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  1. There is, in my opinion, zero chance of any real repercussions from the PL for this. The league needs the money these clubs bring, so they can do what they want really.
  2. Gone on a bit of a binge on grand strategy games, so currently switching between Crusader Kings III and Imperator: Rome. Imperator just got a massive 2.0 overhaul, and I really like it so far. It covers a period of history that I find very interesting, and it has some equally interesting mechanics. It's had a very rocky life since it's release around two years ago, but Paradox seems intent on fixing it and making it good. These kinds of games are real time sinks, and I've spent quite a bit of time in Crusader Kings III as well, so I don't think I have time for much else.
  3. Yeah, it actually suits med perfectly. I'm upgrading PSU and GPU after Christmas if cards are available, so I can wait. From the sounds of it, it's really good, but buggy as hell, so hopefully some of that will be fixed over the coming months. Really no rush to pre-order or get it day one.
  4. I just know I will get this game and a PS5 and then just not finish it. ****.
  5. I’m exactly the same. Although I finally have the time to dedicate to gaming. I can be completely engrossed in watching someone play YT, both by the lore and the challenge of beating the game. When I try myself, I struggle to handle the stress and lack of progress if I get stuck. A bit silly really, as it’s supposed to be a challenge and the pay-off is in the eventual progress after having been stuck for a while. I the remake of Demon’s Souls has reignited my interest in the series though, so I might give DS3 on PC a try again. Only played 6 or so hours of that so far.
  6. As a Swede, I approve. Joking aside, this is actually the first Assassins Creed I’ve been even remotely hyped about tbh.
  7. Indeed. Might not look like it now, but there is still a chance.
  8. It's like me playing FM. All the opposition needs is one shot and it goes in.
  9. Ok, I'm going to leave now for 2 quick Villa goals. Sorry for the excitement lads.
  10. Did they score? I'm sorry if so, because every time I peek into this thread, no matter who we face, they always score as soon as I decide to check the match thread on VT.
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