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  1. So disappointing so far. I still think we are the better team but they are so more direct. And we need to change our lineup badly.
  2. Anyone that has his shirt this year? Wondering if I should size up or not like people recommend with the home/away kits.
  3. I am pretty petty because I really hope he flops big time. Guess I was hoping this would be different as well but most players really are the same. Just wish we had a club legend that stayed his whole career here. Hopefully we come stronger out of it. Was so fun following his career from the start, his loan at notts county etc.. Oh well..
  4. We looked like side that would stay easily the first 5 games or so this season. After that, it has been looking like relegation team. Outside of glimpses from certain players, nothing has really changed since October or so. Really underwhelming and bad performance by Smith and the large majority of the players. Another day of "Why do I bother with this shit"
  5. Embarrassing. So many games this season that shows a championship side.
  6. Huge win. I stand by what I posted but I desperately want to be wrong.
  7. If Samatta is not a world beater in this league, we're down.
  8. Engels looked so solid to me in the start of the season. Him and mings seemed like a great duo back there
  9. Pretty underwhelming but I guess we don't have many options..
  10. Dear lord it will hurt badly when jack goes after the season
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