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  1. Engels looked so solid to me in the start of the season. Him and mings seemed like a great duo back there
  2. Pretty underwhelming but I guess we don't have many options..
  3. Dear lord it will hurt badly when jack goes after the season
  4. We need better players next year in the championship
  5. Don't worry, we will beat the 'easier" teams!
  6. vandaq

    Dean Smith

    There is just no way we are getting 9 points in the next three matches. I have felt pretty pessimistic this season but it is hard not too when we are not getting the results. 17 games with 4 wins so far. Top goal scorer has 4- Jack and Wesley. Mcginn seems gone and our defense does not seem as strong anymore. I do think we have good enough players to stay up but we should get something this January. The next three are crucial
  7. Tired of these clowns wearing the villa shirt
  8. Looking like a relegation team today. No two ways about it
  9. I did too, so gutted. November 2th and 9th place?? aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. I would take a loss but this stings even more. Always the same shit
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