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  1. Providing there is no release clause, I'm guessing that NSWE/Purslow are playing hardball over the price. If Jack's first choice was to stay at Villa then we would already know, and Man City would have been politely but firmly told to go away. That indicates that Jack is up for the move to Man City and is having to wait patiently while negotiations take place. Of course, if there is a release clause then all we could have done was to try and persuade Jack to stay with a huge contract boost plus insider news of who else we are trying to sign to make him look even better this coming season. I think that will have already been done and a final decision reached, so the longer it takes to resolve the situation the more likely it is that he will end up at Man City. (in my opinion)
  2. I first saw Gabby at Walsall when he was 18 years old, playing for the reserves. He played down the left wing in that match and his pace between the half way line and the corner flag was absolutely sizzling. I couldn't stop smiling all the way home. I've think I've only seen one player with equal pace since and that was Adama Traore. Happy days!
  3. I watched a fair bit of Brentford when Smith was managing them and the football was an exhilarating blend of pace and energy. The midfield and front three worked, pressed and supported each other for 90 minutes. Dean has not been able to successfully replicate that at Villa due to a lack of pace, stamina and physicality with his 'attacking five'. I think that's about to change with our new players. I still hope that Jack will stay with us, but if he leaves, it will enable Smith to return to a breaking front three that will be keep defences guessing, as they will be capable of attacking left, right and centrally. As brilliant a player as Jack is, our football has become one dimensional in that the opposition know that "give it to Grealish" is our main method of attack. They might not always be able to stop him, but at least they currently know how they have to set up to try and nullify our main threat. If Grealish stays then because Buendia and Bailey are both dangerous and effective scorers and assisters, defences will not be able to just load up on JG which will give him more space to exploit. It will be very exciting to watch. If Grealish leaves then we will get to see just how effective Dean is as a top eight level coach with a fast breaking balanced unit, rather than relying on the outstanding abilities of one incredibly talented individual.
  4. I agree with those of you who think that Jack will stay. I hope that Man City will be told politely but firmly by NSWE/Purslow that Grealish is under contract to Villa for another four years. I think they may also say that either they would .... A) totally reject another approach, or it would take a bid above 120 million to even get as far as sitting down at the negotiating table to discuss a package, including another 30 million structured add ons to that 120 million bid. In my opinion that's the current value of Jack to Aston Villa.
  5. Who's the most talked about person at Man City? I'd guess it's Guardiola with a smattering of De Bruyne's, Stirling's, Foden's etc thrown in for variation. Media comment is mostly about the manager and the team, rather than one stand out individual however good he happens to be. Who's the most talked about player in the Premier League? There's no argument that it's definitely our Jack! The reason why he stands head and shoulders above every other player is because he's been allowed to play in a free role with Villa which showcases his world class talents. JG's not daft. He know's that if he goes to Man City he will quickly become another talented cog in the well oiled 'Guardiola' machine, subject to strict routines and rotation. I'm sure he'd add to their success, but he would possibly lose his ever present "star" status.
  6. Here's my take on all the speculation, and that's all it is with click bait merchants and wannabe's playing 'pass the parcel' with made up guesswork rumours. NSWE are too professional to sit back and wait for an agent and another club to decide the future of their most valuable long term contracted asset. If Jack intended to leave us NSWE would surely have known some weeks ago and would have green lighted a top signing or two in advance of a huge influx of 'Grealish' related transfer money. Waiting until after the event to approach other clubs would be financially naive (as other posters have pointed out), and that's the last thing you can accuse NSWE of being. I believe that Jack will still be a Villa player on September !st.
  7. I'm not sure whether Jack sneaks a quick peek at these pages, but I'm pretty sure his brother Kevan does. So here goes a heartfelt message to our Jack. I'm an old fella who's supported the Villa since the late 1950's. I've loved the club and been there through both it's ups and downs. Message to Kevan, tell your brother this .... I watched Jack play in what I believe was his first match at the beginning of 2015 against Blackpool at VP, and I've been a huge fan ever since. I can't imagine a Villa team without Jack's name being the first on the list, but I can imagine him as team captain leading us to the very top of the Premier league with the huge support of Nassef and Wes. These guys are consummate professionals at achieving goals and Jack is the guy that's going to make it happen for them. They're building a top quality team around Jack, and if he's as frustrated as I and most Villa Talk posters are about being recently sidelined by an international manager with his own agenda, and concerned about signing for another manager who thinks he's bigger than his players, then now's the time to sign an improved and extended contract with AVFC and become both the most iconic Aston Vila player ever, and possibly the worlds greatest player also. See you next season Jack.
  8. I'm surprised by some of the negative comments about Tammy. He's a natural striker who troubles defenders and scores regular goals when given the opportunity. There aren't that many available goal scorers out there.
