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  1. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    It's probably true that if you can't afford a private jet, it's a very strong indication that you can't afford an historic football club.
  2. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    Xia says he doesn't want to sell, but he will need to sell players to stay within FFP rules. The sad thing is that Grealish, Chester, Kodjia, Adomah, Hogan etc, etc, would be worth a hell of a lot more if we had a new owner who didn't have to sell players in order to run the club. Xia's fire sale will halve the real value of our assets, and that half of their real value will disappear immediately to pay Xia's creditors. Under a new owner we could sell our better players for their real worth only when the full price was met. We could then reinvest that money in building a young vibrant team. In a few short seasons we would have a team that could challenge for promotion again. The fact is that the man doesn't have a pot to p*ss in. He doesn't currently have two halfpennies to rub together, so when Xia says that he is taking these measures for the sake of the club he is talking bullshit .... he is prepared to hock everything including the kitchen sink to give himself enough time to turn everything Villa related into cold hard cash! He is looking after number one despite the fact that he must know he is destroying Villa in the process.
  3. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    Xia always had a plan B, so he didn't lie to us. Problem is that his plan B was apparently to asset strip both players of any value and even property, if we didn't get promoted in two years. What a nasty little chancer he's turned out to be!
  4. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    All we need from an owner is common sense, honesty and sufficient funds (real money not monopoly). Thinking back I can't remember this ever being the case with our owners. Randy and Doug came closest with a score of one out of three qualities, albeit different ones. I rate Doug above Lerner and Xia though, because he has demonstrated a real passion for supporting the claret and blue, even long after he stopped making money out of us. Is there someone out their with all three qualities who is prepared to come in and do a proper job for Villa? I'm not going to hold my breath while I wait!
  5. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    I think Xia has made it plain that we're in the sh*t, but he's not prepared to sell the club until he's converted our best players into cash. It's also plain that he can't afford to sack Bruce, so he'll insist on SB replacing his best players with our young "wonder kids" in the hope that Bruce will walk. On the plus side, Luke Organ writes a lovely letter doesn't he. Let the asset stripping begin, as Xia continues "to preserve the smooth running of the club without compromising the standards of this great institution" .... Too late for that Tony! So, Xia's going nowhere till he's got a chunk of his money back, and it's Luke Organ's job to put a positive spin on it!
  6. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    My own take on this is that Tony Xia has lived on his wits and other peoples money since college. I'm a natural researcher because I have nothing better to do with my time. When Xia was announced as the prospective new Villa owner, I spent days and nights trying to find out everything on the internet regarding his attributes and the source of his 'wealth". I know that many of you also did exactly the same thing. After countless hours I had to concede that Xia had covered his tracks so well that no concrete facts and figures could be accessed. The only thing that emerged was that the companies he dealt with were not listed on the Shanghai stock exchange but were trading through Hong Kong, ie Rui Kang, Lotus Health etc, and as these shares were quoted in Yen it could easily lead to considerable mistakes in attributing wealth. My sons who are a lot more IT savvy than me drew the same blanks. I believe that Xia was approached by Samuelson spinning a deal for the 'golden goose' ie AVFC. Here was an opportunity for a young man with bursting ambition and less cash than he would have wished, to take a 'safe' (that's how it would have been spun) one or maximum two year gamble on accessing the riches of the Premier League. Xia would have been introduced to "football experts" who would have bedazzled him with a Champion's League winning manager RDM. Tony would have been coached in "sharing Lerner's vision" for the RL interview, and as an architect he would have been good at it. Two years later it's all gone tits up for Tony. The so called experts have disappeared, and the money that Xia has desperately borrowed to hang on to his failing dream has disappeared as well. Villa is the victim in all this. This is only my opinion and not based on any facts because it's impossible to unearth Xia related facts. I may be totally wrong.
  7. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    This has to be complete bullsh*t! What madman would offer Dr T 30 million pounds for a 30% minority non decision making share in AVFC? Who would trust Dr T not to use the 30 million to pay off yet to be disclosed and possibly more pressing Recon group debts, still leaving Villa skint without a pot to p*ss in? What idiot would currently value AVFC at 100 million? Any buyer with half a brain would insist on at least a controlling 51% share, and anyone with all their faculties intact would want to make sure that the Dr T web of debt, deceit and delusion will be 100% removed from AVFC never to reappear.
  8. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    Just to try and clarify where we are now, does anyone think that Dr Tony Xia has any money? I don't mean business shares or small percentages of failing businesses, I mean actual cash, like in cash flow? If the answer is no then a sale is inevitable. No investors in their right minds will hand over cash to Dr T for a minority share of AVFC, so an outright 100% sale will happen. The question is .... when? The next question is .... Will it be before or after he's able to bank the 'reduced for quick cash only' sales of players like Grealish and Chester? Dr T has until August 9th to asset strip the playing staff if that's his intention, after that the monthly cash outlay for wages and PAYE can only be raised by further borrowing. With no further parachute payments (after this current one) promotion would be the only way for Dr T not to continue losing money, and that is not a likely scenario with the loss of key players. He must realise this, so a sale of AVFC should be imminent.
  9. villabromsgrove

