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    Wesley Moraes

    I wish him all the best. Such a horrendous injury, I just wish him well. I think the fact he's going somewhere where the people already know him can only be a good thing with regards his injury rehabilitation.
  2. He's in Dortmund's starting line-up against Hoffenheim tonight. As a centre back.
  3. Oxford United have announced the signing of a new keeper. This could mean their keeper Jack Stevens moving to Villa might be back on.
  4. For what it's worth Cajuste's agency CAA Base main office is located in London.
  5. Jens Cajuste wasn't in FC Midtjylland's squad at the weekend ahead of a likely move somewhere... (Brentford? I know others have said we may be interested before too.) Probably unrelated (but I like to provide points for speculation) but there's a private plane seemingly from Midtjylland's closest airport which looks to be flying in to BHX now.
  6. His reaction to Ings bicycle kick goal was great!
  7. Lunchtime boredom - Private flights in to Birmingham from Nice (Nice and Monaco) and Salzburg (RB Salzburg) today. Speculate away on the likes of Mohamed Camara!
  8. Flight related info by trees just makes transfer windows so much more entertaining.
  9. It does appear we missed our opportunity with this player, but lets see how it plays out. Report in the Mail says those listed clubs are willing to buy and loan him back to Metz for a year.
  10. You're allowed to name nine subtitutes on the bench this season in the league so he could well be there. I think it would largely depend on the match situation.
  11. Bit from Ashley Preece's Q&A this morning in the Birmingham Mail: "I have been told by journalists in France that Villa's interest in Doucoure is genuine. I'm yet to be briefed on a bid or whether Villa have offered the midfielder terms. Still at an early stage, that one. If I get more I'll get it up online."
  12. Read the quote I wrote up on the previous page. He spoke to Lange after the Copa America when the Club came to him, worried that a Champions League team might come in for him, and he basically said - "don't worry, I want to stay here". He wouldn't say that in an interview if that wasn't true. There's no advantage for him to do so. I think he's just that authentic.
  13. The most important part of the interview to me was this: "(Villa) opened the door for me. I finished the Copa America and they (the Club) might be worried about new clubs coming in, or for me playing in a Champions League club, and the first thing I said to the Sporting Director was I want to be here. It's a club who helped me be a number one and play every single league game and I'm really grateful for that. It's a club I like to be in. I love everything about Aston Villa, especially the fans, and I can't wait to see a full Villa Park" There was a few news tidbits about us offering him a New Contract after the Copa America, and from this quote that would seem true, but his response is fantastic to hear.
  14. Just following up on my earlier comment... River Plate lost 1-0 at home in the first leg of their Cope Libertadores Quarter Final. The second leg is next Tuesday. Alvarez getting a lot of plaudits as being one of the best players on the pitch and he played the full 90 minutes. I'm still hopeful there's truth to this one. As I said before it might be a last week of the window deal, with him travelling across during the International Break (unless he's called up of course) or set for a move in January. He's not going to stay in South America for long that's for sure. He's too talented.
  15. Thierry Small, the youth Left Back at Everton, has left the club today. I would expect us to make a strong play for him (whichever Club he goes to will have to pay compensation to Everton).
  16. Looking forward to the day when other fans are saying "Good sign if Aston Villa are interested". To be honest, there are hints of it already...
  17. New name doing the rounds - Cheick Doucouré. 21yo Defensive Midfielder for Lens. Goal.com (France Edition) "Atalanta Bergamo and Aston Villa have been exchanging for several weeks with the player and his representatives. More than a simple inquiry, the two clubs exposed their project to the player. It remains to be seen, if three weeks before the end of the transfer window one of the two will send an offer. RC Lens expects nearly 15 million euros." FBRef TransferMarkt Whoscored BreakingTheLines Scouting Report
  18. Lille play Metz at 4pm today so will be able to see if either/or David and Pape Sarr are in the squad or even starting.
  19. Wes

    Louie Barry

    Very interesting note this: And in more detail in his liveblog: "...given the arrivals of Emiliano Buendia, Leon Bailey and Danny Ings at Villa Park, who have been signed to replace Jack Grealish, Barry's chances in Dean Smith's side would have been limited this season. Therefore, he asked to go out on loan, with several sides in the Championship and League One showing an interest, while German team RB Leipzig even sounded a permanent move." Going to be fun to watch his development in what sounds like an Ipswich side who are one of the favourites for Promotion.
  20. Played last night in the Superclasico. If this was ever going to happen it was always going to be a late August one. River Plate play their two legs of their Copa Libertadores Quarter Final over the next two Thursdays. I don't think we hear more, if anything, until the very end of the month. He wouldn't be a starter for us anyway. He would be bought with an eye to develop with substitute and cup performances, so bringing him late in the window once the season has started is less of a risk. I can envision him being purchased at the end of the window, which is immediately before the international break. Even if he is not called up to the national squad, he can fly back to the UK with one/both of the Emis. If it happens at all...
  21. It's 100% this. Purslow is savvy enough to know there's no advantage in saying we now have £100m to go and spend.
  22. Repubblica in Italy reporting that Spurs have made a bid of 20m Euros for Damsgaard. Sampdoria want closer to 40m Euros. Not considered a super reliable outlet but thought I'd mention it as his name has appeared a few times here.
  23. I think this is right. Tuanzebe is the 4th CB. All the hints are towards Cantwell as the attacking midfielder. I think he is a good player and would do fine, but I hope we don't value his 1 year of Premier League experience over getting perhaps more perceived value elsewhere. If we're going to get a holding midfielder too... surely one or two midfielders are going to be leaving?
  24. If nothing else, got to applaud the way the Danny Ings transfer was done. No rumours until the day itself, and even those were not by the media. Just announced on the official site like it's nothing.
  25. We've already gone to Marseille once this year to pick up Sanson. If we're after a new holding midfielder, we could do worse than knocking on their door again for Kamara - a name I know has been mentioned a number of times already.
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