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  1. Lol. Yes, it's all over now. Football is done. We have signed them all.
  2. Just heard from a very reliable source that deadline has passed.
  3. Wow. A 1994 article. I feel like I need to bring back the 56k dialup modem to honour it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsNaR6FRuO0 (Hoping no one needs to make a phone call while I read)
  4. What the heck!? It's all happening now... So relieved at this, especially since Gavin is lost out the season 'cause of his knees.
  5. VILLA FORUM!‏@VILLAFORUM9 min BREAKING NEWS VILLA FANS!! Villa announce signing of Korean starlet Fu Kin No Wan
  6. I recon cloning and biomechanical engineering isn't necessery for this lot to make stupid decisions.
  7. Petrochina owner. Exxon owner. Walmart owner. Or someone else that has more money than they can count with the normal numbersystem.
  8. Pete Colley is probably hammered at this point, should be interesting to get his report on the manner.
  9. Alright, thanks. Don't really get the fascination with the other ones on there, but she's a nice one.
  10. Who's the girl/host on sky with the yellow dress and brown hair?
  11. Been linked with Bedimo (or something like that, left back at Lyon). Also, Ciani from Lazio is rumoured to be in England. Villa has not been mentioned/linked though, only Norwich and Cardiff.
  12. We need one of these guys to come (on a flying carpet) and save us:
  13. I feel like gambling to get some excitement... is that a worry sign?
  14. It's weird because I clearly remember Cleveland Brown fans warning us that "he will splash the cash in the beginning when it's still a fun project to him, but just wait until he loses interest and stops all investement, then you'll be in a financial deadzone". (with our response being: Nah, that won't happen to us. You see, he INHERITED the browns, he BOUGHT us. We are special to him.)
  15. What on earth Good move. Bannan will fit into their style very well. Sorry, but I can not trust that claim without evidence from recent heat maps.
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