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  1. Bent would be the perfect striker for Spurs at the moment. He's a much better lone forward than any of the strikers Spurs have. Should never have sold him.
  2. His incredible form started at left back, he was rampant.
  3. He's still very destructive from there though and offers way more as a left back than Bouma ever could. Bale is a very good left back and a world class winger, that's why they play him out wide.
  4. No chance. Another good one was when Villa were linked with Forlan a few years back and people said he wasn't good enough for Villa - now he's probably going to be voted one of the top 3 players in the world when the awards are announced....
  5. When Villa fans said Bouma was better than Bale Feel free to add more, but that one seems pertinent tonight.
  6. Bit late for the dutch to be taking the moral highground over heavy tackling after their performances at the world cup.
  7. Yea, thank god MON has gone, now Barry 'the new Lionel Messi' will get his chance and inevitably lead us to the title.
  8. Director of Football? Laughable. No wonder MON left.
  9. You can't compare money spent 10 years ago to money spent recently - you got more for your money back then, players cost more now.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked already, but.... Who authorised the signing of Stephen Ireland?
  11. colleh


    This is essentially what it boils down to. It's sort of a shame because it creates a "Us vs Them" mentality from some 'boxing only' fans against MMA, which is ironic because that's what MMA was created as; an arena where techniques from all professionally contested combat disciplines are allowed in order to allow practitioners to compete against each other. I can appreciate that some people prefer standing fights but it puzzles me that they can in no way appreciate that a world class boxer can be so easily dominated in a fight, whatever techniques are used. Another thing is that I can
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