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  1. I've only ever heard positive things about him from players. For a certain sort of player he's ideal, stick by you, give you simple enough instructions and won't ask too much in training. Not every single player wants to train that hard, or be the best and for those sorts he's ideal. But surely England has to have some better managers than Steve Bruce? There has to be some in the championship who deserve a premiership job over this.
  2. I don't think it will I'm not even convinced its luck anymore. This is Brucies world we're all just living in it
  3. We'll absolutely lose. 80% possession, 17 shots. 2-0 loss, not even close.
  4. Another draw out of nothing. Absolute visionary Steve
  5. Defensively your shape was getting screwed by Trezeguet. We overload Rodrigo and Alioski onto Harrisons side and force one of Mcginn or Luis to follow. Then there's space in the middle because Barkley isn't doing anything with or without the ball.
  6. Its 5 minute games with no offsides and no fouls. Minute rest and they go again. Bet its pretty fun for the first 20 minutes or so until you're nackered.
  7. Regardless of any influence to our players it just looks really unprofessional and small time. Kind of thing you expect from some kid with a YouTube channel not a Sky pundit. Its sort of what you'd expect from him but he should still be trying to be better.
  8. I don't know how you could use tired or playing too many games as an excuse tbh. You had a few more days rest than us and we're only 6 games into the season. Failing to match us for fitness is really poor.
  9. He didn't get the support, he was anonymous. I've seen a ton of him at Brentford the biggest part of his game is having runners around him. I'm assuming Barkleys no show was the main reason but the best part of his game is bringing others into it. With nobody to work off he really struggles.
  10. I got fully ridiculed in the match thread for saying he wasn't anything to fear and people didn't seem to get it. He isn't a target man and won't dominate a CB for 90 minutes. He's brilliant at working off of others but without support and people running beyond him he can look a bit lost.
  11. It went both ways though really. Klich isn't a particularly nasty player and if you're talking about the Grealish incident he definitely went down too easy I don't blame Klich for trying to get the ball from him when he's fallen over nothing. Mings was very very lucky to stay on the pitch
  12. Media are going a bit mental about us. I stay away from a lot of sky/bbc reporters but the build up to the game was ridiculous. You'd put 7 past Liverpool won every game and the way they were talking about the two teams you'd think we were the unbeaten ones. A loss tonight and people would have been changing their tune very quick. It's great that we're being recognised and deservedly so but we were coming off a pretty toothless loss to Wolves and almost nothing was made of it.
  13. He's much much better than anybody else in our squad and it's not particularly close.
  14. I think he twisted his ankle in the mud and tried to milk it. If Ming's doesn't try to pick him up by the neck he probably doesn't turn into Zlatan, either.
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