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  1. Checking my emails and this thread every hour. Every time I see a new post but no new emails I'm worried!
  2. No you're right, if you already have a Digital Membership it won't be deleted (my old account still works). I think it was a general marketing email to push registrations but they're also asking everyone to make sure they link their 'Fan ID' to their Digital Membership account.
  3. Broseley is better known for it's 6 fingered & web-toe'd inhabitants than being a dodgy area tbf.
  4. Such a good game. Surprisingly easy to play too, my 6 year old lad completed it a couple of weeks ago with barely any help from me. Like Lapal though, I was looking at the DLC and it's still expensive considering the age. The Deluxe edition which I think contains some of the DLC is about £20, but pretty sure it doesn't come with all DLC unfortunately.
  5. Nath182

    Louie Barry

    Yeah, it's live on VillaTV for £1.99.
  6. It's happened once with ours this week, it's never happened before! Hopefully just a one-off.
  7. Finally completed BOTW today, I bought the expansion after I'd completed the main story which was a bit stupid. Really enjoyed it and probably one of my favourite ever games, although have to say I found the bosses to be a bit too easy. Just bought Hades as it's 20% off on the estore at the moment, really looking forward to getting stuck in to it.
  8. It's free to watch on VillaTV too.
  9. Nath182


    Fair enough, when I googled I didn't look into his background so yeah I'll hold my hands up for stereotyping here.
  10. Nath182


    'White Yardie', had to Google him but apparently he's a comedian and can only assume that's the reason he's talking like that!
  11. Nath182


    He signed a new deal until 2024. Doubt they'll sell him.
  12. This thread of tactical analysis on the game is quite interesting:
  13. Yes, he's definitely out. Was on their official site. Bielsa also confirmed that Struijk will play in the DM role.
  14. Well done @omariqy, doing a great job. I listen to most of the Villa podcasts and you've overtaken The Villa View in my opinion (gone downhill since Tom left), loving the variety of guests you've had on. Especially the episode with @Villan4Life and his mate, very interesting!
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