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  1. At least we can say we was there at rock bottom
  2. Defence is the best form of attack it appears
  3. Who knew Steve Bruce was Italian!?
  4. That was some drive my Max and not just this save. He is by far the most exciting driver on the grid. How does he fit them balls in such a tight car??
  5. I only play online. I like it, it's no more futuristic than the previous couple really, and most importantly the hit detection is lovely (atm) Like you I can get frustrated at the jump shots and the campers, but it's a compromise I'm willing to take when the alternative is BF1 which is just too slow for me. I enjoy reading the game and assessing whether to go aggressive or a more defensive AR style. Let the rabbits come to you
  6. Frank has two! The bloke thinks he's Karl Pilkington and the lady thinks she the radio 2 travel lady's better sister. What a load of crap that show is.
  7. That little run he tried to go on in the second half was hillarious.
  8. Not suprised he looked much better in a 3 man mid. Hopefully we stick with it until Jan...
  9. He was full of effort when he came on, and the back heel lay off was surprisingly intelligent for Gabby.
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