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  1. I think a lot depends on Jack to be honest, keep him and I think 2 -3 good quality signings would be enough to get going next season. ST, RM and LM. In an ideal world would want more but I think they are critical. Lose Jack and we need to spend big on AM that can score and create
  2. Personally I cannot see the pay freeze happening unless there is a drastic increase in salary and then frozen for 2 years. I think the government realise that the public appreciate the NHS and there would be a National outcry if this was to happen. I don't think they can risk the backlash before another election. I agree with most about Rishi however like some have pointed out the hard part comes when he wants to take money off people and businesses rather than handing it out. On another note i now refuse to watch any briefing led by Hancock, an absolute word removed
  3. I think the issue is why make a thing out of an announcement and then leave it so vague, this in turn will then be interpreted different ways by different people. The biggest joke for me is we are all allowed to sit in the park all day and sunbathe if we want as long as the people near us are not related, if they are related there can only be one of them. Can Covid distinguish that we know each other now? We can go to work and be 2m away from the same person for 9 hours but cant sit 2m away from family outside?
  4. Yeah there are only 6 flats so think we may check in with them. 2 of them are elderly and never really went outside before this. the grass is quite wide and surrounds the building so not an issue with space to be fair. I do get the point on others seeing though and following suit. Like I say as a pair we have been really sensible but i need to do something, facetime my lad every day from a previous relationship. I know the rule is I am allowed to have him however I dont want to take any risks with him at all. Just feel like i need to get in the sunshine at least for a little bit, like I say I am now in my 4th week and its only the last day or so I have developed cabin fever. I think the lack of social contact is starting to get me down now as well. My Grandpa died from it last week and he lived up North, the worst part of it all is no one was allowed to visit my gran as she had to self isolate due to him having it. No one could give her a hug and only 8 people are allowed to the funeral. This disease really is horrid
  5. We Live in a flat in a private block, we have a grass area outside that is communal which nobody uses. we have been very sensible throughout all of this in regards to once out per day and trying to just do 1 big shop (not going mad on soaps and toilet roll and thinking of others). My question is would we be allowed to have a little BBQ outside just the 2 of us on the grass area. Plan is get a disposable BBQ, cook a couple of burgers and have a beer. We wouldnt be mixing and would keep well away from anyone else. Was in isolation in hospital before all of this started so now approaching week 4 of not seeing anyone and im starting to go a little crazy
  6. Really wish I had logged on earlier and seen this, my kitchen is a right state
  7. 33 years old and been with my new lady friend for 8 months now (known each other for 9 years though). I have a little lad from a previous relationship and in the past have not shown my feelings enough. decided this time i would learn from my mistakes I tell her she is beautiful and loved every day, I buy her flowers and favourite chocolates almost every other week. She in turn does pretty much the same but with pastries My only advice to anyone is if you find someone that you are lucky enough to love is to not be afraid to show them and tell them how you feel, always try and smile and sometimes just agree to disagree. Life is too short to argue
  8. I'm going on Wednesday and normally would have picked all of mine by now. Been so busy i haven't even looked at the runners yet. Will have to pick tomorrow now
  9. Literally no idea why you would say something like this. Care to explain?
  10. For the life of me I cannot fathom out how either him or his PR team thought that it sounds credible and to put out there. This guy is a heavyweight boxer who trained for 12 rounds but was gassed in 3 because he had to wear a bit of weight on his shoulders to the ring. The guy has lost any little credibility that he had left
  11. So far by being here he hasn't played for the National team, he doesn't earn ludicrous money (by Premier league standards for a player with his ability) however i concede the point about the cup final (although if being honest we played Liverpool's youth and I would argue didn't deserve to beat Leicester over the 2 legs). That is not pessimistic it is just the truth Jack needs at this point in his career to be at a club that is competing in Europe and challenging for domestic honours. I would only be disappointed if he moved from us and went to a club that wasn't "up there". It is down to the owners to talk to him if we stay up and prove to him that we have a plan that he is central to and we are going places. I would be devastated to lose Jack and do not want to see him leave however appreciate that it may be too hard to keep hold of him. If he does leave I would never have a bad word to say about him and would wish him well
  12. Not the biggest poster but I scroll through most week days Yesterday I wrote out a whole message on here and then deleted it. In essence it was things that I thought may help and some struggles that my dad had but is now through them The reality is although I have felt down on a few occasions in the last couple of years it has never been to the extreme as how some of you people have been feeling. I cannot even begin to imagine the difficulty and I wouldn't pretend to do so What I will echo is most other people, if anyone ever feels the need or want to talk I will always be here to listen. Even if it is just to vent on private message or go for a coffee/pint.
  13. I think someone else has said but sometimes it is just denial and he didn't realise. I don't get that but then I am not in that situation. Personally I couldn't care less whether the guy is straight, gay, bi or a tree. I think as long as his wife and children are ok and he is happy then it shouldn't matter one iota
  14. I hate MBB, very boring and not even remotely funny. That being said Brendan O'Carroll's speech was quite witty and I loved the way he congratulated Ricky on Afterlife. Said it was one of the best things he had ever watched on tv. He knew he shouldn't have won
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