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  1. Gave Mings MOTM but Nyland was really good. Not sure we need to look outside the club to replace Heaton?
  2. Does anyone know, could he play a part in the league cup semi’s?
  3. It looks an even bigger three points after the Southampton and Watford results
  4. Massive three points. Jack and Tyrone were superb. Fair play to Dean, something needed changing and he sorted it. I just hope Wes and Tom aren’t too serious
  5. Frustrating. We have decent technical players and yet appear to panic constantly, hoof the ball and invite the pressure back on - I don’t get it. We’re very one dimensional. We need some pace up top, be that out wide or up front.
  6. I don’t think it will be long until Poch is in charge of Utd. Maybe this will be Ole’s last game....
  7. Newcastle were poor first half and gave us a bit to worry about in the first 5/10 minutes of the second, but we managed that period ok and then it just felt like we needed the third to kill it off. It never came, but thankfully it didn’t impact the overall result. Having Heaton in goal is massive, some of the shots he saved were straightforward, but one or two could have caused trouble against our other keepers. Konsa, Guilbert and Targett were very good last night. Mings and McGinn had off days. Luiz looked assured, bar one moment at the beginning of the second half when he got caught in possession. ElGhazi looked a threat constantly. Wez did well against a solid back 5. Connor did what Connor does well and protected Jack too. Jack was out of this world and on another level from everyone else on the pitch last night - he oozes class Their only real threat was Saint-Maximin, who reminds me a lot of when we had Traore - lightning pace and very direct, but little end product
  8. Grealish has been awesome and Targett decent too. I have I say, Saint-Maximin worries me on the break, but as we saw towards the end of the half, the more they push on, hopefully that allows us the opportunity to create at the other end and score more
  9. Hopefully the two weeks between games allows us to get some players back for Newcastle
  10. That bang on the head was obviously what Targett needed
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