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  1. oooooo, breadcrumbs with something in the middle. Not sure what, but something........... I have some of the birdseye ones, cook them and eat then in a bun with mayo.
  2. Medium rare for me. A bit of blood but with enough heat to make me aware it's been cooked. Oh, and no sauce just well seasoned.
  3. I hope they don't go down (mainly because my uncle is a WBA fan), but I always feel it's better to have a bit of class and a couple of years of being top dogs in the premiership doesn't mean you have the right to start mouthing off. I give you an example of a certain Birmingham City who did the same and now look a little silly.
  4. Think a prank like this is out of order, it's especially nothing to SNOUT about
  5. lol, is this the masons in solihull. I had the pleasure of being back down in solihull on Tuesday and went out with a couple of mates to watch the arsenal game. Around in the main bar were a load of blues fans, apparently present to cheer on wigan. I had to smile as they flooded (slight exageration) out while I sat drinking the piss water they call lager with a big cheesy grin on my face
  6. You may be unaware that technically this is still illegal. To use your phone behind the wheel of your car the engine must be off and the car pulled over and legally parked. Also believe that you need to take the keys out of the ignition
  7. I remember that game well. I was in the holte end that game and can recall the point where he went through and the amazement when he hit the crossbar.
  8. McGrath for me. No brainer for me, nothing to do with bias he was such a magnificent player.
  9. I guess hindsite is wonderful, I remember a lot of crap thrown Steve Stride's way at the time saying he was a yes man under Doug Ellis Sorry, meant hindsight
  10. I guess hindsite is wonderful, I remember a lot of crap thrown Steve Stride's way at the time saying he was a yes man under Doug Ellis
  11. Agree with the ignore Zoopla statement. We bought our house 7 years ago for a certain amount but under circumstances which it has no idea what so ever so only changes the price on averages throughout that time. It takes little account as to those circumstances or what we have done to the house in the meantime.
  12. Really?! Wes Foderingham, Leon Clarke, and Paul Caddis may disagree! Lambert is an appauling man manager and an arrogant prick. Why is he an arrogant prick? I would be interested to hear the reasoning behind this as well
  13. I'm managing Barcelona and have real issues with the team talk, no matter if I kick ass after a bad game of kiss ass after a good game Messi and Gotze switch off and after a few games they go to the press and slag me off. Is it because they are superstars and don't listen to a word anyone says?
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