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  1. I think it will just be a year to help him for World Cup but who cares! What if we make Europe?
  2. b6bloke

    Joe Bennett

    The guy is a liability and just fouled all game to compensate for his lack of talent.
  3. b6bloke


    My mate got me into it and I got reliant on it though wasn't sure if it was the nicotine, what I do know is that during that time my career development stopped, I lost all motivation, I was paranoid and boy did I kick off easy. I decided to stop and not smoked since, I'm back to how I was before with a new job and more quals, I had some fab nights on weed but I have fab nights off it. My friends who still smoke it say they are addicted, they call it "their mistress" they smoke it before work and the intelligent one in the group agrees with every downside I had. It kills me to see one of
  4. If its anything like the DLT charges of fondling women's breasts in the 70's then some of you are being pretty harsh. I knew about this in November from someone in BBC and was told the arrest hit him that hard he had been put on suicide watch. It old be nothing?
  5. Well an 82 year old man has been arrested again today, name not released so links to royal family? Fair dinkum! Paints a right royal picture though.
  6. b6bloke

    Snow Watch!

    Still some serious 6ft snow drifts in rural parts of Lichfield and my gf managed drive my car straight into one and had to be rescued by a farmer. No damage thank god, she thought it was funny until I asked her if she had filled up as I had asked and she ran out if fuel too :-)
  7. This is why I don't enjoy football anymore, we get a good player and have to sell. It cracks me up that people are ok with this because we get no stability or time to build a team. This is football club not eBay! Yes I am realistic in knowing that this is how it will always be now and things will never be the same again. No great teams to look back on a there will never be a chance as the good players go.
  8. Not sure if it has been said but those bloody " my mom said if I get one million likes" pictures on Facebook!
  9. I said this last year but the problem now is that we are not good enough for the Championship, we are in "drop like a rock" mode. Anybody who really thinks that we are gods enough for the championship has claret and blue specs on. The Bolton and wolves fans will tell you that it's not easy! I have fell out of l ove with the game, not villa, it's gone and I'm gutted as been through bad times and never felt like this. It's the first year I dint renew since 88. I will go to Everton Saturday but have no expectations of winning,
  10. How come some dont get their names released? Is it true that they are all Masons? The one I know who's name hasn't been released is under suicide watch at moment, he is well in with Royal family too. "Can you see whonitbis yet?"
  11. He came under fire and retreated
  12. This is the Kim Wilde clip that has gone viral, her and her brother pissed on train singing kids of America and rockin around the Christmas tree but I think that If this had been done in any other part of the Uk that the everyone would have joined in, the bunch of miserable bastards. Even Kim says " are people going to join in or just ignore you and look on the floor as usual" http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ij8BpOa-Pg
  13. Why are they not releasing the name of the 80 year old man that was arrested too? When you know this persons links I can see why. Can you see who it is yet! ;-)
  14. She may not be into him but she is out of order for trying to secure another bloke before dumping him and as you say that ain't fair on him. She will only end up doing this to you too mate so avoid and stop massaging her ego as she deserve better. That poor bugger hasn't got a clue and the fact that she has risked letting you have access to her Facebook page knowing you will see his posts shows just the type of woman she is. Yeh she may be insecure blah blah blah but most women who cheat etc are! Doesn't justify it
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