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  1. Hattrick during today’s 9-0 win over Burton in the 5th round of the FA Youth Cup
  2. At Villa Park with Dean and Craig Shakespeare watching the Youth team in the Cup 5th round today
  3. We’re lucky but you have to take that when it comes. Clearly we need to improve and I concur that Davis could do that for us. Noses in front, come on Dean, work your magic like last weekend. UTV
  4. He did really well, and to look up and pick Trez out too...
  5. What was that from Dougie there?? Worked out in the end, but still!!
  6. This is brilliant news, so pleased!!
  7. If fairness, Kane hasn’t scored away from home in ages... Always count on Villa
  8. For me, it has to be Trez. As much as Bert does some really dodgy stuff, he does at least have the potential that something will come off. Just don’t feel that with Trez
  9. I just can’t fathom how we’re second to everything
  10. First training session back after this - first touch under pressure!
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