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Shaving your man garden :-)


Do you shave your body excluding face?  

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  1. 1. Do you shave your body excluding face?

    • I shave my sack only
    • arm pits and chest
    • I have the full sack,chest, back and crack
    • None! put a blade near mine and you die!

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Ok I was doing my usuall daily browse of UK Hotdeals and came across a hair trimmer, I thought it would be good for trimming my side burns but then i came across what people were saying


Good price - I have one which I use when the missus is visiting. WOuldn't trust anything else down there

Excellent price, been using one of these the last couple of years and the mrs has never complained.....

I swear by this. Nothing worse than the Missus going down in a tropical rain forest !

Plus it give you that extra optical inch :-)

Now I am sorry but I am open minded as the next man but am I one of the few who dont shave his bollocks? or arm pits or chest?

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You have a good reason Chindie! :lol:


Jesus, nowhere near that bad, thank ****.

Incidentally on the hair clippers front, if you like to keep stubble/decent beard length/a hobo beard, they're really good and useful, even cheap ones. I use one, much much better than using the trimmer on the back of an electric razor, as the cries of agony that no longer issue from the bathroom when I'm getting ready to go out in our house can testify.

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anyone used veet? does it make your hair grow back thicker?

If you've got thick hair then don't bother. Tried it on my chest once, it left as much stubble as if I'd shaved. Looked ridiculous.

But if it's only thin patchy hair (like your back) then it works well. It's still cutting the hair though, effectively, so it will grow back thicker.

Your hair doesn't actually grow back thicker when you shave. It's a myth. It's because when you have you're cutting the hair near the base where it's hicker, so when it grows back it looks thicker., if you wax your pulling the hair out, so it grows back tip first, appearing thinner.

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