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  1. Hourihane - Lansbury - Nakamba against Newcastle, but then Smith won't drop McGinn...
  2. Amazing that we went from trying to sign Abraham to actually signing Wesley, I mean they could not be more dissimilar.
  3. Hate to say this but I think McGinn is either tired or he's a rather limited player. Constantly caught in possession, plays poor passes getting others into trouble, runs into trouble and rather slow....these are all aspects of his game which continue to be highlighted at international level. He is a workhorse though!
  4. We lost this game because of our poor first-half and impotence going forward. Wesley an hold the ball up well but he's not a goalscorer (at the moment) and this is hurting us. Trezeguet stand-out player for me although again like El Ghazi should be making better decisions. Konsa looked comfortable.
  5. The game against Wolves was crying out for Grealish, especially second-half.
  6. Looking at Goal Difference, the bottom three are going to have to have a major turn of form to beat the drop! Is it too soon or naive to say such things?
  7. Going to echo some similar points but here goes... Proud of the team today having watched most of the match and the atmosphere seemed great too. El Ghazi and Trezeguet really impressed me and they both seemed to worry Liverplop going forward. Villa were close to beating one of Europe's best teams, there is much to be positive about. Some of their better players didn't perform today and again that is a reflection on far Villa have come from within one year. McGinn needs wrapped in cotton wool this week in preparation for Wolves!
  8. Confident we are better than five or six other teams in the PL. Hopefully we prove that in January by strengthening the first XI and squad.
  9. That's absolute drivel, everytime Luiz got the ball he was looking to pass forward and keep things moving.
  10. Luiz was very good, kept showing for the ball with some neat touches and lovely passes. Thought Konsa was very assured tonight.
  11. I saw one of our players was fouled in possession, I didn't realise that was Luiz!
  12. Personally I thought Luiz bossed it tonight, some great touches, excellent passes. Best player on the pitch for me, commentator on my stream seemed to agree too!
  13. Good, hopefully another team to finish below the Villa.
  14. Could not disagree more. My friends and I have used this term for at least a decade and it has no racial connotation; ask yourself what is a beast and then look it up in the dictionary. I use this term now and again when my eldest son eats all his dinner quickly: "he went Beast Mode". If you feel like attributing this to a sportsman think Stipe Miocic (a heavyweight fighter in the UFC) or going back further Bas Rutten he was a Beast. Or to go to present fighters Derrick Lewis is the self-professed 'Black Beast', yes he is black! You can choose how you want to interpret language, as Wittgenstein once proclaimed we get it wrong more often than not!
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