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  1. Essentially was captain and set to leave, changed his mind and said he was not leaving and pledged to stay. Made a video that was played and all sorts. Then changed his mind again and left. Wouldn't have minded too much but it was him who spoke about loyalty etc
  2. Delph is probably the only ex Villa player that I would never want to see here in a shirt again. Biggest snake going and will never forget or forgive him for what he did I have no issues with players moving on but there are certain ways you should conduct yourselves as a player and even more so as a man. Absolutely detest the bloke Anyway more back on topic, Maxi would be great and although unlikely I don't think it is impossible. I believe we need to make at least 1 big signing to show our intent not just to players we want to sign but to the likes of Jack, John and Tyrone etc
  3. Sorry I haven't been on to respond, Coventry would have been my first example as they are the biggest at the moment. The owners essentially stripped the assets out for a quick buck. Not saying that is what is happening here but the ground would no longer be owned by the club, that means we have to rent indefinitely and renting is dead money. Another example would be (on a much smaller scale) Worcester City.
  4. Greed knows no bounds, too much risk with the club not owning their own ground
  5. Forums where you cannot like your own posts, I'm bloody funny and should be able to give myself the laughing emoji
  6. People who like their own statuses on facebook and random forums *Also just realised i cannot like my own post on here so that hasn't worked
  7. The fact that I am not in the slightest bit bothered with a Villa loss anymore, had this before when we were in the Premier and getting spanked every week. Lost all interest Its now happened again, mathematically we have something to play for but realistically not. Football has not been the be all and all that it used to be for a few years but I am now at the point where I genuinely don't care. I am much more bothered whether my sausages get overcooked on my breakfast, haven't been to a game now in the best part of 3 months and haven't missed it at all. Been to watch my local team a few times and honestly get more enjoyment out of it, its 5 minutes away and considerably cheaper. Hopefully the interest comes back next season
  8. seeing as though its Valentines - "If you step on a purple mushroom, you'll be forced to marry the ugliest person in the world," warned the old gnome, so the man continued carefully through the woods. He didn't step on any purple mushrooms. Suddenly a beautiful woman walked up and said: "We have to marry." "Why?" asked the man, smiling. "I just stepped on one of those pesky purple mushrooms!" she replied. Did you hear about the bed bugs who fell in love? They’re getting married in the spring! Jim asked his friend, Tony, whether he had bought his wife anything for Valentine's Day. 'Yes,' came the answer from Tony who was a bit of a chauvinist, 'I've bought her a belt and a bag.' 'That was very kind of you,' Jim added, 'I hope she appreciated the thought.' Tony smiled as he replied, 'So do I, and hopefully the vacuum cleaner will work better now.'
  9. i on the odd occasion have handed money over to someone on the streets but not for a long time. Being honest, i don't buy them tea or food or anything. I think the more you see the the more desensitised you become to it. It has now become so normal to be asked and normal to respond sorry I don't have any that i don't even think about it anymore. Whether someone smokes or drinks has no bearing on the situation for me, if they are wearing a Rolex that is a different kettle of fish. The only time I get annoyed is if I am with my lad, he is 5 and frankly I think its a bit bad to be stopping people with kids. I guess it works though as probably tugs at the heartstrings
  10. This is one i am really divided on but ultimately think it has been blown out of proportion Was what he did wrong? Yes. Was what he said wrong? Again yes. Should he now be ostracised 40 years after the (non) event to the extent he is? Definitely not He was younger and very angry as I am sure we all would be. He knows he was wrong, that's it move on. We have all been irrational and done things in rage and thought after the fact, s**t i shouldn't have done that. If something had happened it would have been a racially motivated attack no question, do I think he is racist? Again no Also don't agree he should be commended for speaking about it either, just put it under Friday's fish and chips and move on. There are plenty of other modern day news stories and bigoted/racist opinions that people can get angry about and actually make a difference
  11. The guy who sits next to me at work and assumes I struggle with my finances I have just been telling him how I'm going to have a busy couple of months because I'm going to loads of gigs. And I'm going to the races. So he said "You'll need to win at the races to fund all those gigs!" Look mate, i'm an adult and can sort my own finances. I was making small talk to pass the time, the story may be shit but don't criticise my ability to run my finances. What makes it worse the guy is a Villa fan so don't want to annoy him too much Brothers in arms and all that
  12. I had this with my sister, I donated to her funding page what I would normally spend on a gift and within 2 minutes had a message from her saying "I only set that up for the free £1 they donate, I hope you are still getting me something". No, no i'm not getting you something. It said you were raising money for charity rather than a gift. If you wanted attention on Facebook you should have posted something else or checked into a hospital and put the headline I'm here again :-(
  13. After reading a couple of comments in this thread I decided to have a gander at the Sherwood thread I can confirm that it also annoys me. Cant stand on topic when we are on a bad run, its all so depressing. so the Sherwood thread gets a vote from me along with Peppa bloody pig
  14. Maybe Trump saw the episode and thought "yeah let's go with that" rather than the Simpsons correctly predicting 15 years in advance. I think that is the sort of thing Trump would do

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