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  1. A win should give us confidence against Everton, let's hope we can use that. I'm hoping they are 'on the beach' like Palace, guess we'll soon find out. People suggesting Everton are better than Palace, I don't know Palace were flying at one point and Zaha is probably better than Evertons attackers?
  2. I am hopeful we see the same urgency, passion and energy against Everton and Arsenal. It's all about application and mental strength from here on. If we do then we could have two wins going into the last game.
  3. He's clever in possession and has an eye for a pass. Also he's improved as the season has gone on.
  4. Zhan_Zhuang

    Ezri Konsa

    I noticed during the final stages of the game Konsa and Benteke had a clash and words. It seemed to me that Benteke nodded over to the tunnel area so they could continue their disagreement a little further after the game, obviously if he was carded on the pitch they didn't make it that far. Hodgson has said Benteke lashed out at Konsa at the final whistle. Anyway, I was pleased with Konsa for standing up to Benteke and his overall performance the last few games. We should field an unchanged team against Everton, if everyone is fit and hope they can click once again.
  5. The six points we gifted Bournemouth is so bad...
  6. Konsa was good after moving inside to replace Hause, he ruffled Benteke's feathers by the looks of it. El Mohamady was very reliable. Grealish looking better. Luiz superb once again. Trezeguet full of energy and neatly finished his goals. McGinn back to some form. Hourihane played well too. We must keep this side against Everton and go for it, play on the front foot, we look better that way. UTV.
  7. Hourihane played well today, he creates chances and offers space. Must play next game.
  8. Yes, potentially Luiz could be more influential than Grealish. He links up with other players so well and he is learning quickly. Sell the vision whatever league we are in and build a team around him, hopefully he would want to stay if we go down....but I can see interest in him from many PL clubs.
  9. @penguin thing is all the players you mentioned performed consistently in the PL. I'm 42 and can remember Walters, Cowans, Daley, McInally, Atkinson, Saunders, Merson, Dublin, Angel, Mellberg and many more favourites of mine who consistently performed at the top level for many years. Grealish looked better today and it was possibly his best performance since the restart. But as @nick76 says there were a few better against Palace than him. However if Grealish can click with Luiz, McGinn, Trezeguet and Hourihane then we have a chance to fight against relegation. As hopefully these players are all finding some form now by the looks of it.
  10. His best performance since the restart, hopefully back to finding some form as we need him clicking with those around him.
  11. If we play well, like against Palace then we can get results against Everton and West Ham. As has been said if can beat Everton the pressure is on Watford. There was a lot of pressure on Villa today, we did well.
  12. Played well again today, very influential.
  13. I've been his biggest critic of late but I say well played today; two nice finishes and unlucky not to get his hat-trick! He's also looked fit and hungry the last couple of games.
  14. See a part of me still thinks Smith does what he's told and that's that. Obviously I'd hope that wasn't the case!
  15. I suppose and would hope if Smith stays for an assault on the Championship then he might learn from his experiences. Burnley went down under Dyche and came back stronger, the resilience they have shown is commendable and with a relatively low budget. I keep hearing about a five-year plan, maybe Dean Smith is here to stay for some time yet?
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