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  1. I want Grealish to look to his left when he's in possession and see an overlapping wing back he can pass to who he trusts not to waste the ball. Against Everton his reluctance to pass to an available Taylor was glaringly obvious. Targett is a ball playing wing back.
  2. If Neil Taylor is the answer, then Dean Smith is asking the wrong question.
  3. If we score a goal soon it will all look very different.
  4. I've refrained from posting since the season kicked off because I'm not good at guessing. It will take us half a dozen games or more before we see a clearly defined first team and a system that suits those players. I'd love us to beat Bournemouth but "who and how" are beyond me at the moment.
  5. You and I have different football philosophies villalad. Losing 3-1 and losing 4-1 are both losses, it's the ambition that entertains.
  6. Didn't we lose against Spurs, playing far less attractive football than Norwich?
  7. We should not have two styles of play. 1) Against the better teams. 2) Against the lesser teams. Dean Smith's Villa need a defined system in the same way that Nuno Santo has at Wolves. Wolves play their own game no matter whether it's Man City or Bournemouth. Last week was a 'park the bus' cop out because we were playing a very good team, this week has to be about the real Dean Smith team and tactics.
  8. A positive from no more signings until January, is that the first team squad remains just tight enough to keep all the players fighting for a place on the team sheet.
  9. We've just had our best ever transfer window. UP THE VILLA !!!!!!
  10. I think Smith's just slammed the window shut!
  11. I'm delighted with our transfer dealings so far. They've been professionally planned and sourced, sensible and targeted buys. If today ends up blank that will be down to the club following it's set plan and refusing to be held to ransom.
  12. Villa want Benrahma. Benrahma wants to come to Villa. Brentford want top dollar for a very good player. If the price is the only sticking point, surely some structured and attractive add ons to a fee in the middle of both valuations is what's currently being negotiated. If these add ons take the eventual fee up to Brentford's asking price then that should get the job done. Brentford could then triumphantly announce the fee paid including add ons (as Sky do) and everybody's happy. I live in hope.
  13. Five hours to go. I'd love to be a fly on Purslow's wall.
  14. Very, very, very Happy!

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