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PL: Wolves a 2009/10/24 Ratings and Reactions


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Think there will be a lot of unnecessary negativity and overboard criticism after that (as usual after these kind of results), but we were quite poor and need to be coming away from these matches with three points if we're wanting Champions League football - which I personally believe is still beyond us anyway.

Still, we didn't lose in an away derby and will remain in a decent league position at this stage.

Oh, and James Collins is a very good defender.

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Sidwell had perhaps the worst game i've seen a villan play all season, apart from that i had Cuellar as my MOTM and the backline were impressive, terrible service from the midfield and all the set pieces, garbage result really, but coming to expect that from us when it's an "expected" win.

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Thought Collins and Cuellar were excellent

Petrov was invisible, Young ineffective (again)

The challenge for the penalty by that ginger **** was totally braindead

Very poor overall

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Unrealistic expectations from some.

We're not good enough to win every time we don't play well.

A point isn't bad away from home.

No easy games in the Prem.

Didn't play well.

Ashley is having a tough time and midfield created nothing.

Still doing fine in the table, but we do look like a side punching above thier weight once again this season.

Sadly, we don't play much more good football than the lower sides in the division.

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Absolutely shit and once again, like my signature, as early as it is in the season..that for me will be the pivotal game of this season. That game will be the one that stopped us getting top 4 again!!!! We don't know how to not panic after scoring, am i the only one who knew we would conceed after our goal!!!! FFFFFSSSSS

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Friedel - Nothing to do - 7.

Cuellar - Better on the ball than usual - 7.

Warnock - did some great things and did some bad things - 7.

Collins - Brilliant - 9.

Dunne - Apart from early mistake, didn't put a foot wrong - 7.

Sidwell - He broke up the play well but a stupid challenge - 6.

Petrov - How can he play like he did against Chelsea one week and then that the next - 6.

Milner - Alot of running as usual, tried his hardest, put in some decent ball - 8.

Young - Average to be honest but hand in the goal - 6.5

Carew - Useless - 5.

Agbonlahor - Our only threat today - 8.

Heskey - Held the ball up far better than JC and good pass for the goal - 8.

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Disappointed with Carew, Young, Milner and Sidwell.

We should start with Gabby alone against Everton and put in Reo Coker. If 442, swap Carew with Heskey.

But then he'd be outnumbered 11-1. We might lose.

As for today, to quote JPA on twitter, "1-1 not a bad result"

Not good, but this team frustrates me.

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