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  1. He was on for 20 mins. The foul was in a dangerous area. I also remember him losing the ball when he should have looked for a pass. It wasn't a terrific cameo.
  2. When he came on at Anfield, I thought he was giving the ball and free kicks away a bit cheaply.
  3. An even less popular comparison, he reminds me of a young John Terry.
  4. I know what you mean, but I don't think you've understood my proposal. I'm questioning the premise that there can always only be one possible outcome.
  5. If you take the coin flip, and look at one single reaction out of the fuckton of others in play. At the fundamental level, where there are no other influences left, all hands have been played, will you have arrived at the point where there can only be one possible outcome?
  6. If you believe every action can only have a single possible reaction, the theory works.
  7. I don't think it's possible to not have a 50/50 scenario, unless the universe doesn't play by it's own rules.
  8. He should have put Gabby in on one counter attack but ended up doing nothing. Equally he put the ball on a plate for Weinman who should have scored. He also put Benteke in with a nice little chip, Benteke fluffed it. He got stuck in at times, but his bread and butter passes were a bit hit and miss. He could have scored and had two assists on another day. All in all he had an up and down game.
  9. What if you came up with two statistically identical possible outcomes.
  10. Did quite well today, holds the ball up quite well and is a handful in the air. I don't think we're going to see him beating any players with skill though.
  11. Played well today, was key in the build up for the goal, and was there to put it in the net too.
  12. I thought it was pretty clear I was talking about attackers only, given I said it, and my whole argument was based on attacking stats.
  13. I think it's quite evident everybody needs to up their game from last season, but Gabby was at least the best of a bad bunch.
  14. Last season everybody was shit and should have done better. But at least Gabby had a brief purple patch of scoring and creating which helped us stay up and put him on top of the pile of shit. A weak link that should be sold?
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