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  1. villatillidie1980

    André Green

    Thought he did ok today. Should have gone with the inside of his foot though, when he had that opportunity in front of goal
  2. villatillidie1980

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Hull

    Another disappointing Saturday. It’s so frustrating at the moment. I keep hoping that these poor results might be the catalyst to bring in one or two players, who knows.... **i know there’s more to signing players than the last result **
  3. villatillidie1980

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    What was the drop ball for?
  4. villatillidie1980

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Absolute joke. I don’t understand how it’s gone so bad so quick?
  5. villatillidie1980

    Tammy Abraham

    Great news, as good as a new signing, just wish it was the 15th January!! UTV
  6. villatillidie1980

    Tammy Abraham

    Looks like he’s off and I wish him well - imagine what position we’d likely be in without his 16 goals!
  7. villatillidie1980

    Kortney Hause

    I hope it’s this!!
  8. villatillidie1980

    Kortney Hause

    Really pleased with this! Although I thought I heard that he was carrying a foot injury - anybody know anymore?
  9. villatillidie1980

    Tammy Abraham

    Losing Tammy is a big loss. Assuming it is to happen, we need to replace him with a proven goal scorer because I fear our goals are about to dry up...
  10. villatillidie1980

    January transfer (we need a whole new team) window 2019

    Crying out for some defensive signings, but they have to be the right ones. Too many times in the past have we bought the wrong player
  11. villatillidie1980

    Pre-match thread

    A little disappointed McGinn is starting, the league is where we need to concentrate
  12. villatillidie1980

    John McGinn

    Agreed that he was our best player today. Hopefully he gets a decent rest between now and the Wigan game
  13. villatillidie1980

    Ørjan Nyland

    Sorry way to end your season. Good luck with the recovery. UTV