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  1. Because it's locked, I just thought you might have heard something as you had been so vocal on the subject? You'll find I never thought Edouard was signing and I think we'd be mad to sign him for £30 million.
  2. @AvfcRigo82 are we still in for Rashica?
  3. Ah haha it's funny how that works sometimes, don't hold me accountable if didn't come in. Feng means wind, Zhui is a family name (pronounced something like Jwee Fung). Zhan Zhuang is a way of developing power in the internal martial arts and translates as 'standing stake'.
  4. Watched Enola Holmes on Netflix last night with my eldest who is nine years old, we all quite enjoyed it. Good cast too.
  5. I like The Departed however I watched the Infernal Affairs movies first. The Departed (at times) take elements from every one of those three movies.
  6. If Arlind Sadiku is so close to Rashica why is he getting his information from Sky News? Something very odd going on here!
  7. At least a few years left at Villa if he wants it; i'd imagine he looks after himself very well. Mr. Versatile and can fit in well at CB if necessary. Lots of experience and that is vital for some of our younger players.
  8. Elmohamady can take his place as 4th choice CB if necessary. Also imagine Cash could do it too. Engels is going surely?
  9. OK here goes, watched the game on Carabao live. Steer - quality save and a few good claims of high crosses. Guilbert - quick and alert, seemed to link up well with Traore (especially first half). Elmohamady - very steady, almost commanding playing CB. Dare I say he's a replacement for the 'invisible man' (aka Engels). Hause - strong and dominant. Taylor - steady enough although got caught out once in the first half and gave away a free kick for a late foul. Nakamba - I thought he was pretty good, strong and played a few nice passes. Lansbury - plays a nice pa
  10. Watched the game on Carabao Cup Live. I think he meant it, his body shape and angle suggests he meant to shoot. Looks a quality player, first-half he was very effective and the reverse pass was exquisite. Give him a couple of weeks though at the very least, he needs time to get fit and understand the Villa philosophy and get to know his teammates.
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