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1st Villa Result After joining VillaTalk


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Seeing as it's almost of doom and gloom thought this my be a little bit of fun.

I thought I'd have a look at the date in which everyone joined VillaTalk and the first Villa result (non friendly) since joining.

Joined VillaTalk = 29 June 2007

Villa result  = Prem.     11 Aug 2007

Aston Villa 1                                 Liverpool 2

Barry (pen)                                   Laursen (og) 




Apologies mods if in the wrong place 

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Great thread idea!

Just checked and apparently I joined on 26th September 2007. (I was posting on here years before under different username).

First match after joining was that Spurs 4 Villa 4 game on Monday night, think it was an anniversary for Spurs and we were 4-1 up and predictably threw it away.

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Joined 14th August 2018. Can't recall if this was before or after we played that day but I'd assume after.

So on that basis,  the first result would have been a 1-1 draw with 10 men Ipswich. They played over half the game with 10 men, and despite having nearly all the ball we failed to create any real chances. Bit of a downer after the run we'd been on before. 

Edit: I'm such a newbie compared to you lot 😳

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10th Feb 2015. On the same day:

Hull City 2 - 0 Aston Villa


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I'd been a regular viewer for years before that. I wonder if this result prompted me to join so I could grumble about it??
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7 minutes ago, sharkyvilla said:

Great idea for a thread.  Mine was 5th March 2011, Bolton 3 Villa 2 under Houllier.  I could have sworn I was on here during O'Neill's time but guess I was just browsing before taking the plunge.

I thought this as well, but apparently joined once we had Houllier in place. We had just lost 3 in a row when I joined, and I’m pretty sure I was calling for him to go at that point. We were playing awfully.
I still can’t believe we managed to finish 9th that season. 

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