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  1. We still have the third best defence in the league, if we had managed to cut out a few dodgy errors we'd be in a very healthy position. It's frustrating I suppose as yes it is a good start but we could be better; that is life a constant striving for perfection.
  2. I think Jack too was likely a little tired and no surprise in that with all the games played.
  3. How much is Grealish worth to Villa not only as a player but as a brand? To find a player who matches the current statistics of Grealish would cost £200 million. If De Bruyne was for sale how much would he cost?
  4. Also I thought we over-played way too much... Sometimes just take a bloody shot, someone?
  5. Hourihane is average, he needs replaced. He won't be a consistent starter for us ever, he doesn't offer us anything from the bench either.
  6. I heard the commentary of the first goal as i was driving home to watch the match on TV...the radio said he switched off and was day-dreaming. We all know he does it, he's got one of them in him every game.
  7. To add to my earlier post... End of the game Brighton were playing with four Centre-halves and yet we kept playing head tennis and lumping it in the box. Watkins had poor service today but against their tall defenders our tactics seemed really bad and quite desperate.
  8. No service for Watkins today, losing Barkley won't have helped but he didn't get much help from those around him. Problem also is Brighton swarmed him, end of the game they had four Centre-halves on.
  9. Traore was OK, early days for him and he wasntt expected to feature as much as he did. Probably still working up to full match fitness too and his international exploits may not have helped. Traore will get better one can clearly see he's got some skills.
  10. Surely one of the worst decisions against Villa since Palace away last season. A definite pen, there was contact. Trezeguet should also have scored a couple of times. Many players looking tired and a dodgy result was always on the cards but we still should have got something from the game. No real standout performances apart from Trezeguet but he missed chances so my MOTM was El Ghazi just for the hell of it.
  11. Yeah Manure will get it together at some point and obviously Man City too. Hence that will squeeze Villa out of the top six.
  12. I still fancy Villa to get the win here, players are flying high despite of their international commitments. Maybe we'll be a bit tired but we have a week off after Brighton so hopefully they can give it their all and rest up for a few days! 2-1 Villa (Watkins, Grealish).
  13. I'd think Man City have more pressing concerns than Luiz i.e. defence and attack. Or am I wishful thinking?
  14. Engels is like a horse that needs put down!
  15. I'm hopeful on Wesley and I want him to succeed because he plays for Aston Villa, we should all feel the same way. I'm repeating here much of what others have said but he was a young guy coming into a new league with a team that was struggling. Pressure was immense for him and probably in hindsight that was wrong. However Wesley has a fresh chance to improve his game as part of his rehabilitation and gently get back involved with the matchday squad. I think he will prove to be invaluable if a game is close and we are dominating but can't quite get the equaliser or winner so we c
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