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  1. I like Trezeguet. He always gives 100% when called on and I see a player in there if he can improve his finishing. He's not shown as much as I thought he would so far, but it's a huge readjustment coming to the PL from a much less hectic environment. Fitness and finishing practice should bring the best out of him.
  2. Why is it so important to finish this season when we have now been told by government advisors that "social distancing will be required for most of the next year". It's not just this season that will have to be voided, it' will unfortunately be next season as well. I hope I'm wrong, but stats and latest 'science' indicate that it will be approximately 12/18 months before we can resume social life as we know it. A coronavirus vaccination is probably still at least 12/18 months away which means that social distancing will have to be very carefully policed during this period of time, and that means no football. Once everyone has been vaccinated it will be all systems go again.
  3. You make a good point about the work ethic that Wilder demands TRO. I would add another key characteristic that Wilder has and Smith lacks .... Wilder has a tough and 'nasty' persona when he needs to use it and his players are fully aware of this. Dean appears to be too 'nice' which I believe has been taken advantage of by some of our players this season. Lack of positional discipline, inconsistent pressing, unwillingness to close down and track players for 90 minutes spring to mind as examples that they don't exactly fear the consequences of under performing. When our players fail Smith looks disappointed and frustrated. If Sheffield Utd players failed in the same way Wilder would be incandescent with rage. That in itself is a real motivation for his players, and our players don't appear to have this to anywhere near the same extent.
  4. Government advisors are now saying that social distancing will be necessary for most of the next year. How do you run the Premier League under those circumstances .... the honest answer is that you can't.
  5. If you consider the logistics of playing a Premier League football game then it becomes clear why this season can't be restarted at any time during the Coranavirus pandemic. Even playing behind closed doors is a non starter because it would breach government guidelines. A "behind closed doors game" would involve at least 100 people as a bare minimum. Players, coaches, ground staff, medical staff, a skeleton internal stadium staff, TV crews, radio and media reporters (they would have to be televised and reported on or there is no point). Transport and minimal security including police presence to control fans who would be tempted to turn up (with plenty of cans of booze) and congregate outside the stadium when "behind closed doors" games are being played. I've not covered everything by any means, but enough to demonstrate that these games will not be allowed to take place under present government advice. We can expect public gatherings to be banned, and pubs to be closed as mandatory measures in the very near future. I believe that the government might have had a quiet word with football bosses to ask them to continue to hold out the prospect of the season being restarted and completed, purely to try to keep public morale higher than it would otherwise be. There are millions of football fans in the UK who are currently hanging on to the hope that this pandemic is manageable enough if we are able to restart football by May. If the PL came out now and voided the season, it would be stark confirmation that we are all in deep shit, and the government wants to keep "a light on at the end of the tunnel" to avoid panic at this moment in time. In my opinion we are only two to three weeks away from the inevitable "voiding" announcement being made, at a time that suits both the government and the PL.
  6. Peter was a genuinely decent guy with a cracking left foot and very good technique. I watched him many times for both the first team and reserves. I was sad to see him leave, and I'm immeasurably sadder to be writing this after his tragic accident. Rest in Peace Peter. Edit: This thread really needs to be moved to the main Villa Talk page. He was one of our own for a good period of time.
  7. Just a few facts to think about. There are currently less than 3,000 reported case of people with coronavirus in the UK, and there is a population of 66,000,000 people, some or many of whom may contract the virus over the next few months. There are just over 500 professional footballers in the Premier League and only a tiny number of them have currently caught the virus so far due to self isolation. Many more may get the virus if they are put back into a 'group environment' during the time frame of Covid-19. The stats show that we're only in the infancy of this pandemic. Football may be a casualty, but it should be right at the bottom of the list of the UK's priorities until we have a proven vaccine, and that could still be 18 months away.
  8. We're all talking about what the Premier League are going to decide .... BUT .... It's not up to the Premier League, it's up to the Coronavirus. The UK will not be free of Covid-19 or return to normality anytime in the next six months and maybe considerably longer. The PL bosses are currently rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, and will eventually have to accept the stark reality that this season is sunk.
  9. The PL bosses are between a rock and a hard place at the moment. Common sense tells them that there is no way they can finish this season, while legal financial contracts with Sky and BT make it far too costly to announce immediately that they are voiding this season. Their only way forward is to keep stalling and putting out a mythic resumption date which they can keep moving back, while hoping that the government will put "lock down legislation" in place which will reduce or nullify the PL's legal liability.
  10. Premier League bosses will soon be forced to face up to reality. This season isn't going to be finished, no matter what convoluted plans and ideas pundits come up with. Facing reality means that PL bosses have to accept that football has become irrelevant due to the enormity of Coronavirus, so cancelling this season will be just a tiny blip when looked at historically, lost in the aftermath of a world wide catastrophe. 2020 won't be remembered as the year "Liverpool won the league", it will be remembered as the year a pandemic shut down the UK. Wake up PL bosses and accept the inevitable, void this season for the public good and the physical and mental well being of players and staff and their families, unless you want to be portrayed as "Nero fiddling while Rome burns", or "Ostriches with heads firmly buried in the sand". Keep your distance and stay well everyone.
  11. Either I've totally misunderstood the hundreds of hours of coronavirus news stories that I've watched and read, or there is only one outcome to this Premier League season. It will be cancelled. We haven't even begun to suffer the huge amount of damage and pain that Covid 19 will cause in the next six months and more in the UK. I'd take Villa's relegation if it meant that coronavirus would go away, but sadly that's not an option.
  12. Several Leicester players are showing symptoms of the virus. Surely that means that Villa players need to self isolate having been in close contact with these players only three nights ago. This excludes our defenders of course, as they didn't get close enough to catch anything. (I'm just repeating what others have said, lol) Edit I should have read up the page before posting.
  13. What the players need is a tough manager to come in and give them all a short sharp shock! The lackadaisical approach to gameplay has become endemic through out the team. We have ball watching defenders who continually fail to track runners, we have a midfield that fails to press the opposition and supply an isolated striker, and we have our most important player dropping far too deep in an effort to get on the ball. Even our keeper is making uncharacteristic errors of judgement behind a defence he clearly doesn't trust. Smith has gone past the point where he can reverse this trend dramatically in our last ten matches, so a new "kick up the arse" manager might be our only hope of survival. Four "new manager bounce" wins might just get the job done. I don't expect it to happen by the way.
  14. Serious question, with Coronavirus being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation this afternoon, why is this match (and all other matches) going ahead in crowded stadia? Italians now wish they had reacted sooner, and here we are pretending that it's okay to continue to hold germ exchange fests! Play behind close doors or not at all in my opinion.
  15. Having a long term plan is good, but if our manager has shown that he's out of his depth at Premier League level then should we give him time to grow? Or do we need to bite the bullet yet again and employ a manager who really is the finished article? It's the manager's job to develop the squad, so can we afford for Dean to continue to be the main man when he hasn't yet shown that he is able to learn lessons and adjust to this league after more than two thirds of a season? I'm not calling for Smith's head because I like him a lot, but I do wonder whether we need to harden our hearts and accept that Villa may be too big a job for Dean?
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