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  1. I absolutely love the villabromsgrove shirt. Recognition after all these decades of devotion! Thank you Villa.
  2. It's probably too late in the day to get any responses to my thoughts but I have to say that I enjoyed our win yesterday. Three points from our first match are priceless for our aim of surviving more comfortably this season. I'm not blind or daft, we didn't play well last night, but due to the SU sending off and Martinez's superb save we won. The reason why I've waited so long to comment is down to the fact that when I went to bed last night I read all 42 pages of the "match day" thread as I've always done for many years. I love being a part of the Villa Talk family. but what I
  3. Now that we've completed the signing of Bertrand Traore as a right sided winger and possible CF cover, I hope that we will sign Benrahma to add to the left and centre of our attack. I know Rashica is a big favourite on this board and deservedly so, but my reasons for preferring Benrahma at this moment in time are as follows. Benrahma is settled in to the "English game" and is confident enough in his own ability to hit the ground running (would Rashica be up to pace as quickly?). Given that it is unlikely that Hourihane will feature much, we absolutely need a set piece taker par excel
  4. Purslow didn't leave this signing photo opportunity to Lange, and I don't blame him for hogging the limelight with Jack. This new contract signing is huge news for the club and the fans. UTV.
  5. Just to emphasise how excited I am by this news, I've just got my visa card out of cold storage and donated £20 to Villa Talk. Jack is one of our own and he knows how much we love him here at VT, so this site can take some credit for his decision.
  6. I'm probably one of the oldest posters on here as I've been a Villa fan since the 1950's .... I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite ever bits of Villa news in all that time. To have Jack in my life for at least another five years (unless a club throws 100 million plus at AVFC) feels like i imagine a huge lottery win would.
  7. Traore came out of the blue at least as far as I'm concerned. He's not my first choice for our new right winger, but I can see what the club are trying to do. Jota started last season in that position, but it was immediately obvious that his total lack of pace wasn't going to work in the PL even though he had decent technique. I read somewhere recently that Deano has said that our lack of attacking pace cost us last season, and this summer's signings would have to address that. Watkins was the first evidence of our quest for more speed. Bertrand Traore also appears to have that pace.
  8. Trezeguet took a long time to settle when he joined us, but coming from the Turkish league it was not surprising. After lock down we saw the "full English" version of Trez and he did more than enough to become a nailed on match day squad player going forward. His attitude is great, as is his 100% work ethic, and the goals that he scored at the end of last season were classy and priceless. He's started to make the area around the right post his domain and that's an area that we've been woeful in previously. Yesterday saw him hit a cracking cross for Watkin's goal from that previously negle
  9. Buendia wasn't an automatic first choice for Norwich during the second half of last season. His stats tell an interesting story.
  10. If we want to guarantee the right kind of service to Watkins then here's an amazing idea .... Go and sign Benrahma .... bet no one's though of that lol.
  11. It's not often that we get to say "perfect signing", but this time it really is. Welcome Ollie.
  12. I watched Watkins in every televised Brentford match last season, and I'm praying we get this deal signed and sealed. My question to those of you unhappy with this possible deal is .... have you watched Ollie Watkins play 90 minutes regularly? He's a perfect fit for Villa.
  13. Watkins is a damn good player. He has all the attributes that we desperately need. Brentford are in the driving seat and have driven their best deal. Well done to AVFC for taking a deep breath and getting the deal done. (assuming the journo's are right for once)
  14. Right, let's get this deal done. Watkins is available, he has a price which Purslow is fully aware of, he ticks all the right boxes and it appears he would be happy to sign for us. Purslow needs to stop trying to look like a Daniel Levy clone and pay the money. We missed out on Philips and Benrahma last season because we wouldn't pay the right price for key assets and chose instead to stock up with bulk buying cheaper alternatives, so let's stop posturing and get the job done. The Premier League kicks off in six days time and we are woefully under prepared. A few million saved here a
  15. The more I think about this the more I'm hoping that Sky have got this wrong (as they have on a number of reports). Wilson would be a limited signing, as we're trying to set ourselves up for a full blooded 38 game season.
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