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  1. £85 to be a walking billboard. What a time to be alive
  2. Can't see us ever winning this tbh. Nobody apart from Kane takes a decent pen
  3. Occasion is miles too big for Saka
  4. I'll be gutted for KP when he misses the pen that loses it
  5. Some JR-esque responses in here to this Chiellini foul. Bah Gawd he's killed him
  6. It's not a red, it's pretty much the definition of a yellow
  7. The guys primary plan is get fouled. Once he gets into the box he runs it out/falls over whichever comes first
  8. Saka is shitting himself. He looks so lost
  9. Christ Pickford has a lot to say about everything, all the time
  10. Rice keeps going on these really impressive runs forward but then his ability catches up with him and he's done
  11. He's probably best as a CB tbh. We end up making the pitch really wide and nobody has fixed positions apart from Rice and Stones. Seen Barella and Co run a few teams over with the press in the middle
  12. Really impressed we've decided to go with a back 3 today. I think it's our best answer to being pressed off the pitch and I'm a bit suprised he's not just gone with the usual
  13. Thought he was pretty poor against Denmark. Couple poor touches, lost the ball a few times. Do agree he's been great off the bench in general but the last game he struggled to do much
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