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Next 4 games


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In the next four games of this even more disastrous abortion of a season (worst season I have ever witnessed), how many points do you see Lambert's Lepers picking up?


I don't mean to sound defeatist, but all I can see is a big fat zero.


Everton will humiliate us away from home, we'll lose this by at least 2 goals.


West Ham at home will pump a lot of balls into the box and score from their set pieces. Another loss.


Arsenal away, we will be humiliated at the emirates. Perhaps the first double digit defeat for a premier league side.


Man City at home, their quality will completely bamboozle our shite team. Loss by at least 3 goals.


I kind of feel numb to any Villa defeat now, and fully accept and expect is to go down. Oh well.




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Park the bus and set up the counter I guess. Just prepare for the humiliation and draws would feel like a cup win.

So true, but i think we could draw at least one of them somehow.


If PL doesnt sign anyone im going to donkey punch him :(

You do realise what a donkey punch is?..

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Well i for one have genuinely given up on this team.. Won't be going at all to any more games..Why would i pay to be repeatedly embarrassed & depressed? We are almost certainly going down now you just cannot sustain this many defeats against the worst teams in the division & not go down.


Having said that the Premier League is so full of crap clubs at the minute in some ways i won't miss it.. Wigan, Stoke, Reading, Norwich, QPR, Fulham, West Brom, Sunderland, Southampton, etc etc? Hardly gets the pulses racing does it? & when you play the Sky 4 you always get a biased official or 2 anyways so whats the point exactly?


In the Championship we will have Wolves, Sha, Forest, Leeds, Derby, Blackpool, Blackburn, Bolton, Cardiff etc & to be honest i;d find some of those games more interesting than the Premier League ones. Ok we won't play Man U, Man City etc but we are not competing in the same World as them anyway. Maybe we'll still get them in a cup game or something too if you really want to see us battered by them as normal.


Of course i'd prefer to see us stay up but it ain't gonna happen.

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We'll lose to West Ham on a James Collins header, mark my words. 0-1


Somehow I think we can scrape out a point against Everton, probably 2-2


Walcott will toy with Bennett all day and we'll get smashed by them. 4-1


Man City will probably field a weak side, giving us a glimmer of hope, but their benchwarmers are better than our starters. 2-0


Fact is, many of the fixtures that were marked as realistically winnable have already come and gone, with us taking nothing from them, which will ultimately sink us. Losing to Wigan, Soton and Newcastle at home...we deserve to be right where we are. And God help us if it comes down to a tiebreaker. On goal difference, we're completely f*cked.

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At this stage of the season 4 points is not enough ?!



Asked the question how many points will we pick up in the next 4 games and my optimistic answer given the fixtures is 4. Not difficult to understand.

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