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    Is he not responsible for these signings then? Does he just rock up to training every morning and wonder if any new faces will be coming in? For the amount that has been spent he needs to be doing better and he has obviously had his part to play in the 200 million worth of flops they've signed this summer. He never had any real clue where to put players, Kante was off playing wide right for a bit to accommodate Jorginho of all people. A sideways passing traffic cone of a footballer.
  2. Rino8


    Can't believe he's getting sympathy. They've gone out and bought a bunch of players they didn't need, in positions they had already had quality in and they've been mostly crap all year. Unbelievable job Frank
  3. Would be a cup game that's actually watchable. If this plays in the league 100 times it finishes 0-0 95 of them
  4. Crespo was a weird one. You can make arguments for others being past it or never that good, but Crespo went on loan to AC Milan and had a good season only to come back and not get a look in. At a time when Italian football was much better than English too.
  5. I know its cool to hate Burnley, but I kind of love them. Big fan of how much Dyche gets out of this squad and I wouldn't mind him getting a chance at a bigger club. Obviously he might fail and everybody will sit back and call him Tony Pulis but I think he's one of the better English managers.
  6. So if a player pushed up to create an offside trap successfully but the offside wasn't given due to referee error, is the player at fault? Are we now judging players based on their anticipation of how the rules might be made up?
  7. That's a crap take. You're getting into the game more and more with every passage of play and he has every right to want to play it out and get something going. He shouldn't be expecting a clearly offside player to tackle him
  8. I'd be absolutely amazed if there is anything done. Its another terrible call to add to the list of terrible calls. It also didn't happen to ManU.
  9. I don't think he'll ever reach that point. At some point before he leaves he'll beat another top team and we'll have to read from half the national media how 'this is what Steve Bruce gets you; Results! Followed by calling the Geordies ungrateful, compare them all to current day Gazza and be done with it. He has infinite lives in football, he'll probably take another top 10 championship team and bravely nearly get them promoted in his next job.
  10. Was the same year all the shit with his wife came out, it clearly impacted him and he never really recovered his old form after.
  11. Every 5 years or so, but some kind of half arsed job was done by Cellino (previous dodgy owner) and I think we hoped it would hold up. We play crap at home because we can't string a pass together and spend all game falling over. Plus, Struijk is not a DM. He has no idea what he's doing.
  12. Hasn't been laid since 2013 its an absolute swamp. Was meant to happen in the summer but wasn't enough time with covid
  13. Think you'll struggle to find people saying Kane was as talented as Rooney. He's also been the manager of Derby for a few months and actually has been doing quite well after their terrible start. You not been keeping up?
  14. It's especially hard for them now too. They had a wage bill of a huge championship club in league one, and they weren't able to cut as many costs as they needed to once they went down. They got stuck with too much dead weight (Oviedo, Cattermole) and lost Josh Maja for basically nothing when he could have gone for 10-15 mil in the summer. Now with no fans it must be affecting their able spending, without the gates they get they become just another league 1 club but with insane running costs and an academy that really isn't as prolific as it should be. I lived in Sunderland for a bit,
  15. The red will give him enough of an excuse along with the dodgy pen call that the media will side with him, no getting rid of him while they're in this league. As a side note, Newcastle continue their streak of giving some of the all time worst prem teams results. 4 points to Derby in 08/09. The only team in the league to not beat Villa in 15/16 and now Sheffield United. Think I'd rather be a nailed on relegation than the shite they have to endure
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