  9. Keinan is a good lad. He's willing, fairly hard working and is built like an old fashioned centre forward. The problem is that he's a striker with an almost non existent end product. Number 9 is a hugely important position, and unfortunately KD hasn't got the instinctive qualities or technical abilities to lead Villa's line. I really hope he get's a good loan where he can play every week and sharpen his game. If he does improve then I can see a decent Championship club buying him. Imo with the fact that we're targeting top 7 this season and then higher the following season, he's not got a chance of playing regular football at AVFC, so we're currently wasting Keinan's time.
  10. I know people are fed up with companies blaming Brexit for everything, but in the case of clothing (as well as a multitude of other things) import and export costs have risen horrifically. Many fashion companies are genuinely on the edge of bankruptcy as passing the costs on to the customer has caused orders to dry up, and others have had to delay overseas orders due to HM custom and excise not even having simple operational codes available yet. Two of my sons run different distribution set ups, one for a sports wear company and one for a popular fashion brand, and the huge extra costs and incomplete regulations are driving them both bonkers. I'm guessing that AVFC have similar problems.
  11. We surely don't need to have a discussion about Jack's "balls", the guy is as brave as they come. I think we all know that it was Southgate's negativity that put us in a sh*t situation. His plan A was to hopefully nick a goal and then defend that 1-0 lead desperately to the end of 90 minutes. When Italy equalised in the 68th minute plan B then swung seamlessly into action .... defend desperately until the end of extra time, so that we could reap the benefit of the huge amount of "specialised penalty practice" that he'd been banging onto the press about on a regular basis. The sad fact is that none of this had much to do with Jack at all. He was only grudgingly used almost as an afterthought by GS after about 99 minutes of negative dross, the fact that a very nervous Saka and an unfit and creaky Henderson came on before Jack illustrates that point. Southgate hadn't got Grealish's name on his list of five penalty takers because he didn't think he'd be on the pitch at the time, and he wasn't about to alter his 'well planned list' to include JG. (I fully expected Jack to be subbed off when Rashford and Sancho came on in the last couple of minutes). I believe the above to be fact, but now I'll let myself dip into the realms of opinion. In my opinion Southgate wanted to be the Euro hero by using his much talked about "historic research and tactics" to win the Cup. He saw Jack as a media darling who might have deflected the spotlight from dogged defensive "tactics" to unplanned eye catching attacking football if he gave him too much match time, or 'God forbid' started him in each match, and GS definitely did not want that. Grealish and the word "negativity" do not go together in the same sentence, hence the reason why he was criminally sidelined and underused during this tournament by an inadequate and totally over cautious manager. I can't wait to get back to the beautiful game with Jack as Captain Courageous leading his team of talented attack minded players out onto the pitch at Watford on August 14th. UTV
  12. I've just popped on to the thread for a quick catch up. Nothing new. Why do we react to every bit of know nothing clickbait? Villa know what they're trying to do, Evans and Co do not.
  13. I don't mind whether we sign homegrown or foreign players, but I do believe that a player like ESR will hit the ground running at Villa quicker than a player like Alvarez for example. I don't know whether Julian speaks fluent English, but I do know that a few of the promising young players we've bought in from abroad previously have struggled to settle or even understand what's being said on the pitch during matches. That has to subtract from a player's ability to hit his full potential within a short time. We need to sign players who are ready to perform at 100% now.
  14. Southgate as a manager is a negative bottler. He is hugely fortunate to have one of the most talented attacking group of players in world football. So what does he do with all that talent? Barely enough to win games while consistently defaulting to his negative instincts. Tonight I'm not ashamed to say that when he made his gutless substitution of Grealish I genuinely hoped that Denmark would ram his lack of balls down his self serving throat. When Jack came on we saw Denmark begin to panic, they were no longer the assured passing and pressing team that we'd seen in the previous 68 minutes. When Jack was subbed off, surprise, surprise, the addition of Trippier gave fresh confidence to a previously mentally beaten Danish team. We then painfully defended our way to a win that could easily have turned in to a draw and penalties. I'm annoyed at Southgate for insulting one of the best players in the world right now. I'm also annoyed at some of the comments on this thread tonight suggesting that Jack is the author of his own downfall. He's there primarily to create situations which will beat teams, not to be a key defender against their sporadic attacks for goodness sake! He is clearly a victim of Southgate's negativity. The huge positive that I take from tonight is that if Jack was ever seriously thinking of placing his playing future in the hands of another self aggrandising manager (Guardiola?), he will now be absolutely certain that Villa is the place where he will continue to be acclaimed as world class and treated with the utmost respect. Love you Jack.
  15. Cash is clearly our first choice RB, but we need Fred as an able back up. I like his energy and aggression.
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