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  1. I tell you what, that keeper for Copenhagen is having a worldie. Wonder how strong our contacts are...
  2. A mate of mine reckons pre season starts in 3 weeks. Does anyone know any details yet?
  3. It feels good to be able to look forward to this transfer window - especially still being in the premier league!!
  4. Treasure this day, remember how it feels - I hope we get the chance to rebuild the club to the point that this is never even a possibility in future. UTV
  5. In fairness, we’re bound to be a bit cagey and Bournemouth going balls out for the win - that’s the only way they stay up. Agree we need to be better in the second half - let’s start by not giving it back so easily. I’d have banked on Jack there too - to be fair you’d have backed Antonio earlier in the half too
  6. Nervy, nervy, nervy!! Its not going to be comfortable between now and 6pm but I just hope we are celebrating at full time. We’ve performed well in recent games, but I’m still not sure which way this is going. Stomach is knotted - but this is what it is to love and follow our club. UTV
  7. I’m sure they are, which is why I think we’ll benefit from the empty stadium - well I certainly hope we do!!
  8. The euphoria of Tuesday and the inflated confidence that bought with it have subsided. I’m now officially bricking it. UTV
  9. Absolutely amazing. Thought we may have scored to early, but we didn’t sit back. Once again, Luiz showing his class. Jack was brilliant again. Konsa and Mings were solid - Konsa slightly edged it actually. And I genuinely believe Guilbert was the difference
  10. Voted Trez as MOTM for his goals getting us the 3 points, but my word, Luiz is going to be some player! We lucked in playing a poor Palace side, but moving on to a poor Everton one and then.... who knows.... UTV
  11. I wish someone would tell the lads that when the opposition put the ball out and possession turns over to us - we don’t have to just give it back!!
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