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  1. This is a good thoughtful and balanced post Nick. I would love to know what NSWE are thinking right now as we can only speculate, but I guess the next few months will give us some clues. Villa are a big club and Dean has a big job to do. `
  2. I've just had a three way call with two of my sons and I was impressed by some of the chat about where Villa currently are. Whatever our individual feelings are about how Villa and Smith are performing, we've been discussing the fact that we (the supporters) aren't the people that matter. NSWE took over Villa with a business plan for where they wanted to take AVFC. Look at the current stats .... Are they impressed with progress right now? Ignore the stats of the last three years in terms of the future (tomorrow onwards). Smith has done well to get us to where we are, but are there concrete signs that this season's targets are going to be met? Edens and Sawiris are not prepared to stand still. It isn't in their business plan. Can anyone tell me what Smith's formation and plan is going forward? How will we be playing next week, next month, after Christmas? We can hope Dean comes up with the right answers, but does anyone really believe that we will become a consistent team this season? We can speculate but we just don't know, will our owners settle for the uncertainty? I mentioned Edens before Sawiris earlier and I did this because of Edens incisive and ruthless joint owner style with the Bucks. NSWE have a plan and it's not about love, loyalty and cosiness. It's about progress. If the answer up until now has been only about buying a couple of better players each transfer window, then do we think they will now ignore the ultimate potential of the man in charge of the team? I've asked a number of questions after a good long chat with my sons, I would love to hear what you guys think.
  3. When we were playing four at the back it was relatively simple for our 2 CB's to focus on their relative positions and specific responsibilities. Changing to 3 or 5 at the back (depending on whether we are attacking or defending) seems to have introduced confusion on a regular basis. Mings especially wanders out of position and seems to think that the extra CB gives him license to play a more laid back individual game. Tuanzebe doesn't seem to understand his role. Hause must get really frustrated when he can't get into a dysfunctional back three that is lacking a dominant aerial component. When we're under pressure there's very little cohesion in our defending. Is this down to a lack of individual player intelligence, poor coaching, or do we simply not have the right combination of CB's? Imo we need to get back to 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3.
  4. I'm guessing that most of us think Southgate is the weak link in a talented England set up. For some reason Smith has adopted Southgate's tactical set up and continues to make similar negative substitutions. His in game management is similar to Southgate's in that it lacks proactive positivity. Dean is well liked by his players but lacks the gravitas to make the players afraid to under perform. This is another GS trait. Southgate isn't getting sacked anytime soon and I suspect neither is Smith, but the similarities between the two do not fill me with confidence that Dean has it in him to take us to the next step in NSWE's planned journey. As others have said NSWE will make their own decision.
  5. rjw63, changing the subject for a moment, I seem to remember that you enjoy a glass of cider. My son has just discovered a draught cider pub near our home in the Malvern Hills. What do you recommend .... I believe they've got seven ciders on tap! Hopefully I'll be celebrating a Villa win.
  6. I have to say that I'm a watcher rather than a talker. We have great owners, a very good squad, and a manager who's risen to the challenges so far. The international breaks are becoming so intrusive that in my opinion it's distorting our view of where Villa are currently at. When our first team squad id is fully fit we'll be a handful for any Premier League team. Until then I'll watch and hopefully enjoy the matches. 2-1 to Villa.
  7. Do I like Keinan? Yes because he's a Villa player. Do I think he has any part in taking us toward Euro qualification? No. Keinan deserves the chance to play regularly at a level that he's comfortable with. That is not with Villa going forward.
  8. I agree. I expressed a concern before Grealish stopped playing because of shin splints, that we had become so predicable with the blindingly obvious "give the ball to Jack" tactic. Our better players had become de incentivised due to their role in supplying JG, and opposition teams knew how to neutralise Villa. "More well rounded" perfectly describes our team play now because our threat has gone from being singular to multi pronged, and as such other teams are having a much harder time setting up to play against us.
  9. If we keep playing exciting watchable football in the manner of the last few games I will be a very happy Villa supporter. Winning is good, winning with style is even better. Deano and the lads can make us really proud this season.
  10. From what I saw on the touchline yesterday, you wouldn't want to meet MacPhee in bright sunlight!
  11. I really like Dean Smith and I think he's doing a great job and improving his management skills at the same time. I'm not sure that he's been responsible for Terry and ROK moving on, and McPhee and Danks being brought in.though. There were rumours during the summer break that his preferred assistant coach was Keith Downing, who would have been a comfortable fit with Dean. I think that Lange and Purslow believed that DS needed assistance to make us more confident in our attacking ability. I may be wrong, but I think that our owners are positioning Dean as the core of a thoughtfully assembled "modern" coaching set up. If the way we've played in the last few matches continues, then I think we've got things right going forward.
  12. I'm loving the football that I'm watching at the moment, so I hope we don't spend any money in January as we have an excellent squad who need to have opportunities to rotate their way into our best team in years. Save the money for the addition of a couple of top quality players in next summer's transfer window. If we continue to play attractive exciting football they will come to us.
  13. I remember many years back when I first got season tickets for my four young sons. We were two seats away from a fifty something fan who apparently came to the Villa for two things .... a pre match booze up, continued at halftime (he would leave his seat ten minutes before half time, to be at the front of the bar queue, and return ten minutes after the second half had started) and to shout continued abuse at Alan Wright. He would repeatedly shout "Wrighty, Wrighty, you'll never be a footballer as long as I've got a hole in my arse"! He even shouted it one time as Wright hit a cracking cross from thirty yards out on the left touchline which was headed in for a goal in front of the North Stand. The point I'm making is he was still a fan who paid for his season ticket and was entitled to his opinion, even if it did get annoying. That's how I see points of view on VT that I don't necessarily agree with. We're all Villa fans even when we're poles apart in how we see things. "Vive la difference" as the French say, because without differing opinions there would be no reason to come on here and debate.
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