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  1. He's at a different level completely to Kane. Kane's lack of mobility is too big a hindrance to everything.
  2. I reckon those La Liga teams would put 5 past Gibraltar too
  3. Football doesn't work like that anymore though The way it has been talked about by both clubs and player the idea of a deal had been in place for weeks or months prior.
  4. Are you suprised there's been no other business this window? Do you think you need more? I thought you'd go mad when you sold Grealish considering your backing etc
  5. Nope. It's a proper bizarre one.
  6. Exactly, glad we see it the same way
  7. He'd have been great at City. Pointless at Utd
  8. Rino8


    Marcelo has been in far too long and made too many enemies for doping to possible, IMO at least
  9. Klopp was very, to a point of parody praising his performances. Every week was almost word for word 'can we talk about Nat Phillips I mean wow what a guy wow done a really really super super job for us'
  10. It's probably the worst excuse going. The Champions League is less competitive than the Premier league. The idea that a player needs to be on the pitch when you roll Roma 6-0 for experience over a 1-1 draw with Everton is pretty funny. Their are about 6 competitive teams in world football outside of the Premier league at the top top level. Who cares if you're playing Chelsea, City and ManU every week but don't get to play Bayern?
  11. Can't be that re-occuring he was ever present last season
  12. Southampton play an insane press. He's probably harder working.
  13. I don't think he's worth selling at all, replace him with maybe 2 players? You maybe get a slighter better overall squad and finish 7th instead of 8th this season? Cool I guess but for me I'd take the worse team with one of your own. I.e if we were in this situation with Phillips I'd rather keep him even if it doesn't make any sense as far as 'progress'
  14. Rino8

    John Terry

    Pretty different things entirely tbf. One is a a racist, team mate wife shagging full kit rocket polisher. The other got one of your boys sent off one time.
  15. Rino8

    John Terry

    Very suprised you're all so positive about it. Guy is and always will be a world class bell end
  16. £85 to be a walking billboard. What a time to be alive
  17. Can't see us ever winning this tbh. Nobody apart from Kane takes a decent pen
  18. Occasion is miles too big for Saka
  19. I'll be gutted for KP when he misses the pen that loses it
  20. Some JR-esque responses in here to this Chiellini foul. Bah Gawd he's killed him
  21. It's not a red, it's pretty much the definition of a yellow
  22. The guys primary plan is get fouled. Once he gets into the box he runs it out/falls over whichever comes first
  23. Saka is shitting himself. He looks so lost
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