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  1. Greal-hiss looks like a footballer now when I see him play, he ticks boxes and plays it safe more than take a chance. At Villa he was a maverick, he seems to have lost that (I know, it's still early days) but he just doesn't look like the same player. Against Hungary I thought he looked very average yet possibly still the best player on the England team. The whole England team looked scared to take a chance, make a run, play a threaded pass or through-ball.
  2. Yeah I could see it coming, it was typical Villa not capitalising on our decent form and their poor form. I said it in the match thread and post-match, typical Villa. Two good results, one bad one. Typical Villa.
  3. They were coming into the game with bad form and statistically really struggling with creating chances and in terms of shots. Personally I feels if we'd have been better we should have won that game. Watford admittedly was a bit of a banana skin.
  4. It is worrying that again we have lost two matches we probably should have won against Watford and Spurs. I know we beat Man Poo but I think a draw was the fair result based on balance of play, if anything we did kind of knick three points. Hopefully we can improve and finish strong but the international games are also going to hinder us.
  5. Yeah I agree re: Foden. He's been playing PL and CL football for the last two years and he's still only 20; whereas 'the other guy' is only getting a taste of that now and trying to adapt. Foden is on course to be a World Class player and his potential is much higher (in theory).
  6. Ok in between attack and midfield...his tenacity reminds me of a midfielder...we had none of that today. I'm really not sure he's our best right-winger either... We'll see I guess.
  7. This is true, an average game from Ramsey today yet he still carries the ball well and is direct with it.
  8. Just have to bounce back and cement the top ten place next match. Obvious to say but the formation and line-up will change a little for the next match and i'd expect Villa to go for Wolves.
  9. He's the definition of inconsistency. Ok he's been better this season, granted.
  10. Bossed Manure, yeah right. We have a squad with depth, guaranteed it will be changed next match!
  11. Based on the midfield today being non-existent, that's what LOL!
  12. Thing is people saying we should have made changes yet the team has been playing well recently... Standards slipped today but we should have got something from the game, hopefully we comeback stronger. I think Buendia has deserved a start next game out too.
  13. Changes for the next match, we have options now.
  14. I thought we'd gift them a win, typical Villa. Two good games, one bad game, typical Villa. Son MOTM, I couldn't vote for any Villa player as none of them were worthy of a vote. Change formation, change personnel as some of them didn't deserve to play today. I'm angry at that lame performance, really angry having just wasted ninety minutes of my life watching that c***
  15. I thought he was good at Old Trafford, did miss a couple of chances though!
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