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  1. daft

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    This is it. Let's do this!
  2. daft

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Indeed. Might not look like it now, but there is still a chance.
  3. daft

    Match Thread: Villa v Ipswich

    It's like me playing FM. All the opposition needs is one shot and it goes in.
  4. daft

    Match Thread: Villa v Leeds

    Ok, I'm going to leave now for 2 quick Villa goals. Sorry for the excitement lads.
  5. daft

    Match Thread: Villa v Leeds

    Did they score? I'm sorry if so, because every time I peek into this thread, no matter who we face, they always score as soon as I decide to check the match thread on VT.
  6. daft

    Football Manager 2017

    OK, that **** does it. Buying this now.
  7. daft

    Football Manager 2017

    I am so **** tempted. Convince me it's a brilliant idea.
  8. daft

    The 2016 Takeover Thread

  9. daft

    What game you currently playing?

    Batman Arkham Knight. Bloody brilliant series this (never played Origins). It's going a bit overboard with the Batmobile, but otherwise I really love the look and feel of all the Batman games.
  10. daft

    Football Manager 2016

    I quite like FM again! **** up Boston Utd massively right now bit having a grand old time doing it. Can see myself wasting way too much time on it again.
  11. Well, no.... And that seems to have fixed it. It's not like I work as developer or anything... I do actually.... Thanks!
  12. I have it disabled for the whole domain as well and still get the notification about how I should disable AdBlock. I can quite clearly see ads while reading the admonishment for using AdBlock.
  13. daft

    Leicester City

    Fantastic achievement. Looking at where they were a year ago and I can't explain it at all. They could very well win the league after almost being relegated. I really have no idea what they've done to be honest.