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  1. Clearly don't listen to the My Old Man Said podcast
  2. Yep, a friend of mine was like this for a couple of years. It got so bad I just stopped talking to him altogether for a while but it turns out he had some anxiety issues where he would get cold feet about going out so just made an excuse. All good now though. Maybe you should bring it up with them?
  3. Nath182


    'Liquid Football' by Joe is pretty good. Regularly have Jon Walters, Steve Sidwell and Wayne Bridge on. Similar-ish style to the Peter Crouch podcast.
  4. Mine aren't on there yet either. It seemed to happen pretty quickly after the games last season.
  5. Starting with taking down the posters advertising last seasons kits would be a start.
  6. Pretty good! It's mainly pretentious cocktail bars but there are still a few decent pubs.
  7. Really wanted to go to this mystery European fixture but yeah the above has sort of killed it for me. Will do a bit more research but not holding much hope of being able to go.
  8. I'm in Holte End Upper and mine cost me £500, again that is early bird price though. Seeing as you get less games in the PL you wouldn't have thought the price would go up by much.
  9. Haven't had much luck this season considering how many packs I've bought, got Ramos a couple of times, loads of TOTW and got the TOTS Ajax keeper Onana this morning. Best card I've ever had was Ronaldo a couple of years ago.
  10. That definitely helps! High Pressure / Team Press tires the team out very quickly. I tend to save that for later on if needed.
  11. What fitness do you start with? I don't generally let my players get below 90 fitness before starting a game. It's a ball ache but fitness cards or rotation is the way forward. I've got 2000+ silver fitness cards saved from my earlier silver pack trading which come in handy!
  12. Some SBC rewards will be untradeable but it should say it's 'untradeable' in brackets after the pack name, and yeah the bronze/silver/gold upgrade ones are untradeable though. Marquee Matchups for example are tradeable, the packs you get in that will by far outweigh what you spend to complete it. I got Higuain out of it last week
  13. Marquee Matchups once a week is definitely worth doing. When it first came out I made loads in buying silver players at 200-250 coins and selling them for 400+, it took a bit of time but was pretty easy. This is my squad now.
  14. Nath182

    Kortney Hause

    According to Birmingham Mail he was set for a late fitness check before yesterday's game so hopefully he'll be fit for Saturday. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-injuries-hutton-hause-14251861
  15. Nath182

    Tom Carroll

    He looked good against Derby when he came on, granted Derby were utter rubbish and devoid of any confidence at that stage of the game but still, I'd like to see him get some minutes.
  16. Strangest episode ever! Episode 8 is quite good too, not so much funny but quite nice (dedicated to the actor that plays Alfred's mother that died last year). I really enjoyed season 2, brilliant TV.
  17. Apparently he wants £100k a week, free transfer or not he can go and **** swivel. There's a reason no prem teams are looking at him, he's just not that good.
  18. Seriously tempted to go down this route myself. 2 kids and I'm done!
  19. I thought he had a great game at VP, full of energy and getting forwards as well as tracking back. Bruce will keep it the same IMO.
  20. Not ideal but it appears there was some thought behind it... at least it's early enough to go and watch it and still get set up in a pub for the Boro game.
  21. Forgot there was a thread for this... Anyone ever had an issue where there are no U23 fixtures? Started a save with St Pauli and the first season there was an U23 squad and fixtures as normal then after that it just completely disappeared, no squad and no fixtures. No idea if it's a bug or I'm just missing something obvious.
  22. Their Trust Pilot reviews look terrible.
  23. The food at the Shakespeare over the road from the Woodbridge is really nice. Also the beer at the Half Moon Inn is good, they've normally got Ludlow Gold on which is one of my favourites.
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