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  1. I'm finding it much more fun being a total dick to everybody than I am being honorable. Spent 4 hours today going to peoples houses (not homesteads) on the map, killing them and taking their belongings. It very rarely gets me more than 30-50 dollars, but the amount of houses you can actually enter in this game is staggering.
  2. Echoing everything said, game is great. Some design choices are infuriating, as if they didn't make hunting enough of a chore having to then spend 15 minutes riding back across the map to go to a town capable of taking your goods only to then repeat the whole process is another level of frustrating. Rewards for hunting don't look to be particularly worth it either (Chaps aside) as gameplay bonuses are minimal, they're also not aesthetically very pleasing (-Chaps) so I find them a bit pointless for how well fleshed out it is. The rest of my frustrations involve the horse. Maximum whistle ranges and manually taking guns from your horse are decisions made by somebody with very warped ideas of fun. It's charming the 1st few times you have to manually go and take your bow/repeater/rifle/shotgun from your horse, but when you're leaping off your horse mid mission to find you have nothing but your pistols and the repeater you start the game with it stops being charming. If somebody figures out how to discard weapons please let me know.
  3. I still refuse to play a new FM after the waste of time that 17 was, so, 50 years later in my FM13 save having won around 26 of the last 30 PL titles my game looks like this.
  4. Croatia's are about 3 players away from having one of the best 11s in the tournament. Problem is Vida is awful, Strinic is average on a good day and Mandzukic doesn't score enough. His lack of goals would be fine if the rest of the team chipped in with more but it doesn't happen. Their midfield 3 and wingers are vastly superior to what England have an offer, and if they can play like they did against Argentina there could be problems.
  5. Russia - Brazil final. My hopes were initially Russia - Japan but Belgium screwed that up.
  6. People love to write off non European teams at first chance because 'who the **** is Quintero?'. If Colombia really show up, and Rodriguez is fit (is he starting?) England are going to have a really hard game. There's also the fact that South American teams give a shit, and they play like they give a shit. How often do you see a Mexico, Uruguay, Chile etc go home with 0 points playing terrible football? Never. European teams? Usually one per group Had to explain to somebody yesterday that Mexico aren't the South American equivalent of Luxembourg
  7. Really sad for Japan. For a good 20 minutes they outclassed Belgium in every area, eventually Martinez realised Japan - Small. Fellaini - Big. And they get through. They shouldn't be throwing that many bodies up for the corner, I think they lose 9/10 times in ET, but take your chances there at least.
  8. Spain have nobody to blame but themselves. I had more fun watching Russia clear the ball for a throw in for 120 minutes than watch Spain crowd the midfield with 1000 5 yard passes. They used to run into this problem at times even at their WC winning best, but back then David Villa was a genius and they'd bring Navas off the bench a lot to just run down the wing. Now they have no Navas and play almost exclusively to Costa's weaknesses.
  9. It's largely still relevant because it has a huge competitive following. People are still playing Melee(?) and that came out around 16 years ago. I don't care much for it, but eSports, streaming and competitive gaming in general is big enough to carry a games success now, Smash is held in really high regard in those circles still so the game will make tons of money for Nintendo. It's why their E3 was so focused in on it.
  10. We might even top this group because Belgium have the exact same issue as us - albeit with a much better squad, but once we're in the knock outs I fancy either Poland/Colombia to send us home. This is the worst England 11 I've ever seen and it looks like we're trying a 3 at the back because we're not really sure what will work. We're crap, we've played crap for ages and haven't beaten even an average team in decades
  11. Croatia to top the group, win the world cup. Perisic golden boot.
  12. I'm so on board with whatever CDPR are doing that my opinion after the trailer was 'wow I can't wait' regardless of what I saw. They could have announced the game was going to be a Battle Royale with 100's of fun cool unique dances to suit your personality and I would still pre order the limited edition the second it's available.
  13. Although I didn't run into any glitches I do agree. I'm at a point with games where they need to have something unique about them or really grip me for me to commit 50+ hours into it. It's a good game, and it looks incredible, but it is the quintessential Ubisoft game following the tried and true AC template. I need them to do something new with the story at this point. There are only so many times you can tell this generic revenge story. It's lazy.
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