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How happy are you?


How happy are you out of ten?  

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  1. 1. How happy are you out of ten?

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7 here but really had to think not everything has been going to plan but I work a lot on gratitude so remind myself regular what I am grateful for. If ever you are feeling low its a great exercise.

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Ignoring the match as far as possible (though obviously football must come into it).

I'm employed but may as well not be, earning and working too little to get me off the Job Centres books. I'm struggling to find work opportunities at all. The work I'm doing now I'm doing simply to improve my CV, I'm earning no more than I would be if I simply was on the dole. I have no idea what I want to do for a career, but have many ideas for what I don't want to do and what I know I can't do. Initially the thrill back in June of having my whole life ahead of me was exciting but now since I've no idea where I want to go, what I want to do or how I'm going to get there I'm at a loss.

I graduated in July with a decent degree, and lots of debt which is something in the back of my mind, and more pressing an overdraft that I'll struggle to pay off in the 5 months I have to pay it off unless I get a 'serious' job sharpish. I'm dreading every letter Halifax send me. I really need to get rid of the anvil round my neck of this overdraft.

My friends from Birmingham all took gap years or did extra years at college so are all in their final years at unis around the country leaving me stuck in Birmingham with little to do... on the plus side it stops the money woes so much, on the downside I've nothing to do. It gets quite trying just having family to interact with. My friends from uni are doing their own thing, one is off around the world in the new year, one has gone to work in Bergen, one is still in Aber, another I have a strained relationship with... I feel like I'm being left behind.

Relationship front doesn't bother me so much, I've met someone recently and gone out with them once or twice and that could go somewhere if I want it to I think but I'm not sure I do. I met her by accident, was very drunk, wasn't really interested and it's kind of gone from there with little enthusiasm from me. I'm not sure she's 'me'.

Healthwise could be a lot better.

And of course Villa are currently, to be kind, lacklustre.

On the plus side it's not like my worries are anything compared to, I daresay, most of the posters here. It's not like I have kids to look after, a mortgage to pay, many bills.

I'd put myself at about a 4. I'm not very happy. My own nature is not to be but I need things to look up soon I think, and that is solely going to come from decent employment. That would open a number of doors for me and get weight of my shoulders re. debt, might open my mind to a career (I really, really want a career path now, it'd give me some purpose, it's probably the main thing I want as things stand). It would also use up all the free time I have and I'd like to not have to worry quite so much about money. It'd also let me finally start learning to drive with serious intent.

I'm getting myself by at the moment thinking 'It could be worse' and 'Something will come up sooner or later'.

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I have a good job with a more than decent wage

I have a good wife who I love and am pretty sure loves me

I have a great amusing and interesting daugheter

My friends are great up here or down in Solihull

Villa very average but hey shit happens

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I **** hope so ^^ Here's to England and Australia winning the WC rights tomorrow and lots of arrests of scummy Bluenoses and Villa fans who are banned from all football matches and ruining our great city and our awesome derby matches (albeit it wasn't the right result tonight!

Ignoring football (which can drastically alter my mark on this scale - see today) I'd say 8. Just about to start work on Monday - pretty good job IMO, got a great family(although my step dad I may have to avoid after tonight) great girlfriend and I've had a good life so far with pretty good prospects.

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