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  1. Reminds me of Dean Saunders!
  2. Case in point - so original question: What’s the contingency plan in a world where Jack or the club receives a late offer that they can’t refuse?
  3. Not suggesting Dion is ITK, but the club must have a well-developed plan for if Jack’s situation changes quite quickly? If he’s 100% committed and the club knows this, why is isn’t there a statement (or at least some loose reassurance) in the public domain?
  4. Do you suppose we have names lined up to bid against quickly if Big Dion is right about Grealish? Cantwell?
  5. Fingers crossed he’s not Matty Gash.
  6. Couple of questions: 1. Does anybody else always accidentally type ‘cill’ when they start to type villatalk in their address bar and end up on Cillian Murphy’s Wikipedia page? 2. When is this thread getting closed?
  7. Some people are just posting in this thread to fillet.
  8. I’ve never really understood the rationale of players being so attracted to one club over another because one club ‘is able to offer Champions League football’. Is this based on the assumption that the best players want to test themselves against the best opposition? If it is then it’s bollocks. 5-a-side is always best when the other team is shit and you win 10 or 15 nil.
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