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  1. Agree regarding Salopian, I've never had a bad beer from them. Lemon Dream is a personal favourite. Luckily can get them regularly in my local pubs.
  2. I'm looking at getting another set of joycons, do you get another 'grip' included with them?
  3. My 5 year old son plays ours most of the time so our island is an absolute tip, it's almost like he's trying to recreate his bedroom with random crap thrown about everywhere. Very frustrating! Have you started investing in turnips on Sundays yet? That's annoying, bought 500 of the buggers but you can't put them in storage but the selling price has been rubbish every day so far.
  4. Yep I agree, bought Animal Crossing so I could play it with my kid but we've decided that the local 2 player feature isn't worth the time so I just watch him play it instead. It's still better than playing bloody Minecraft though so I'll take it.
  5. Bought Zelda this week, it's bloody massive!
  6. Switch's are finally back in stock on Amazon so just ordered one with Animal Crossing and Mario Kart, think I'm more excited than my 5 year old son
  7. Have you looked at the youth staff? Can any improvements be made there maybe? Aside from that I'm not sure what else you could do tbh!
  8. Arezo is really good, never signed him myself but I'm on a few FM Facebook groups and seen him turn into a really decent player.
  9. Ah ok, was wondering as Greenwood is a machine on my save. Yeah agree with you on that, best to develop your own players. Think I paid about £50m for Upamecano as he was transfer listed. I've had nothing in the way of youth intakes, haven't brought anyone through from our own academy at all. I've managed to persuade the board to invest in Youth recruitment and Youth Facilities too recently so hopefully will improve in the future. Randomly Jacob and Aaron Ramsey have both sold recently for around £16m each, couldn't believe it!
  10. Is that Mason Greenwood from United? Nice squad there! I still struggle with right back, Guilbert was never very good for me. Davide Calabria from Milan has been an OK replacement but behind him I've got nothing. I'm about to start my 5th season, managed to get Esposito to sign a new deal as no one came in with an offer for him and was coming into the last year of his deal. Also signed Alessio Riccardi from Roma, Dayot Upamecano from RB Leipzig, Chris Mepham from Bournemouth and Brahim Diaz from Real.
  11. I've just finished my 4th season with Villa and Almada was excellent, unfortunately he demanded to leave so sold him for £103m to Chelsea in the Jan window. Currently got Esposito but it seems every top team want to buy him so expect him to leave this summer
  12. There's a bonus episode for Tiger King added recently, got about 20 seconds in and turned it off. Proper naff.
  13. Esposito is a monster! Just finished my 3rd season as Villa and he got 36 goals. Only problem is he then said he wanted to leave for a bigger club despite us finishing 4th. Told him to shut up as he's staying though What's your defence currently looking like? Changed much?
  14. Bristol City have pulled out because they're sponsored by The Sun's Dream Team. Edit - finally worked out how to embed Tweet
  15. Figured it out and feel dumb. Turns out I can sign any EU players regardless of their age but non-EU players will only sign for me when in the transfer window following their 18th birthday.
  16. Yeah, it sounds like I got the same Brexit as you. So pissed, he looks really good and he's probably going to rot on the bench for 2 years lol
  17. So weird though because I signed a 16 year old Belgian who moved to us straight away and currently plays for my U23 team. I can't figure it out! He looks quality so just hoping they use him for 2 years so he at least develops a bit...
  18. In my second season as Villa and I've spotted and agreed a deal for a 16yo from Ukraine mid-season (transfer window not open), having now checked the deal I realise he's not joining Villa for another 2 seasons! It's entirely possible that the 'joining date' was set to 2023 and I just didn't realise (it's normally just set to 'first possible date' so probable I've missed it) or is there some kind of rule on signing youth players from that area or something I'm not aware of maybe? Any ideas? As it stands I've got a youth player I'm paying for but have no control over for 2 years
  19. Said the same the my Leeds supporting mate. Apparently he was the best keeper in the league for the first half of the season and he's also their highest earner somehow. He's proper shite.
  20. Finally got around to getting this about a month ago (mainly tempted by reading this thread) so sorry for being a bit behind. In my first season as Villa still and hovering around mid-table at around February. I tried to pick up a few of the players recommended in this thread but wasn't able to shift any of the deadwood to put together a transfer pot big enough, managed to get Trincao who is doing alright for me. Also Wesley is strangely doing really well for me, currently on 16 goals and 5 assists. Anyone else started as Villa after the Beta patch? And who did you get rid of at the start (and how did you manage to get rid of them? No one seems to want them on permanent deals on my save funnily enough)?
  21. Yeah, me and the missus watch it. It's one of the few things she likes that I can tolerate. It's pretty decent actually.
  22. Can't see that anyone has answered your question so... no you can't get between Upper and Lower Holte, there's no access between the two inside the ground.
  23. 'The Boys' is probably the best thing I've watched on Amazon.
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