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Transfer Speculation (Summer 2013)


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Just been... uh... walking the dog, and stumbled over a rather large rock which flipped over to reveal a dark rectangular patch. I lifted it and heard white noise. Odd. So I put my ear to the rock and there seemed to be a weak voice coming from within. I said Hello into it and it went silent. I thought it all very peculiar so I went to place the rock back, but as soon as I bent over there came a long, high pitched note. I lifted the rock again, and said Hello, who's there?. Again, it went silent, but only for a few seconds, and instead of a high pitched note, a brash cockney voice shouted OI, YOU MUG, DEFOE WILL SIGN FOR VILLA.

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They're at it again!


These kids are fantastic, who needs Pete Colley


They will get everyone banned from BmH again. Won't be long before no one will be allowed to go again. Wrecking it for everyone.

Can't tell if serious or not........however if so, bore off! They're great :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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