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Rating and Reactions: Villa 0-3 Wigan


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We mustered a single goalscoring opportunity all game. Against Wigan. At home.

Lerner needs to open his wallet in January and Lambert needs to buy some defenders. Clark is our best defender at the moment, and he's **** shit. Reminds me of Chris Riggott.

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Shite Christmas, poor result today but a team obviously shot of confidence after the Chelsea hammering which has set this all off and games coming thick and fast with not much time to work on the players, given their age that is what they need most, time between games.

No doubt the calls for lambert's head will now come from many, like we need another new manager. That is one of the reasons why we are in trouble. That and Lerner being useless the last three years.

We have the right manager, results are not good but lambert is the man for us. Needs backing big style in january

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that was appauling. Absolutely gutted that a team can show up in Villa shirts and play like that. against Wigan. at home.

If anyone is remotely positive about Villa after this then they need to just stop and think about what there is actually left to be positive about. We just got torn apart at home by one of the leagues worst sides

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The lowest I gave ever felt as a villa fan

Lambert should apologise for this embarrassment. I don't want to hear we can't reflect on it and need to move on

No it's not good enough there is absolutely no excuse to concede 15 goals in 3 games

Outrageous and I am disgusted the players should refund the fans from their wages

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only improved once we changed the team around, something which should have been done at half time, something which was very very obvious

lets not keep making excuses, we are shit

15-0 tells us so

this will be the record amount of goals conceded in a season in the top flight at this rate

but hey ho lets celebrate that people like bent were kept out of the team even when we were still losing and not scoring

he has had the chance, he had most of his players at most stages so far, lambert has chosen who to drop and who to pick, this isnt about 1 game, this is about his poor decision making so far this season in around 60% of the league games

either get some players in and play **** football or **** off because the likes of lichaj who was truelly **** terrible, he just stodd still like a scared rabbit in the head lights for all but 1 second he was on the pitch

lambert gets another 0 out of 10 from me, he is picking up a lot of these recently

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I will rate them in grades of shit




Herd-Super shit


Bannan-Super shit

Ireland-Ultra Shit

Holman-Very shit

Weimann-Worked hard but shit end product

Benteke-No involved enough but shit when he was

Lichaj-So shit I forgot about him

Albrighton-Shit but looked good when he came on because of how shit everyone else was

By the way Paul, in 3 games where you played 3 central defenders despite ONLY HAVING ONE CENTRAL DEFENDER FIT you conceded 15 goals and scored zero, upon changing to a back 4 you managed to hold on to a nil nil draw whilst having a few shots against a very shit Wigan team. You work it out.

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