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  1. Would be really good if we can get 3 points would really give us a confidence boost. Would love to give them a pasting Saturday couldn’t give a toss about how they have got their players. Some of the wolves fans at work the shite they come out with us frankly laughable.
  2. im inclined to agree, yes we know he has limited ability but his attitude is better than most of the squad and tbh I don't see RDL being anywhere close to decent for us for a long time.
  3. 8 assists 3 goals but not good enough??? I despair
  4. im an emotional wreck after that match. AR12 MVP
  5. We needed this win too. A Rod in december at lambeau is tough place to come.
  6. Everything is gonna be fine. I had to turn twitter off because of the amount of 'financial experts' that quite clearly know (Jack shit)) everything. We wanted Lerner gone an owner who would have most likely gave us a shoe string budget and doomed us further. We complain and protest for years and now he has finally gone we get someone in who has stated that they will turn it round we will have a big budget and become competitive again and all some people can do is get the pitch forks and torches back out for round 2. It does my head in.
  7. Agreed. I actually think that was a very good thing to do and I don't believe they would have made a statement if they did not think negotiations were going well. Its nice to see communication. I know we have had worst **** time for years but the negativity with things likes this still shocks me.
  8. I get the feeling he may be handed captaincy next season.
  9. Having a sole owner hasn't exactly worked out for us.....
  10. we should sing his song at villa park but change the word fast to fat.
  11. the sun story is pictures of gabby doing laughing gas on the night of our relegation. what a pitiful excuse for a man he is
  12. we have more chance of winning the champions league next season than being taken over
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