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  1. Jenny had my nerves in bits! Any chance you can sneak in a scuba Steve during an interview :-) Hopefully nobody finds that you post on here, the buggers stalk twitter bad enough. I don't post often but if I made good I hate my scuba Steve and ginger midget exploits to get out :-)
  2. I think it will just be a year to help him for World Cup but who cares! What if we make Europe?
  3. b6bloke

    Joe Bennett

    The guy is a liability and just fouled all game to compensate for his lack of talent.
  4. Anthony I found out that anything under 20 degrees the body does not produce the lubricant needed for my joints so as you rightly say I warm up and strap up the knees to keep them warm and there is a real difference.
  5. Beline is not a herbal medication, it is a combination of corticosteroids, antihistamines and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories that is fraudulently sold as a herbal remedy. That doesn't mean that they're dangerous, or that you should stop taking them, but I'd advise that you chat to your GP and show them the actual ingredients list to see whether or not you should be taking them. The best thing to do for arthritic knees is lose weight and do weight bearing exercise (squats are great for your knees, despite popular opinion). Surely if you have arthritic knees then squats would make things wor
  6. My knees are shot, weight loss did help but pain was 24 7, I have had no side effects at all, I do only take 1 a day instead of the 2 and find the effect is still good. I don't think it is a placebo effect though it did cross my mind my pain was too bad for a placebo to last more than a few weeks and its been 3 months now. The side effects seem less than what I'm taking now, I mean the treatment that my doctor was going to give me for a fungal nail was worse. I will take your advice on going to my go though.
  7. I have suffered severe knee pain for years now, been told I will be lucky to get 5 years out my knees and I'm only 43. I am on co-codamol and diclofenic but they don't do a lot and the side effects are dangerous with risk of heart attack etc etc. I have tried a recommended herbal drug online and within 3 days the pain had totally gone! Problem is that they have had some great reviews but aren't licensed in the Uk. The side effects are stated below and even if they were proven are still less dangerous than what I am alredy on. So what would you do? The tablets are called Beline capsul
  8. b6bloke


    My mate got me into it and I got reliant on it though wasn't sure if it was the nicotine, what I do know is that during that time my career development stopped, I lost all motivation, I was paranoid and boy did I kick off easy. I decided to stop and not smoked since, I'm back to how I was before with a new job and more quals, I had some fab nights on weed but I have fab nights off it. My friends who still smoke it say they are addicted, they call it "their mistress" they smoke it before work and the intelligent one in the group agrees with every downside I had. It kills me to see one of
  9. If its anything like the DLT charges of fondling women's breasts in the 70's then some of you are being pretty harsh. I knew about this in November from someone in BBC and was told the arrest hit him that hard he had been put on suicide watch. It old be nothing?
  10. The yanks say that NK don't have the technology but we know their weapons intelligence is not reliable.
  11. People say that it would be suicide for NK but remember that like china they are a faithless country so anything is possible!
  12. When I prepare to nuke a country, I make sure to use an ergonomic mouse as well. Looks like a piano!!
  13. Well an 82 year old man has been arrested again today, name not released so links to royal family? Fair dinkum! Paints a right royal picture though.
  14. b6bloke

    Snow Watch!

    Still some serious 6ft snow drifts in rural parts of Lichfield and my gf managed drive my car straight into one and had to be rescued by a farmer. No damage thank god, she thought it was funny until I asked her if she had filled up as I had asked and she ran out if fuel too :-)
  15. This is why I don't enjoy football anymore, we get a good player and have to sell. It cracks me up that people are ok with this because we get no stability or time to build a team. This is football club not eBay! Yes I am realistic in knowing that this is how it will always be now and things will never be the same again. No great teams to look back on a there will never be a chance as the good players go.
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