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  1. villabromsgrove

    Steve Bruce

    I was just talking to one of my sons about how Villa are "still trying to find a system" according to Bruce. He simplified the whole thing for me by getting me to imagine that each of our players was a 'Top Trump' card (remember the game?). Our attacking players individually beat the attacking players of most other Championship teams. On the other hand our defensive players are beaten by a lot of other teams. So why do we set up negatively? How about "finding a system" that utilises the winning strengths of our 'Top Trump' cards Steve?
  2. villabromsgrove

    Steve Bruce

    Criticism is becoming heated as we become more frustrated with the abject performance of our "management team'. How many times can we witness the same clueless lack of 'tactics', or the continuing inability to even pick a balanced team on match day? How many times must we listen to post match SB interviews and excuses, that don't in any way match up with what we've just watched and suffered through? I think there's a fairly unanimous agreement among us on VT that Bruce is incapable of taking us forward. There may even be a shared majority opinion that Bruce is actually holding us back. If that's so then all we are currently doing on this thread is waiting for the inevitable. Steve has dodged the bullet several times in his AVFC tenure (imo). There have been a number of occasions where one more loss may well have got him the sack. Tonight against Rotherham will probably be another such occasion. I expect the players will once again conjure a 'job saving' win for SB. Steve will tell you that we've only lost one league game this season .... and we may argue that it's six matches since we won one! Three points will be very welcome, but the frustration will continue to grow as we worry about how we will manage to cock up the game against Sheffield Wednesday at VP this weekend! Then there's Bristol City away and a match in which we will be considered underdogs, followed by Preston who are rooted at the bottom of the table, and will be our third home match in a fortnight (we don't beat relegation zone teams at the moment do we?) It should be almost impossible to bugger up such a low key set of fixtures, so it's likely that Bruce will survive, even if he does so by continuing to tie up the player's boots, roll their sleeves up for them, and furiously bang more square pegs into yet more round holes. I had convinced myself that Bruce was going to be replaced during the international break, but it didn't happen. Perhaps our new CEO has looked at our upcoming fixtures and told NSWE that "even Steve Bruce can't cock these games up, which gives us a bit more time to source a replacement"! I guess what I'm trying to say in my usual rambling way is that change has to happen and will happen, but probably not quickly enough to prevent some increasingly angry venting on this thread. I guess that's the therapeutic value of VT.
  3. villabromsgrove

    Conor Hourihane

    Hourihane is doing his best, but his beard will never be a replacement for Jedinak's. Steve know's his stuff, and get's his priorities right!
  4. villabromsgrove

    Christian Purslow

    Christian Purslow was appointed as a Director of Aston Villa Ltd and Recon Group ltd on the 14th September (posted at companies house today). The same day that 54 million pounds worth of shares were cancelled. Is he taking Dr T's seat on the board?
  5. villabromsgrove

    Loan watch 2018/19

    That Tommy Elphick at Hull sounds useful! Man of the match, and three points!
  6. villabromsgrove

    Steve Bruce

    We spent 75 minutes playing negative rubbish because it was still 0-0. To Bruce this is is half of the job done, and then someone somehow just has to find a moment of individual excellence so we can sneak three points. If that individual moment doesn't happen, then it doesn't matter too much because at least we haven't lost (in Bruce's negative footballing world.) That was the scenario and it was working at 75 minutes, but Blackburn ruined it by being energetic and scoring a goal. So then Bruce is forced to bring on three players who might score. Hourihane takes a mean set piece .... He could have been available to do that whenever the opportunity arose throughout the 90 minutes, if Bruce wasn't so besotted with Jedinak! Bruce saw that individual moment of class by Hourihane as justification for for the way we set up today. So did a number of fawning pundits. Changing track, did anyone else think that Bruce does not look a well man. God forbid, but he looked like a heart attack waiting to happen today. This continuing sh*t is damaging the club, p*ssing off the fans, and taking too big a toll on Steve Bruce's health. NSWE need to end this debacle.
  7. villabromsgrove

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce out .... as soon as possible please!
  8. villabromsgrove

    Ritchie De Laet

    De Laet was probably our best defender in pre season. He has height, a bit of pace decent technique, and he takes a good throw in. All pluses you would think. Unfortunately he's not one of Bruce's inner circle of favourites, so 'being more than worth his place' means nothing. I'm not going to apologise for bringing Bruce into non Bruce posts, because he's responsible for the perplexing use, and sometimes down right misuse of our playing squad.
  9. villabromsgrove

    Steve Bruce

    We are still in the hands of yesterday's man. Other (lesser?) clubs have embraced the here and now. Having said that, I'm expecting the Brucie bounce back against Blackburn, Rotherham and Sheffield Wednesday. We could (and bloody well should) double our points tally in the next nine days! Look at our opponent's respective team lists, and then look at the team list we (should) put out!
  10. villabromsgrove

    John Terry

    I haven't got a clue. It's my opinion based on cumulative experience watching Bruce's and Terry's inputs last season. Bruce doesn't do tactics, doesn't take training, constantly plays players out of position, is negative and has started to throw players under buses more frequently, and can't even decide on a shape for the team. He needs Terry to sort things out for him .... again .... in my opinion of course.
  11. villabromsgrove

    John Terry

    If we were to sign Terry again, it would be Bruce's dream come true. JT would (to all intent and purposes) take over the running of the team and would bring back the feel good factor that SB has totally lost. Bruce is dragging the team down, and desperately needs a big personality and leader on the training pitch and in the dressing room to save him. Terry, the ageing player is not the issue here. Terry, the big man who Bruce can hide behind is!
  12. villabromsgrove

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Elphick would be right to be upset if he were replaced by Huth! Why did Adkins at Hull go for Elphick and not Huth? Let's hope that Huth is just a baseless rumour.
  13. villabromsgrove

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I would play Tuanzebe, De Laet and even Bree as a CB rather than Huth!
  14. villabromsgrove

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Huth is well past his sell by date. He was always too slow, and developed a method of tackling the player instead of the ball to compensate for this slowness. The amount of free kicks he will give away around the box will be costly, without factoring in penalties as he drapes himself all over attackers. His match time in the last sixteen or seventeen months has been nil due to ankle and foot injuries, and the guy is going to be an immobile partner to either Chester or Jedinak. Huth and Jedinak have a combined age of sixty eight, so good luck Steve in getting a possible forty games each out of this aged pair. We'll also have the slowest CB pairing in the league. Why are we contemplating signing someone in a key position, who no other club wants or is prepared to take a chance on?
  15. villabromsgrove

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I've always thought that if you're good enough you're old enough, but our young right back Mitch Clark said recently that U23 and "men's football" are totally different. He said that when you're playing U23 football, you're being coached technically as you're still learning the game and there's a lot of passing and movement, but when you step up to "the men's game" (his words) it's about concentration and being able to kick the ball long. If we're still coaching totally different methods of football through the age groups at AVFC, how can we expect players to make the transition seamlessly?