    Steve Bruce

    I think we're faced with a bit of a conundrum. Bruce by his own admission believes that if you buy enough experienced older players, wrap them up in cotton wool during weekly training and send then out onto the pitch on match days to sort it out among themselves, they will use the vast amount of experience that they have collectively and get the job done. I didn't enjoy last season's football, but I'll admit that it almost worked. However, we've now lost Terry and we will almost certainly lose Chester. Samba has gone, Taylor has been found wanting and we have no first choice keeper. Others will also leave unfortunately. At this point common sense should say, "thanks for your efforts Steve, but we don't have the money to bring in higher waged older heads in order to go again with your same tactics this season," we're going to have to bring in a (cheaper) coach like Dean Smith who is used to getting the best out of young improving players .... but .... and here's the conundrum .... we can't afford the three million quid that it would cost to sack Bruce and replace him!
  10. villabromsgrove

    Going Under ?

    I've just realised something that's made me smile ,and something that two years in the Championship has taught me. Lerner wasn't Villa, Xia isn't Villa. It doesn't matter that we've been mis - owned and mismanaged for years. We are Villa .... you, me, all of us. As long as we can find eleven players to pull on a Claret and Blue shirt, we are the Villa! I don't care what league that's in at the moment, I just want rid of the chancers and charlatans. Give us our Villa back!
  11. villabromsgrove

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I wasn't happy when Bruce was employed because I was hoping for a long term building plan. I wasn't happy with chucking money at older "experienced" players because it looked like a short term gamble. Today we may have learned that it was indeed all a short term gamble, which has failed. We may now have to live with the consequences of that gamble.
  12. villabromsgrove

    Going Under ?

    We need an HONEST update from Dr T. What we don't need is a load of cryptic crap obscuring the actual situation. We also do not want a short period of desperate asset stripping with players like Grealish going for ready cash!
  13. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    CEO's do not forget to pay tax. It's the one bill that you cannot get away without paying. I'm speculating and I should know better, but was the play off final (£180 million) actually shit or bust time for Dr T? I'm hoping like hell that isn't the case, but Dr T needs to come out and explain to us tonight "what the hell is going on". He might own AVFC, but it's our Villa and always will be!
  14. villabromsgrove

    Keith Wyness

    I thought that Wyness was the most likely to survive out of the trio of Wyness, Round,and Bruce. Which just goes to show that I know nothing!
  15. villabromsgrove

    Tony Xia

    We've talked ourselves round and round in circles, and now we've reached that week in the calendar when all we can do is wait with bated breath. I could have posted this in a number of threads, but I've put it here for one paramount reason. Our future is in the hands of Dr T .... so I'm waiting for him to speak. Sooner rather than later please Tony .... anything else is just speculation.