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  1. I went there a couple of weeks ago, I have three boys all under ten and they loved it.
  2. I think Jack is back to training in a week, he will hopefully play some part in the match against Sevilla. Would be something if he signs a new deal just before the game; atmosphere at Villa Park would be amazing. Make it happen NSWE.
  3. Post that on Blue Moon and watch the carnage!
  4. Inclined to agree with you there. I was hoping to see him in pre-season and give our 'soft' midfield a kick up the proverbial.
  5. It's why I tend not to look at Twitter to be honest... But yeah, it's only a game of football. Nothing to get too stressed over!
  6. Just seen it happen too many times before unfortunately...call me a cynic.
  7. I guess no smoke without fire. I've suspected it too, shame if true for his legacy.
  8. So who was it on Twitter to mention Jack had been taken off display at the club shop, I couldn't see anything....
  9. I disagree, McGinn's form was poor way before the Southampton game (where he broke his ankle). Fair enough he did start our first season well but seemed to struggle as the season developed. Don't get me wrong I like him but I just don't think he is athletic enough or consistent enough for a team with top six aspirations.
  10. Yup, think Jack has another week off.
  11. Not much love for Marvelous as he dipped to the second page. I thought he was our best player today. Looked good running with the ball; quite an eye-catching moment that in an otherwise strange game.
  12. When he signed I was hoping he was an upgrade on McGinn, I still live in hope.
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