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  1. Just ordered an IX3, anyone else taken the electric plunge.
  2. It makes sense but I'm still not sure why any of those things stop us finishing 11th. Agree on Everton and West Ham and agree on the poor pre season. I just think the shape of the squad is better, now down to whether the management team can get them to gel.
  3. I don't think it's enough for Europe but we've added: Cover at full back, Cover at centre half, increase competition for Watkins, improvement on Traore, improvement on AEG. Chuck in Ramsey being a year older and Sanson part of the squad. That all indicates to me a year on year improvement.
  4. Understand the Grealish part but the midfield is unchanged, other than losing Barkley who by all accounts wasn't great. If you take into account his injuries, I hope the strengthening of the forward line can replace the Grealish impact. I'm not seeing strong sides below us some remain optimistic for at least 11th.
  5. Out of interest, why not 11th? Just because of Jack?
  6. I'd never really watched him before or understood the hype. Thought he was solid though. Keen to see how the season goes, I see Ming's and Konsa and the starting partnership, I'm also sure he hasn't come to sit on the bench.
  7. Not something to worry about, not all players take to clubs. Take a look at Harry Kane's loan career, mix of starts and sub appearances.
  8. A fair compromise as others have said. Of course we would all love it if he'd chosen Villa but he was Argentinian before he joined us and he will be after he leaves. To block is counter productive and drives a wedge between player and country.
  9. I don't know what more he could have done. The best side possible given the injuries, Watkins potentially comes on earlier but it was clear they were nervous around his injury.
  10. I think this is pretty fair. On reflection we may have been better with Nakamba, he seemed to bring a bit more energy when he came on but it was nice for Carney to get a start and I think the experience will do him well.
  11. I thought he was decent against Newcastle. Not a world beater but a solid squad player covering a few key injuries. I can't think of many 3rd/4th choice wingers with his goal record, pens of not.
  12. If you look on the official site, it explains how to do it. You need to link a bank account and their are a few qualifying criteria.
  13. It's an odd one, the likes of hourihane are also clearly off but playing tonight. Maybe an injury? Even the social media adverts were featuring him.
  14. I remember seeing it was only an option once games were sold out. Assuming it's via the ticket portal.
  15. Another one impressed. The work rate was there. Def needs a run out at barrow and needs to show he's a great option for villa.
  16. Would we try a front 2 of ings and Watkins, the way they both press and work hard it would be like a front 3.
  17. The best one ever scored. That and gudjohnson.
  18. Thought he was excellent, collected the ball from the back 4 and Linked the play brilliantly. Some games we could do with a big solid number 6, against teams like Newcastle we just need a ball playing midfield. Felt we dominate them in the middle of the park.
  19. I thought he had a great game and worked brilliantly with Mcginn and Luis. Lots of energy, great link ups and good to see Ramsey carrying the ball. We need players stepping up and he didn't disappoint.
  20. Doesn't mean it's not the target. Yesterdays problem was not a new one, we haven't found a way of playing without Grealish. It looks like the ownership have replaced his goals and assists but neglected his other asset, the ability to carry the ball between defence and attack.
  21. I thought we were all pretty unanimous in that Europe was the aim?
  22. This was my main gripe as well. When in possession they just made our back 4 pass the ball between themselves. We really needed someone who could get the ball from them and help move it forwards.
  23. I hope this new fella finally sorts out our throw ins. I've been watching us lose possession for years and would love just the smallest bit of improvement.
  24. I'd like some defensive cover but like others have said I wouldn't want to disrupt much more. We know how hard it is to gel new players.
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