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Transfer Speculation (Summer 2013)

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I think we all are giving Lambert the benefit of the doubt.


But the team last season had some glaring weaknesses, some of which have been adressed (Luna & Okore), some that havn't.


The midfield is still weak in certain aspects as creativity, composure, size... We are still poor at set pieces both defensivelly and attacking and we struggle to breake teams down and create chances when we aren't allowed to counter.


I think that if he was backed Lambert would love to bring in another creative midfielder to try solve this obvious weakness, but i fear he won't be allowed to.

Mind you Lambert does have a stubborn streak and just might stick to his guns to prove he can do it with the players he have to his disposure now

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I would be very annoyed if we let all three go and didnt get another player in.  Sadly I think I will be annoyed come 11pm.

They're already gone from the point of view of squad usefulness.  All this will mean is that someone else is paying them not to play for us.

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Someone supposedly at Bodymoor posted this on twitter, some suggesting that it is Jordan Graham, he was in London this morning to see a specialist, could be on his way back to report in following his appointment.



For the record, I'd be shocked if we signed anyone else but everyone loves deadline day....right?!

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