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  1. What is this "he loves to play" excuse? Everyone wants to play i would think? Jack is a Villa legend in the making, but this was just silly.
  2. Dont like this reaction. Everyone can get subbed.
  3. Linked to Joshua King again. Maybe not the most exciting option, but makes sense. Proved that the can score goals on the top level, free agent in the summer so probably cut-price, wages probably not too high, Norwegian . Deano been talking about looking for value for money deals. Would be a good competitor for Watkins, and make it easier to take him off when tired or not performing. But not an improvement on him
  4. Realistically. I think a new LB might be a priority, to both challenge and cover for Targett. Also a new CB if Engels leaves in this window. Don't think we will see much else happening. I think Deano & co might want to see what Wesley has to offer upon return before we invest in a new striker. Regarding a new top class midfielder/winger. It's more of a dream scenario than realistic. Yes, our wingers have performed quite well, but we're lacking quality in depth. The top sides have almost just a strong of a bench as the starting 11. Ultimately, we would want to be able to rotate in tou
  5. We've not exactly been spoilt during the years, so can understand the relief of actually performing well at the top level. That said, i've been around a bit too long to fall in the "optimist trap". We have an exiting team atm, but are over-archieving compared to some teams that are even better on paper. All honour to Deano and staff for that, but honestly, we are only a Jack injury away from dropping down again. Let's see what happens. Im preparing for the worst, and ofc hoping for the best. UTV no matter what. Edit: The last time we played in europa we had a very good side. Carew,
  6. In other news, Im reading that Leeds are in for Julian Draxler from PSG. He is a free agent in the summer, so not too expensive either. If they can get him, we definately can. Both he and Buendia can play both central and out wide. Would be ace to get one of them me thinks.
  7. Captain and stand out player in the norwegian second division. From the little i've seen he has very good vision, good passing accuracy and is calm on the ball. Quite impressive for a 17 (now 18 year old). If he is ready for the PL is a different question, probably a way to go. But definately an interesting prospect. When it comes to young players: I firmly believe that aquiring (or scouting for) skill will only take you so far, and that mentality/attitude, personality and work rate makes the difference in terms of reaching the highest level in the end. Given that he has been given
  8. Lol. Yes, it's all over now. Football is done. We have signed them all.
  9. Just heard from a very reliable source that deadline has passed.
  10. Wow. A 1994 article. I feel like I need to bring back the 56k dialup modem to honour it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsNaR6FRuO0 (Hoping no one needs to make a phone call while I read)
  11. What the heck!? It's all happening now... So relieved at this, especially since Gavin is lost out the season 'cause of his knees.
  12. VILLA FORUM!‏@VILLAFORUM9 min BREAKING NEWS VILLA FANS!! Villa announce signing of Korean starlet Fu Kin No Wan
  13. I recon cloning and biomechanical engineering isn't necessery for this lot to make stupid decisions.
  14. Petrochina owner. Exxon owner. Walmart owner. Or someone else that has more money than they can count with the normal numbersystem.
  15. Pete Colley is probably hammered at this point, should be interesting to get his report on the manner.
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