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  1. Agreed, however his best position is on the left and when Jack is back, that's his nailed on position too.
  2. Thank god he's out of contract in the summer.
  3. From where we were last season to even being in a shout of Europe is mental.
  4. Everyone else around him has been dropped, when is it his turn?
  5. Can hardly be blamed for that game.
  6. Absolutely not needed in games where we are expected to have the majority of possession.
  7. Hopefully that's his stinker out of the way with now.
  8. Don't need Nakamba in games where we are going to have the majority of possession.
  9. Think it's because Luiz always seems to get a yellow card
  10. What does this man have to do to get dropped?
  11. Jack Grealish’s layoff for #avfc relates to shin splints, “although not as bad as before” - source. It’s serious enough and often a consequence of overplaying as a youngster while bones are still growing. We should be a little concerned at his age. #utv https://twitter.com/jonnygould/status/1363476342784864257?s=20
  12. Start him in place of McGinn or Barkley next game, take your pick.
  13. McGinn is gash further up too. He's just horribly out of form and needs dropping.
  14. I'd say he's more of a Hazard than a Messi.
  15. Scores 1 in every 3 shots on target, or 1 in every 6 shots. Decent return I think.
  16. Deano has said Brexit is delaying it.
  17. Engels can speak French too.
  18. Swerbs

    John Terry

    The O'Kelly, Shakespeare & Terry triple team is already up there with the Andy & Scott Marshall duo.
  19. I'm so glad we don't have to watch Bruce ball week in week out
  20. Swerbs

    Dean Smith

    He should instruct Watkins to goal hang for the rest of the season and go tackle the defender from behind when they recieve it.
  21. Swerbs

    Matty Cash

    Can't believe this is his first full season as a right back
  22. No one can have any fans unless there's a team from the Isle of Scilly
  23. Traore needs to help out Cash, seems to be forgetting he has to defend so far.
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