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  1. Clyne out of contract, would fit the bill of prem experience, an upgrade on an ageing Elmo.
  2. I'm not sure how many prem clubs turn a profit, quite a few quickly turned to the furlough scheme and the wages they pay mean that very few would be looking to offload money. I wonder if the lower leagues should look at wage caps?
  3. But not his goals. I like Davies, things happen around him but he does not score goals. Wesley's could be so frustrating but looked likely to hit double figures. That would have put him in very good company this season. During the run in, I would have felt very confident in wesley getting a couple. Its essential that we have forwards who score.
  4. Wesley was on to score double figures of prem goals, that is one very big difference between the 2.
  5. Hmmm, I think that's possible a bit rose tinted. Struggled in recent years but I'd expect them to be back challenging for top 4 on a regular basis. We havent ever really done that.
  6. Simon Jordon Talks Villa Sporting Director Interesting words from Simon Jordon about villas change in sporting director. A bit more insight into the role of the sporting director. Generally positive, behind the character of Simon Jordon I'm often a fan of what he says
  7. I'm gonna stick up for TRO here (not something I thought I'd do). While he perhaps was a bit critical of Dean, what he really made a case for was that we earnt the right to play attacking football once we'd cemented a strong defensive footing. It looked for a while like Dean would not make that compromise. The change in style and subsequent success went along way in validating that opinion.
  8. Sorry mate, I was probably being a bit over sensitive. Right, I think wed sell him for 40m.
  9. Agree, contrast his performances with pre lock down where we were trying have more possession in the final third and commit more players. He isnt suited to the football we were playing post lockdown where Davies really impressed (without scoring)
  10. Such a boring unnecessary comment. I've said no where that I would sell him, I've speculated about what villa may do if offered the chance to turn quick profit. The reality is our name means little, like all clubs we have FFP targets and our players will have a selling price. We will need to sell players to generate funds. It's a forum to engage in conversation, it is possible to respond without being offensive you know.
  11. Tbf to Wes, some performances were questionable but he was on target for v10 goals this season. Other players that scored around that firminho, lacazette, grealish, greenwood, maupay. Double figures in his first season would have been a good return. I'm happy to see if we get him back and whether we can improve him. I'd suggest he will score a reasonable return.
  12. But isnt the model to buy, sell and reinvest. His coming into his prime years but resale value will diminish. If a bid came in that gave an immediate 15m profit, I'd expect us to consider.
  13. This plus I only just realised that Jesus and Suso are the same person
  14. Agree with this, would expect 30m given prices elsewhere and looks worth every penny. Though I obviously need to toe the villa talk line which is that you must sell to us as it's a buyer's market except for in the case of jack grealish.
  15. Who are these people that get to decide what you can and cannot celebrate? Surely by these rules the majority of football fans may as well not bother. Seems ridiculous to care what others think, were villa fans, we achieved something big when many had written us off. Enjoy it, celebrate it and stop caring what miserable pundits or faceless people on the internet think.
  16. Interesting challenge if we get bids for mings. Hes 27 this year so his resale only goes down, if the club can turn a 10-15m profit in a year it maybe hard to resist.
  17. Why heart says that Jack sat in the dressing room and considered where on earth he can feel this way again, scoring the goal that keeps the club hes always supported In the premier league. Just over a year after feeling the same way dragging us into the premier league. My head say he has aspirations of going to the euros next year and competing for titles but realises he will be disadvantaged in achieving those things by staying with us
  18. Agreed, I've no issue with the current ownership but I also strongly recall the early randy years where i though he could do know wrong. Good ownership is judged over time, ultimately they are all here to make money off the club, we just wait to see what benefit we get in the meantime.
  19. The context of that comment was a comparison with previous ownership. You cant compare the reign until 5 years time in my IMO.
  20. One big positive from last year was, the plan was set and put in place immediately. People may object to the plan but they had one and stuck to it. Same again please.
  21. Love it, great to see him letting his hair down and celebrating with everyone else. I lot was riding on today for him i assume, its likely that he held the final decision on dean a few weeks ago and today it has paid off.
  22. promoted when he had no right to be over saw a huge turnaround in playing staff suffered long term injuries to two of his key signings during the same game. took us to wembley observed, changed and took the players with him. kept us up in his first full season (something only 30% of clubs promoted through the play offs do) Loves the villa as much if not more than the rest of us. What more can anyone ask.
  23. was good enough to be a significant part of a team that kept us up when we looked dead and buried. weve also seen the impact of a large turn around in players. Cant see a reason to sell, all heroes tonight and all played a part.
  24. but why not just buy much better as well as keeping him? weve seen this year the fragility of our squad, its needs to be strengthened. Before the lockdown we saw some quality in Samatta, the change in formation has probably not suited him but i cannot see why we would sell him
  25. id like to see a mix of established prem players, clear to see the impact that Reina has had and even Elmo.
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