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If he doesn't give Delf his chance then there is really no point in having Nathan in the team.




Warnock-----Dunne----Elmer Fudd----Hutton

or be nice to have Ireland (or maybe Bannan) behind Bent, i can see a mistake by Elmer Fudd handing at least one goal to Liverpool on a plate after Hutton fails to close down yet another attack.

please not Heskey!

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Hmmm Albrighton is a really difficult one, I imagine his confidence is still fairly fragile.

You don't want to damage him by leaving him on the bench but also wouldn't want to damage him going up against Enrique who will mark him out the game with a lot of comfort. Maybe best to put him on the left for this one, N'Zogbia right?

I think Albrighton will be buzzing for this one after his MOTM performance on Saturday but I can see N'Zogbia having some joy against Enrique.

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Delfouneso, Ireland, Delph, Cuellar, Collins, Heskey, Marshall

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Liverpool have been playing better than their scores suggest and will sooner or later give someone a good spanking, lets hope it isn't us.

I'm sure after 3 points last week McLeish thinks he has done enough to shift his "crap negative football" tag so will think he can go back to packing the team with defenders.

I fully expect a similar approach to the games that went before the Bolton match, the same shite football and more than likely a similar result.

McLeish out.

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I too would like to see Weimann given a chance at some stage, but recent bench selections have seen him behind Delfouneso in the pecking order, so I dont think we'll be seeing him any time soon.

Will be very surprised indeed if anyone other than Heskey comes in for Gabby.

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Why are people seriously thinking AM will start Weimann? I really cant see him featuring at all! He never brings him on (with the exception of QPR away) as a sub and reguarly has Delfoneso ahead of him on the bench. He wont play either I dont think, he'll throw that lump Heskey up to.

I would love to see Weimann given a start - these young players are fearless and would run their arse's off for our club in trying to impress. AM must've realised that the best way forward for us is to attack teams - we played good football at time against Bolton (first half) and this was due to the fact that we attacked them and were positive with our approach.

Just hope AM shows the fans that they want to attack Liverpool and not roll over and surrender as we did against Man Utd.

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