sake of entertainment. Would any one care to guess at the percentage of players currently prepared to jeopardise the health and safety of their family and loved ones in order to accommodate the selfish one eyed focus of a billionaire entertainment business? Voiding the season on the basis of government advice, will help to protect the health of all concerned during this ongoing potentially fatal pandemic. It is the only sensible, decent and moral option. Football will be with us for the rest of our lives, whereas Covid19 will 'hopefully' be no more than a frightening memory in a relatively short space of time. The PL and the EFL have no right to deliberately put more lives at risk by targeting a premature restart while we are still in the grip of a very dangerous health crisis.
  12. Talk of a vaccine by September is hugely optimistic. Just two people are being tested with the Oxford vaccine at this moment in time. If the vaccine doesn't cause side effects in the two "guinea pigs" then it will be given to increasingly larger test groups and gradually move on to meaningful numbers where a model study can be built on known data. The history of developing vaccines shows that the vast majority of attempts fail before a successful vaccine is produced. Oxford/Astra Zeneca sound hopeful, but have also realistically stated that they can't predict their testing outcomes. Many other large organisations are also developing vaccines and it is statistically probable that a 'foreign' pharmaceutical conglomerate will be the first to succeed, which means that the UK may be well down the queue when it comes to getting the vaccine. In my opinion the reason that there is so much positivity about the Oxford University trial is that the government know that the UK population desperately need some 'good news' to hang on to. It will at least get us through until mid / late summer when trial updates will start to more reliably predict an outcome. The next period of lockdown and social distancing will be all about a combination of continuing to manage the spread of Covid 19, while creating a believable myth that we can end the danger that Coronavirus presents sooner rather than later. The scientists involved in the search for a virus actually believe (hope?) that it will be the summer of 2021 before we can realistically expect a widespread and safe vaccine option. It is also a possibility that no vaccine will be found to eradicate Covid19, as there are currently four coronavirus's that attack humans and for which no vaccine has yet been found. The common cold is one of them. The Premier League are currently carrying out a marketing campaign which keeps the PL in the public eye, while maintaining the illusion that they will still have a product to sell in the near future. Their media sponsors and investors will demand that this mirage of smoke and mirrors continue in order to keep millions of football fans and "customers" involved for as long as possible in their stranded and collapsing hyper billionaire business. I prefer to think of the above comments as being realistic rather than negative, but you may well disagree, lol.
  13. In a few weeks time the Premier League will announce that they have been forced to void the season due to the ongoing ban on all major sports. They will then make a whole lot of marketing noise about arrangements for the 20/21 season of PL football at a (fictional) time to be announced. You can only flog a dead horse for so long, before you accept that it's not going to get up and run.
  14. The EU have just said "There will be no return to normal life until a vaccine is widely available". A common sense statement from an organisation not usually noted for common sense. Do the Premier League think they know better than the combined expertise of medics and scientists across Europe? I know that we have Brexited the EU, but nobody has told that to Covid - 19 and it doesn't care. Coronavirus doesn't watch the news, it just gets on with it's job of silently infecting people who are out in the community for whatever reason. We are currently being fed on a 'drip feed of managed information' in order to prevent social disorder and panic, but the stark reality is that until there is an effective Covid - 19 vaccine available in billions of doses worldwide, life cannot return to normal. Given that a vaccine is still 12 to 18 months away and 67 million people will need to be injected in the UK alone, next season cannot happen in any recognisable form. We might be looking at a return to Premier League as we know it in 2022. If the PL is really still planning to finish this season, they need to be fitted with straight jackets and taken away by men in white coats.
  15. I like Trezeguet. He always gives 100% when called on and I see a player in there if he can improve his finishing. He's not shown as much as I thought he would so far, but it's a huge readjustment coming to the PL from a much less hectic environment. Fitness and finishing practice should bring the best out of him.
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