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    Here's a thing I was reading yesterday. Suspect it may be of value: About E Readers and alternatives to Kindles
  2. Pixel 6 arrived this morning. Here's a tip to avoid shouting and swearing when copying over data: Turn off your Pihole.
  3. All very good. Next time see if you can get any of this stuff:
  4. Tell me about the beer you had. Anything else is window dressing.
  5. It seems that when we were younger and 'rebelled' we just went out, got pissed and took drugs. The youth of today are more aware of what they need to rebel against; they're getting organised and channelling their rebellion in to actually making the world a better place.
  6. Chocolate lumps in ice cream. Chocolate flavouring and chocolate sauce? Fine. Lumps of chocolate? **** off. Just tastes of nothing and feels like solidified grease in my mouth. Ugh.
  7. Anthony

    Energy Bills

    Well isn't this interesting? I, like many people at the poorer end of society, am on a prepayment meter. Below is what I've been paying for YEARS. Electricity unit rate: 20.43p per kWh Daily standing charge: 27.68p per day Gas unit rate: 4.410p per kWh Daily standing charge: 30.78p per day And we wonder why poor people remain poor.
  8. Yeah, I get that, but this is a clean installation. I'm doing several per day at the moment, Ffs the first thing that you need to do is check for updates. I wish there was an option for "I've only just installed this, I haven't even opened a **** browser yet and I really don't need to check for **** viruses, so kindly **** off and don't download and spend half an hour checking this old PC hard drive. KTHXBAI" Where's that option?
  9. No party for you. And you mentioned iPhones, so you get to do the after party cleanup.
  10. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Why does it have to download and run on a fresh installation? Why? Anyone mention Linux and you won't get invited to my party.
  11. Just ordered the regular. Most importantly, what colour did you go for? I went with Seafoam, cos I'm a little bit fey.
  12. Alright alright. Mutter mutter...
  13. Good Cage films: Red Rock West. Raising Arizona. Er, Wild at Heart? Struggling now.
  14. Also you get the £350 Bose headphones thrown in if you order in the next week, Stick them on ebay for, I dunno, half that? Could be worth it. OTOH you're going to have to shell out for a decent charger and a case.
  15. So, £600 then. https://store.google.com/gb/product/pixel_6?hl=en-GB
  16. Just watched it on the high seas. Am also going to watch it at the BFI IMax thing. Anyway, very good.
  17. I always remember it for the (in my eyes) pikey market that I was dragged to every Saturday. Of course I look back now and see it as something to be valued. Still there, but no live animals I think. Anyway, it's posh now.
  18. Do you think it will stop Southend referring to its airport as London? Thought not.
  19. Spent my formative years just outside Swaffham and my mum still lives that way. If you want any tips, ask. If you like ale, then Beeston Brewery's Worth the Wait is fantastic. If you don't like ale, then Beeston Brewery's Worth the Wait is fantastic. Failing that, try Woodforde's Wherry. They keep a good pint at the Lifeboat in Thornham. Dabbling Duck at Massingham is a lovely pub. Oh yeah, mobile reception round there is terrible. If you're going to rely on Google maps, download all of Norfolk offline while you're on wifi. Oh, and an old schoolfriend of mine does sailboat trips out of Wells next the Sea. Another beautiful place. Look up the Coastal Exploration Company.
  20. Well, I have an opinion here... I used to have a OnePlus 5 limited edition (coloured buttons dontcha know) and loved it. Currently have a 6T which I like very much, but is beginning to show its age; battery related, just like yours. Am on the lookout for a new phone. I won't be getting another OnePlus, for two reasons. One, they've shut down their UK operations. This means that if, for example you want them to fit a new battery, it gets farmed out to a 3rd party who try to **** you over. Mate had a OnePlus 6 and went through all the channels. After having the phone in their possession for 6 weeks they finally responded to communication saying they 'needed' to replace her screen too as there was a dead pixel. They would only replace the battery if they could replace the screen too. Oh, and they couldn't get hold of the battery either, so god knows how that was going to work. She told them to **** right off and return the phone as was. So, she was out 20 odd quid for postage, had to go without her phone for six weeks and had spent ages going back and forth to try to get some kind of update on what was happening. (She would get messages saying "Thanks for your email, we'll get back to you in 48 hrs" Never happened). So, on that alone, no. No more. Two, they've now merged with Oppo and the OnePlus Oxygen OS is no more; it is being 'rolled in to' Oppo's ColorOS which has no 'Material You' theming, has a bunch of bloatware that you can't uninstall (Facebook anyone?) and other stuff I really don't like. We know what is best for you? **** no. So, I'm kind of pinning my hopes on the Pixel 6 announcement this week. If I'm honest, the thing I'm most pinning my hopes on is the price. If it's £500 ish I'm going to get one.
  21. Chips yes, fish no. Did I get it right? Doubt anyone here will tell me...
  22. T'was a heinous crime. I don't like to talk about it.
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