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  1. Engels looked so solid to me in the start of the season. Him and mings seemed like a great duo back there
  2. Pretty underwhelming but I guess we don't have many options..
  3. Don't worry, we will beat the 'easier" teams!
  4. vandaq

    Dean Smith

    There is just no way we are getting 9 points in the next three matches. I have felt pretty pessimistic this season but it is hard not too when we are not getting the results. 17 games with 4 wins so far. Top goal scorer has 4- Jack and Wesley. Mcginn seems gone and our defense does not seem as strong anymore. I do think we have good enough players to stay up but we should get something this January. The next three are crucial
  5. Immense. Very composed which is something we need.
  6. He looks pretty poor at times. I feel there is a decent player in there but a bit disappointed. However, his theatrics is far worse IMO. Really negative thing for me and warrants some bench time. Also shockingly bad at winning the ball at times. Simply put, not the player we need right now
  7. Pretty sure faces will get fixed in the November patch. Or not at all but there is a big chance it will. Also screw EA. So yeah, most of the faces will be horrible for now since they are not custom
  8. One positive this year is that they have scanned Villa players so an accurate Grealish, McGinn and our new stars is at least something. If that is there at launch and how many were actually scanned is hard too say though. Could end up coming later at a patch
  9. I didn't watch the match. Looks like a really solid debut from the clip above. Only concern for me is that he seems very left footed. Would assume he would get playtime soon though so I rather not speculate to much. Exciting either way
  10. Huge talent. Need too have him as a starter and be comfortable. Think he can really shine if we pull ourselves together and get more confidence
  11. Another disappointing game. Seem too offer extremely little at times and gets completely shut out
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