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  1. First pre season game against a relatively second string MLS side in challenging conditions, scoring three, conceding none and no injuries - very successful in my book. Some great moments from various individuals but, as to be completely expected, not quite the fluidity that we will no doubt see as preseason goes on. I thought Jota looked busy first half and Guilbert my pick from the second half. UTV
  2. Really pleased with this. Welcome Ezri
  3. It’s effortless for him, he makes the game look easy, has always been a pleasure to watch but I am really looking forward to this season. Bring on August the 10th!!
  4. Have to say, I didn’t think it would be Derby. Fair play to them for going to Elland Rd and getting a very good win. Bring it on, looks like Ashley Cole May be in the starting 11 too...
  5. I have no idea what the hell just happened!? it was always going to be tough, playing 10 men is never straight forward, conceding an early goal was always a possibility....but what the actual, were we doing with bloody corners and don’t get me started on playing out from the back at the start of the second half!! I was hoping that Saturdays first half was our poor period of these play offs - we have to be better in the final. Rode our luck, but we’re there. Need to recover and focus. UTV
  6. So nervous. Trying to concentrate at work and it ain’t happening.
  7. Nervous. I think Gayle being out is massive, but it’s not going to be easy. UTV
  8. Frustrating first half, much better in the second. I thought WBA offered little in the way of attack but were solid at the back. VP was rocking once Connor banged that one in. On to Tuesday. UTV!!
  9. You are right, but I meant from a gaining promotion perspective
  10. Well that was an interesting game.... Before the incident, I thought the game was fairly even with both teams having periods of pressure without ever really looking likely to score. Mings and Steer were immense with Axel classily going under the radar. I feel, having secured 5th spot, we need to rest the key players next week. Norwich will be on the beach anyway
  11. Me too. Shouldn’t it have been a banker last season before ‘snowgate’?

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