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  1. And big shout out to Craig Gardener - two great pieces of defending!!
  2. Mings was outstanding today - 100% the difference between keeping a clean sheet or not and my MOTM. Jack was a very close second for the way he kept his composure and ultimately punished their whole club!!
  3. If smith is struggling to work out which midfielder he needs to take off, I think Whealan is putting his hand up!
  4. Still shocked at the Grealish attack and think that’s had a negative effect on the game as a whole, seems a bit flat since then, not sure that’s a surprise. Hopefully half time will allow us to regroup and beat this lot. UTV
  5. Impressed how quickly he’s turned things around. Long may it continue
  6. Agree with your four, although I fear that Jacks as good as gone at this point. I’d love to turn Mings into a permanent deal, not sure that will happen. Kalinic is turning out to be a good buy if he keeps going like he is. id love for Green to work out too But you’re right, not too much to choose from
  7. Played off the park tonight. Not ready to blame Smith as I’m not sure what changes he could have made to the starting 11. The legacy of the age of our squad I’m afraid. Old Smith team vs New Smith team - result is to highlight how poor the Villa squad is. Not Smiths fault Kalinic was class. Mings is a monster. McGinn is superb. Tammy was isolated. Those four aside, the rest is blatantly obvious im afraid. Not too worried about another season in the championship providing we can keep the better players, I just know that won’t include Jack
  8. Hutton just has to stop playing. Play a youngster at right back. Play Nyland at right back, anyone but Hutton
  9. One word for me - aimless. Too many times we lump it forward without actually taking a look first. Lucky to still be level. Hause not doing himself any favours And don’t get me started on how terrible we are when it comes to a throw in. It’s painful to watch!!
  10. Thought he did ok today. Should have gone with the inside of his foot though, when he had that opportunity in front of goal
  11. Another disappointing Saturday. It’s so frustrating at the moment. I keep hoping that these poor results might be the catalyst to bring in one or two players, who knows.... **i know there’s more to signing players than the last result **
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