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  1. Racist? whats "racist" in the fact that we simply don't want such incidents like these in England or France? Why we "have to" tolerate muslim immigration? Poland didn't have colonies like UK. Besides we have a lot of immigrants from Ukraine.
  2. you suggest that smolensk was terrorist attack? even if so Smolensk is in Russia.
  3. oh, i didn't answer your question, because: 1. You didn't answer mine 2. I didn't want to be rude... your question was IMO quite ignorant and your statement that you condemn all religions equally showed that you aren't interested in knowing the answer but rather try to show that christianity and islam are the same "evil". I'm sure that there is a lot of nutters in Poland, but we don't have such problems with terrorism. Guess why...?
  4. I really don't understand why you talk about catholic church here... Was this terrorist attack executed by catholics? O_o
  5. I don't know what Catholic priests have in common with these attacks, but ok, i try to answer. Yes, priests condemn paedophiles and yes, their voice is heard. It is common knowledge that paedophilia in christianity is huge sin and i only hope that you can say that about muslims and killing in the name of Allah.
  6. What their religious leaders say in mosques? Do they condemn terrorists? Are their voices heard in everyday life? I'm curious how it looks like, because in Poland muslim minority is very small and mainly integrated since XIV century (Polish Tatars).
  7. the case is they very often don't want to integrate and be part of "our" society
  8. I understand this, but i find it very inappropriate to feel sad for muslims in Birmingham (which didn't have anything to do with attacks), when thoughts and compassion should be with families of victims.
  9. You didn't write a word about victims, but you FEEL SAD for muslims in Birmingham??? Some of you there are really acting like lambs to the slaughter. Wake up.
  10. that makes no sense. What about cup finals, if Spurs will qualify?
  11. I don't think there is any pressure on Leicester... really...
  12. 8/20 - never been in England lol
  13. ok, i'm done with football. This is too much for me.
  14. Does anybody remember the winners in previous seasons?
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