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  1. villabromsgrove

    Dean Smith

    I hope I didn't give the wrong impression, I'm a huge Dean Smith fan. I was just trying to make the point that he hasn't surprised me .... it is exactly what I expected from him.
  2. villabromsgrove

    Dean Smith

    I have a less excited view of Dean Smith than some views expressed recently. I mentioned DS regularly last season as a no nonsense improvement to the rubbish we were putting up with. I don't see him as a surprise, as a suddenly ultra brilliant coach .... I see a man who's come to Villa and continued to do what he's good at. I do see the dramatic difference between now and the last couple of seasons, and I see it as a failure on the part of the people running AVFC at the time. Smith and a few managers like him were always available, we were just to blinkered and amateurish to see them.
  3. villabromsgrove

    Yannick Bolasie

    At the moment Bolasie is one hell of a weapon as a substitute. Imagine you're an opposition full back and you're really feeling the pace after about 65 minutes of being pressed and harried. Out of the corner of your eye you can see Bolasie warming up. Do you .... A) feign injury to get taken off? B) kick central midfielders in the hope that Villa will have to use another sub? C) sh*t yourself?
  4. villabromsgrove

    Ratings & Reactions: Derby v Villa

    I'm sat here with a happy smile on my face. We're becoming Smith's Villa. We're not there yet, which makes today's performance all the more exciting. I've just spent an enjoyable 20 minutes browsing Derby City Fan Forums, and I have to say that some of their fans have shown a lot of respect for this Villa performance. They're obviously disappointed about the loss, but put it down to Villa being a class act and a top team. When did we last have this kind of respect from the opposition? This growing respect will make Aston Villa a team to be feared in the weeks and months ahead. UTV !
  5. villabromsgrove

    Derby pre match

    Derby are decent, but we've got seven potential match winners in our starting eleven. It probably depends on whether the other four players get themselves organised. Oh .... and a bit of luck as always!
  6. villabromsgrove

    Villa and FFP

    Thanks for correcting my wording. I actually meant that If Grealish keeps playing so well, it will bring in offers that will trigger his release clause.
  7. villabromsgrove

    Villa and FFP

    If Grealish continues to play really eye catching football for the next two months, I think he will activate his (rumoured?) release clause. That will sort out FFP even though I would be very sad to see Jack go. Hopefully Purslow is working on a suitably large sponsorship deal which will satisfy both our needs and the Premier League's overview.
  8. villabromsgrove

    Dean Smith

    I disagree with the "mid table" predictions. I think Dean Smith will get enough out of these players to finish in the play off places. From there anything can happen, and I'm much more confident of a 'Wembley win' under Smith and Co, than I was under Bruce last season. We can still get promoted in my opinion. Having said that, I wont be at all surprised if we just miss out due to the dodgy defending that others have highlighted. That is something that I'm positive we will put right over the next two transfer windows. As to who will have the final say on transfers, I think NSWE via Purslow have already laid down the parameters concerning targeted player's age ranges and potential sell on values, then it's over to Suso (with Dean Smith's regular input) to identify and shortlist 'gettable' possibilities at the right price. Smith and Co will then determine whether, character, attitude and positional suitability is spot on before a 'committee' decision is made. Shared responsibility within agreed pre set guidelines will be the policy. Building with a structured plan for a sustainable future has to be the way forward.
  9. villabromsgrove

    Dean Smith

    I enjoy watching us play now, which was always the most important thing for me. I didn't think that we were that consistent last night but our passes were hit harder, there was more pressing, and the occasional excellent passages of play point to things definitely improving. I have four sons who had given up going to watch Villa after being season ticket holders for years, and they are now starting to go back to Villa Park. That in itself is so exciting for me! Dean Smith was the right choice. He clearly knows what he's doing, and he wont be satisfied until he gets to where he wants to be with this Villa team. His after match comments show that he sees what we see, and a lot more besides. That'll do for me.
  10. villabromsgrove

    Neil Taylor

    We need to sign a 'first choice' Left Back who is good enough to be an automatic fixture in a defence that needs to play together every match. Unfortunately if Bree gets his chance and isn't convincing, we may need a LB, RB and at least one CB in January. An effective and organised back four comprised of fit, hungry, lean machines with sell on values .... It's over to you Suso and DS.
  11. villabromsgrove

    James Bree

    I would like to see Bree given a run of games at right back. I don't know if he will step up to the challenge, he has the energy and physicality to do the job but does he have the technique? We know that Hutton and Elmo aren't the answer so it's worth a try up until January. Smith will know more about his RB options by the time we reach the transfer window.
  12. villabromsgrove

    Dean Smith

    I was at Walsall for Bannan's first ever appearance for the reserves. He ran on wearing an outrageously large kit which the tiny BB looked comical in (if you think he's small now, you should have seen him as a 17 year old!). For the next 20 minutes he careered round the midfield kicking as many opposition players as he could get close to. He got rapturous applause from the sparse bunch of us that were there. I loved his attitude, but I suspect Smith might be more keen on Ryan Woods. (Stoke have a 6 million option on him in January).
  13. villabromsgrove

    Dean Smith

    I'm sat here with a smile on my face. I'm not thinking about the last three matches, the next match, the next three matches or even the run up until January or the end of the season ..... I'm thinking about the unfolding 'Dean Smith era'. I'm positive that NSWE and CP have made an inspired appointment, and at some point in the next couple of seasons the football world will once again be talking about Villa .... this time for all the right reasons! We can afford to be patient, because this time we've got it right.
  14. villabromsgrove

    Leicester City helicopter crash

    Shocking harrowing news. My thoughts are with the families of those who've died, and the wider family that is Leicester City football club, players, staff and fans. They must be totally bereft.
  15. villabromsgrove

    Relegation thread

    Two defeats in a row and I'm an excited Villa fan! I can see what Dean Smith is trying to do, and he's spot on in my opinion ..... Onwards and upwards when we get some more DS training time under our belts! Stuff relegation! UTV!