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  1. Webbs

    Joe Bennett

    Richardson seen as back-up left back?!?!
  2. Webbs

    Joe Bennett

    Seems we got rid of him. Not in today's line-up and not in any of the latest videos and pictures.
  3. It seems Tim Sherwood does unfortunately
  4. Plus the fact that we have a new manager.
  5. Does anyone know if we're actively trying to get rid of him? Haven't heard any rumors about him leaving unfortunately.
  6. Webbs

    Micah Richards

    Wouldn't 65k a week make him one of the highest earners?
  7. Don't think there is any chance of recouping what we bought him for. Another year left on his contract unfortunately.
  8. How this guy starts is beyond me.
  9. He was in the Player Arrivals video on the YouTube channel. Wonder why he didn't at least make the bench.
  10. Too much time spent in the gym, not enough time on the training pitch.
  11. Webbs

    Paul Lambert

    Candy's dog from Of Mice And Men? Time to go...
  12. Webbs

    Joe Bennett

    More of that please Joe. Solid game

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