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  1. Picking up our new puppy tomorrow night. We lost our Yorkshire terrier at the age of 17 last July, having her put down was heart breaking and finally ready for a new addition. Were getting a lab, we've always wanted one. Can't wait.
  2. I think pretty much all wide players play that way now. Given how advance full backs play they offer the width, most wide players use the overlap to cut inside and gets shots away. Traore and Cash developed a great understanding. It was most evident when Elmo had to come in.
  3. I wouldn't expect him to come in. Southgate went with Sterling who played well and scored. I would expect him to feature.
  4. Would make sense to me. We need full back cover which he provides. He can play in a number of positions as well so he's not just on the bench in case targett gets injured. Adds a bit of experience and is a known commodity personality wise.
  5. I agree. Jack hasn't played much, has some fitness issues and is in competition with some very talented players. Many of which have also had good seasons and also been around the team longer. Perfectly valid for southgate to prefer others, he went with Sterling in the first game who I thought was really good.
  6. Maybe a different style but certainly similar position. They're all number 8s.
  7. He just seems to similar to Mcginn, Luiz and Sanson. I don't see how we fit him into the side
  8. I'd be quite surprised purely because I don't think it's a priority compared to other areas and Im not expecting many incomings. Jack and Ollie can both play wide. Traore and Anwar have had good first years and we seem to have competition coming through the youth team.
  9. Can't see this now. I assume he was looked at alongside Buendia and Pereira but we're only going to sign one of the 3.
  10. For those not understanding the Norwich response go an have a read through the Jack Grealish thread at the list of clubs we think are worthy of signing him.
  11. I don't see us signing JWP. After the signing of Buendia and assuming we're going to go after a defensive midfielder as well, it leaves Ramsey, Luiz, Mcginn and Sanson competing for 1 spot. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mcginn or Luis move on if a good offer came in. If not great squad depth finally.
  12. At the moment you only hear upside though. There will definitely be some of the 30k that don't renew and for many the financial situation will be tricky. Assuming that the club cap ST sales at 30k again then I think you'll see a similar position to before. When we head into colder months and people have to decided whether they want to spend money to watch a game available on sky sports.
  13. I agree. He sets standards and being a senior player also shields a lot of blame. I suspect that Konsa, Target, Cash have benefitted hugely from that senior player in Ming's helping to organise and encourage.
  14. Correct. Same as at every club. The last season with fans we weren't always selling out but we're close, on most occasions we went to general sale. Imagine that a bit more success brings a few more fans but maybe offset by people concerned about return to crowds or financially stretched. I'm imagining not all 30k will renew and STs will be available to most who want one.
  15. My view as well. I keep seeing the media link him for his set pieces, unfortunately we can roll him on and off so he'd be pretty wasted sat on the bench. I assume Lingard will come in.
  16. I do worry that the scenes of Chelsea players celebrating last night will tempt Jack. Players that he knows aren't as good as him sat with winners medals. He deserves to win a champions League medal. I somehow hope the owners can convince him that could be with us.
  17. The more I see kesler the more surprised I am that he didn't get a shot when cash was injured
  18. Anyone any experience with foot cramp. It only in my left foot, it's either after a spin session or when swimming. Not really painful but my foot folds in two and my toes point in very odd directions. I've tried lots of hydration, doesnt make a difference.
  19. I also get the details of my jab on the NHS app now. Quite impressed with the NHS app and how it's starting to bring everything together. I did change medical practices recently and the new practise are so much better than getting everything online.
  20. Outplayed in the second half. They came onto us earlier and weve done nothing to counter that. Seemed inevitable after the equaliser
  21. Needs to get some minutes to secure his euros place. Chuck him on dean.
  22. A game where you could feel the energy in the crowd from the 1st minute. When collymore scored I ended up 4 rows forward and had no idea how I had got there. You've got to also have the coca cola cup final win in there. Never has a team controlled a final so well.
  23. Solid first season. Great in some games, anonymous in others. Should improve next season after more time with the team.
  24. Even if he goes on loan. What are you expecting. At the age of 23 it feels unlikely that hes suddenly going to become a striker who can contribute 15-20 goals in a european chasing squad because that's the bar. I wasnt disappointed last night, he did what we knew he would do. Used his strength, used his energy and created opportunities. Unfortunately with him on the pitch we generally need to rely on others to take those opportunities and that didnt happen. Keinan was fine as a back up striker in a championship team, maybe even relegation threatened team. But he is not and will never be good enough for where we are now and where we wanted to be in the future. You can add many others to that list. It's not a problem, it's the challenge of progress.
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