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  1. Why don’t people stop rising to obvious bait?!
  2. Brilliant header, think he tried to be a bit too cute with his first two chances but he looks some player and I’m excited to see where he gets to.
  3. Superb again tonight, part of me doesn’t give a toss we lost on penalties. Delighted for Archer after missing a couple of big opportunities but he looks a helluva player. Can’t believe Sanson went off again, was it concussion or something else (I was half watching the game on my phone in the pub)?
  4. Seeing this more and more, still have no idea what it’s meant to mean. Midfielders by definition should ‘pivot’ between attack and defence, that’s what they do, to varying extents of course.
  5. Strange that he quit Swansea to end up there
  6. I get what you’re saying but no need for anyone to review traore’s any further as it went straight in, I think you’d be hard pressed to make a judgement on Bailey attempting to score direct from the corner, although it was ‘on target’.
  7. They won’t will they, it wasn’t a shot on goal.
  8. I have no idea how either side will line up for this one, you’d be tempted to think Chelsea will rest players given their schedule but then Tuchel seems more of a Pep type in that he’ll want to win this competition along with all others.
  9. I think he started not fancying it around Christmas, as predicted by many.
  10. My thoughts exactly, he’s a crafty little worm is Ole.
  11. It gets worse with those decisions in the Brighton / Leicester game, never a penalty for Brighton - you can clearly see Maupay (the little shit) pulling vestergarde down, ridiculous that VAR cannot see this stuff. I don’t think either of Leicester’s offside goals should have been ruled out but particularly the second one, it’s the same situation as when McGinn had the goal ruled out away to arsenal after 30 seconds last season, if the keeper has no chance of getting to the ball why call it offside.
  12. How were West Ham not given a penalty for that tackle from Wan Bissaka on Soucek?! That the ref somehow proceeded to give a foul the other way and VAR doing nothing about it just added tragic comedy. I don’t think any of the ronaldo attempts to win a penalty had any merit so fair play for standing up to those but that other one was absolute shocker, it must be getting close to refs being forced to come out and publicly explain decisions post-match.
  13. First touch and decision making needs to get better but that will come, he has 4-5 years before he hits his prime using the general rule of thumb. Just looking like such an improved player, drives the ball forward well and seems to have improved his strength and composure under pressure.
  14. Match of the days goal of the month nominations get more bizarre all the time, the 8 they pulled out for August was just mental, including a run of the mill Antonio goal amongst some other questionable inclusions.
  15. I agree, it seems like an entirely narcissistic attempt to appear as relevant as possible. I’d rather have someone with a patchy record but with the intensity of the game within him as opposed to a ‘specialist’ coming in from the cold.
  16. I don’t feel at all bad for winning the playoff game against them, had we lost it would likely be us in administration and with a massive points deduction. If they are hit with the 21 point deduction and if Rooney somehow keeps them up that would be a huge achievement, though I expect they’ll have to firesale any players they have with any kind of value in the January window.
  17. Totally agree, ruined the tone of the interview in what should have been (and still will be) a great moment in time for Cash. Non-related but watching Benitez’ interview and I’d forgotten about that pull back by Konsa on Gray in the second half, prob should have been a foul and therefore a red card you’d think, perhaps got away with one there
  18. Leon Osman has put in a solid shift there, gone up in my estimation
  19. Yep, unnoticeable which is what they should be. Banging effort today tho boys, 15 minute spell of pure bliss, Bailey looks like en enigma in every sense of the word. Well happy chappy here. Oh, and I called it too in the match thread, as soon as Gomes came on I said we’d win, honestly it’s mental how badly he plays against us, must be a closet fan, I don’t think he touched the ball in 30 mins.
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