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  1. And yet France have today announced their highest number of deaths, Italy and Spain still high... Football isn't going to be played in either of these three countries anytime soon, how does that fit? Some leagues start back and yet we're waiting for others to catch up and finish dying, that is an awful way to look at things. The football authorities and especially the PL are blood-suckers; it'll be the PL who are really pushing this, they have too much clout.
  2. I could only care enough to say I don't care about Wayne ******* Rooney
  3. How does this affect the Belgian league as they've already cancelled? Are they exempt now from any European competitions?
  4. Entitlement, everyone thinks they deserve something. Self-centred, opinionated and with the mindset of: "**** everyone, I'm alright Jack". People are a disease...
  5. Potentially hundreds of clubs around the UK could go out of business now. Even before this enforced break many were close to going under, the longer this goes on it will be interesting to see what happens. I guess that's why the PL are adamant football will return at some point....Personally it's going to be months before we can even consider restarting.
  6. Pretty much my perspective watching the real Villa team this season
  7. Also thinking of the differences in terms of countries currently dealing with the virus, for example we are at different times and peaks etc. A date might be set for one country to start playing football again but then another might take months before that's even thought about....it's why voiding it seems the only option.
  8. It's disgusting really their mantra in light of today having the highest rate of deaths in the UK. Silverstone is scheduled for July and it's on the verge of being cancelled, why is the PL and EFL any different to the same problems....am I missing something?
  9. And yet the FA, PL, EFL are still as of today making noises about continuing playing football at some....what are they on, do they not see the news. Worst day in the UK today for deaths and they are these comments, I'm absolutely disgusted by them all.
  10. @Phil Silvers yes I agree, it's a match-up I really wanted to see....maybe Tony beats Conor and then fights Khabib hopefully next time. Unfortunately I can't see 249 going ahead to be honest...
  11. So apparently Khabib Nurmagomedov cannot leave Russia due to quarantine rules and Conor Mcgregor is due to fill in at UFC 249 to face Tony Ferguson. Personally I was thinking Ferguson would beat Khabib anyway to facilitate this match-up....behind closed-doors too?
  12. I read earlier today out the London Mayor writing a letter to the major eight clubs in London in order to use their stadium, equipment, doctors and much more to help the battle against Covid-19. If that's correct then this is big and we won't see football anytime soon.
  13. Please excuse the potentially silly question but do I need to watch Narcos before watching Narcos: Mexico?
  14. Cancelling or voiding the season is inevitable....death rates are going up and this curve is only beginning unfortunately. Only yesterday we were told this could last for six months and then after social distancing measures would be reduced. Think the PL would rather lose this season than potentially gambling on losing next season aswell. All other major sporting events are going or have gone already, just Wimbledon this week. What else over the next week or two?
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