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  1. daft

    Football Manager 2017

    OK, that **** does it. Buying this now.
  2. daft

    Football Manager 2017

    I am so **** tempted. Convince me it's a brilliant idea.
  3. daft

    The 2016 Takeover Thread

  4. daft

    What game you currently playing?

    Batman Arkham Knight. Bloody brilliant series this (never played Origins). It's going a bit overboard with the Batmobile, but otherwise I really love the look and feel of all the Batman games.
  5. daft

    Football Manager 2016

    I quite like FM again! **** up Boston Utd massively right now bit having a grand old time doing it. Can see myself wasting way too much time on it again.
  6. Well, no.... And that seems to have fixed it. It's not like I work as developer or anything... I do actually.... Thanks!
  7. I have it disabled for the whole domain as well and still get the notification about how I should disable AdBlock. I can quite clearly see ads while reading the admonishment for using AdBlock.
  8. daft

    Leicester City

    Fantastic achievement. Looking at where they were a year ago and I can't explain it at all. They could very well win the league after almost being relegated. I really have no idea what they've done to be honest.
  9. daft

    Witcher 3

    Finished this a few weeks ago but keep coming back to just roam around finding places I missed or doinh quests that I haven't finished. Brilliant game this. And an amazing setting. Just so relaxing riding around or treasure hunting (really liked the solitude at Kaer Morhen) or somesuch. Amazing game. Need to get the DLC I think.
  10. daft

    Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    I feel like a real doom merchant here considering we won last night, but I still think we are dead on for being dropped. There just aren't enough spare goal scorers lying around that we can bring in to save us. There's just too much work ahead of us just to stay up, and I just can't see it. Sorry.
  11. daft

    Football Manager 2016

    Oh, yeah I'm a bit daft. I thought they moved Aston Villa to Canada.
  12. daft

    Nintendo Wii U

    Yes indeed.
  13. daft

    Nintendo Wii U

    Pleasanton ? Really autocorrect? What thefuck is Pleasanton?
  14. daft

    Nintendo Wii U

    Really Pleasanton I got the Mario Maker edition WiiU for my son for Christmas. Will get Mario Kart 8 for the whole family and Xenoblade for myself. Only annoying thing is I have to wait until Christmas ...