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  1. Agree with most of you, we need to go strong here... Buendia needs to get a game. Keep J. Ramsey in there, he's young and could play every other day if necessary. I'd like to see one of the younger guns start though, Philogene-Bidace maybe? Perhaps bring Ashley Young in. Sanson has not played much at all since having his two bad injuries he'll surely be bench at the best. Be real interesting to see our team line-up.
  2. Bailey looks a very astute signing. Be great if his stats better Greal-hiss too by the end of the season.
  3. I thought he was fantastic today. Jacob Ramsey is very quick with ball at his feet and turns so well running with the ball; he's not scared to take opposition players on.
  4. Was about to say exactly that. Ings like Watkins works so hard off the ball which is unnoticed by some.
  5. I was quietly confident of a top ten finish (perhaps eighth). But now I'm not so confident, international breaks might scupper us in the sense we might find a bit of momentum difficult to find. Shame as on paper we look to be a top eight team.
  6. Couple of benders in there!
  7. Indeed. Ings scored many goals last season through his hard work off the ball, something Watkins also does so well. Having both Watkins and Ings on the pitch is surely going to be rather dangerous one would hope.
  8. Interesting talk about Ings on the radio earlier... Basically how he naturally drifts left side, obviously last season this is where we were most dangerous. I think his assist against Brentford was from the left. Also statistically Villa have hit the woodwork more times than any other team last season. Ings presumably has been brought in to help us become much more clinical in front of goal. Exciting times!
  9. Many seem to be unaware regarding Bailey, he's just not getting mentioned when people in the media talk about us. I'm hoping he'll surprise a few teams this season once he's up to full fitness.
  10. Re: Mings v Maguire I really like Mings as a Villa player but for me he isn't as good as Maguire, he lacks the same level of composure. Also how many top four (or six) teams would spend an equal Maguire amount of £80-85million on him? How many top six teams would even look at him? None is likely the answer and there is a reason why, he just doesn't have the same all-round game as Maguire.
  11. I'm all for promoting Villa players but Maguire is a better player. I like Mings but he's liable to make an error more often than Maguire.
  12. We shouldn't be surprised at all by this. Fair play to Villa for being cool with both Emi's on this, we have the moral high ground (whatever that is worth these days in the footballing world).
  13. What happened to the Japanese player?* *just Googled Iwabuchi and found out she signed for Arse.
  14. It's a good window for Villa. Improved the first-team and with a little more depth to the squad, in this sense I think we are stronger without 'he who shall not be named'. Interestingly many pundits have echoed this and commented Villa have made some good signings but they always mention every player except Bailey; seems he has escaped a few out there. If we can get them all fit for the end of the year and Christmas/New Year I think we'll be stronger.
  15. One might argue it actually did with Watford's second goal; Dennis just ran right through the middle of us and laid the ball to Sarr. I was merely picking up on the fact our midfield was an issue last season and we have yet to strengthen the central positions; hopefully we don't need to. But I have my reservations.
  16. Yup because our midfield will have been played through (like butter) every other match.
  17. Villa have been soft for about thirty years!
  18. I like the fact Bailey is at Villa and we have a link with the Phoenix academies. However, Villa first and foremost. Watching these videos and the way his Dad comes across is a bit of a car-crash and makes me feel slightly uneasy, I don't know why.
  19. Watched the highlights today but it looked as though Villa should have won. I think this is good considering all the injuries we have. El Ghazi looked MOTM for me, quick, skillful, beating defenders, some good crosses and tracking back to defend. I just hope we can see Bailey, Watkins, Ings, Traore and Buendia all on the pitch at some point soon.
  20. Just watched the highlights... El Ghazi looking brilliant, some great skills, stepovers, beating the defender, pace and some fine crosses. He even tracked back and made some good tackles too. With our injury crisis it would be odd to sell him if other teams are interested?
  21. Because of money and power, some people have been getting away with acts like this for years.
  22. I think people are angry still, it hurts. Some of us can deal with it better than others. I suppose it is cathartic in a psychological sense to discuss these things on a message board.
  23. It's a little humour, repartee for want of a better word. Only words. I don't have to like them, i'll refrain from using any expletives to respect your sensitivity, I equally don't have to like the fact they have taken four of our captains. Again i'm not a fan of 'he who shall not be named' for supposedly being one of us and then leaving at the drop of a hat. Football is full of petty rivalries, i'm surprised people find this a problem. One might suggest it would be arrogant to call people juvenile, but I will try not to label you as that as you "mean no offence".
  24. So it appears Guardiola is leaving in two years... If S****y win Nothing this season (a big if) will Guardiola leave sooner? And if so where would that leave Greal-hiss? I'm sorry, it does sound bitter but I cannot support him anymore, he's turned his back on us and is now no longer a Villan. He's a true Villain!
  25. Thought his quality shone tonight. His penalty was sheer confidence and his assist was a great, weighted pass.
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