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  1. You may be right because the law of averages would suggest that a result other than a win is likely to happen soon. However, even without Tammy we still have a much better first eleven than Millwall. We have great form, confidence and a 100% desire to win. I can't see anything but another three points for this Villa team .... UTV!
  2. Good post .... I've taken a bit of a rest over the past few weeks to wait for the small but annoying number of anti Smith posts to cool. The Villa rebuild is only just under way and we have a hell of a job in front of us to shed baggage, shape departments, and bring in the RIGHT players for a successful future. Welcome back ddid.
  3. I like Steer and he's doing a decent job behind a settled defence .... but .... Kalinic played behind an ever changing defence which made his task bloody tough. Kalinic is a much better prospect than Steer going forward in my opinion.
  4. In my opinion the most probable scenario if we don't get promoted is that Grealish will be bought by Spurs this summer. I love Jack to bits, but a deal which greatly assists our FFP position and allows the player to join a top six premier club is the likely outcome. So .... Come on Villa, let's kick ass and get promoted this season!
  5. Kalinic is the future. Steer is a very decent keeper but he's too small in this era.
  6. Villa are the biggest club in the Championship with the biggest support .... That's fact. This isn't fact and is only in my opinion .... If all our players are fit I believe we now have the best first eleven and bench in this division. As other posters have said, we now have eleven cup finals to prove that we deserve promotion.
  7. Axel may not be match fit, but he's a supremely fit athlete. It will be easier for him to get up to speed than less physically gifted players.
  8. A back four of Hause, Mings, Tuanzebe, Elmohamady would work for me. Taylor has been steady in his last couple of games, but he will still be vulnerable when we play teams like Leeds and Norwich.
  9. John Terry strikes me as a guy who's totally in love with football. He's becoming a more assertive coach as he gains confidence in his role, and surely the players benefit from rubbing shoulders with a footballing icon on a daily basis. He will move onwards and upwards imo, so let's enjoy the part he's playing in improving Villa while he's here.
  10. Say something positive and join the rest of us shouting Villa on. Eight games to go .... We have a chance which no one gave us five games ago.
  11. Smith is the perfect fit for us at the moment. Sure he's made mistakes, but he's learning more and more about the Villa squad every match. Read the thoughts of our immediate competitors fans reference the play off places and preferred opposition, and you'll see they're scared of us. We may not make it this season because play offs are a bit of a lottery, but I'm confident that Dean Smith is taking us in the right direction.
  12. He scored a cracker nine months ago! Congratulation to both you and your good lady Conor, and best wishes to the little one.
  13. I wrote in the pre match thread that Whelan was too slow and negative, quoting statistics to back up my view. Statistics didn't play today .... Whelan did. Congratulations on a really good MOTM display Glen.
  14. We totally out played Middlesborough away at the start of December and won 3-0. It was the last match before we started to go in to decline. Whelan was on the bench. If you check the stats you'll see that in the previous run of exciting games Whelan had been on the bench and used as a late sub. After thrashing Middlesbrough Whelan became a starter on a regular basis and we stopped playing good football. We play deeper when Whelan plays and isolate Abraham more. He may be a solid pro, but he's slow and his default play is negative. Middlesbrough are there for the taking today, and we simply have to take three points from this match. We need to be absolutely positive and get in their faces!
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