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This one could go either way.

We could play an attacking formation like yesterday and really get at them, or Mcleish could see the word Liverpool and play an 8-1-1 with Heskey as sweeper.

It's a huge shame Gabby's out, but that's Phil Dowd for you.

I think this is the most winnable of the next four game, especially seeing as Suarez is out.

I would go:


Cuellar Dunne Clark Warnock



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This will be tough, not because Liverpool are great, just that we seem to concede the game before kick off against the 'big' teams this season.

At least we go into the fixture on the back of a decent win (albeit against bottom of the table Notlob)

I'd try and stick to the same formation that worked well (esp in the first 45 mins saturday)


Hutton.Dunne.Collins.Warnock (no point even suggesting a change there!!!)





I'd play Ireland off Bent over Heskey, as I fear we'd just hoof it towards Big Emile all match and continue to give the ball back to Liverpool.

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Hmmm Albrighton is a really difficult one, I imagine his confidence is still fairly fragile.

You don't want to damage him by leaving him on the bench but also wouldn't want to damage him going up against Enrique who will mark him out the game with a lot of comfort. Maybe best to put him on the left for this one, N'Zogbia right?

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Liverpool will win quite easily 2-0.

We will play one upfront Heskey will start.

We will get booed off at half time.

We will have 1 shot on target but that will not come until after the 75th minute and will probably be by Dunne or Collins.

McLeish will say we weren't at it in the first half but in the second half we really got at them.

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