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  1. Like others before him Traore is still improving, finding his feet and learning the Villa philosophy. Like El Ghazi, Nakamba, Luiz, Konsa etc hopefully next season he will be settled and play even better. 5 goals in the PL is a good start, I think he should be taking our direct free-kicks too.
  2. It was Hinchcliffe on commentary; I don't know what happened during his playing career but he is anti-Villa. I was literally shouting at my TV, Klich other other hand previously had three or four bad challenges and yet there were no comments about him 'living on the edge'. Commentary often seems a little biased against Villa these days.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one, I had one clue what was going on there either!
  4. I disagree on Targett, the reason he went down wasn't from a push but a leg sweep. It was actually a decent technique if you were in a physical confrontation but really not warranted on a football pitch. Pretty nasty from their player in my opinion and totally uncalled for.
  5. Yes, I noticed that too. It's horses for courses. Watkins did a great job holding up the ball.
  6. Talking of ex-villa, I really like Lee Hendrie as a pundit too. But yeah Dion and Beckford were good tonight.
  7. Even if Jack has an outside chance of being fit for this I'd prefer to see him rested. McGinn too, get Sanson in for a full ninety minutes.
  8. I must say listening to Dean Smith is a breath of fresh air; he's so honest in the way he analyses the game. We get a tactical insight and it is interesting how he mentions we dictated our game plan on them and didn't get embroiled into the basketball match we saw at Villa Park. Glad he was strong enough to bench Barkley, we looked much stronger and together as a team.
  9. I'm glad Smith changed it, Barkley just has no energy. His replacement Ramsey offers us so much more in pace, he's quick too and was tracking back well. Nakamba was awesome, he was unlucky to be dropped after some good performances earlier in the season. El Ghazi was nearly my MOTM, great finish, took players on, tracked back. Seven goals in the PL for him! Mings was MOTM for me, organised the defence, constantly shouting and encouraging the team. A word on DIRTY Leeds, they are so dirty. Klich seems to have the sole role of fouling, barely saw him touch the ball with his f
  10. I thought he was ok. Players still run past him far too easily, happened a few times too many for me tonight and every match he seems to play.
  11. Dirty Leeds. Klich I didn't see with he ball at his feet, just constantly out of position and making persistent fouls. Llorente seems to have adopted the cheat philosophy of Bamford; the latter who seems to just moan and complain at the referee. Their pitch is a disaster too!
  12. I think we'd be better with him in the starting line-up, seems an obvious improvement on Mcginn.
  13. Yes and I'm surprised it hasn't happened already. Nakamba really has played well when called upon this season, can't fault him.
  14. We seem to have better options now... Barkley does not have the same energy as players like Ramsey and Sanson and we look stronger with him out of the side.
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