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  1. I'd start him for his energy, then maybe if Samatta signs he could come on for his first appearance for the last twenty minutes.
  2. PL form table, hope it stays the same, I'm hoping Burnley struggle for the rest of the season.... https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/formtabelle/wettbewerb/GB1
  3. We got a point at Old Trafford and it should really have been three, we played really well that day!
  4. We need to start winning home games though too (Captain Obvious).
  5. Really hoping Leicester win against Burnley as it would put pressure on them as they have difficult fixtures now.
  6. Hause is rubbish, we want Engels back!
  7. A much better second half for Villa after a pretty rubbish first-half. Grealish saves us again. Luiz made a difference when he came on. El Ghazi was fighting really well especially later in the game. Trezeguet rubbish again.
  8. We may as well be, can't see us getting anything from the game based on the first-half performance.
  9. Shocking stuff...we are so SLOW all over the pitch and Grealish looks knackered. Remember what Purslow said about having a go and not making up the numbers? Guess it was just to sell season tickets!
  10. Gave the ball away three times in the first 9 minutes, should be nowhere near a PL first team!
  11. Just watched most of the first-half and we are RUBBISH....no quality, no passion....the team are so SLOW!
  12. Zhan_Zhuang

    Keinan Davis

    I like Keinan Davis and it's such a shame he was injured whilst Wesley was too, I think he really could have done well for us.
  13. Not surprising no striker wants to come really as the pressure is on! Really bad planning to go into the season so light in the forward department, almost careless to be honest.
  14. We bought a Switch for Christmas, mainly for my eldest who is 8 yrs old. I've had practically every Nintendo since the NES and I love it. Luigi's Mansion is excellent! Anyone try the download Akuto: Showdown, it's good fun!
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