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  1. Wondered about this myself ? Difficult to ask what it's about considering the only info tells us we can't?
  2. 2026 Villa still winning and Terrytini does not break this hoodoo.
  3. Took a bit of time ,but I've worked out that we are averaging 3 points a game over the last 8 games.
  4. Was his cross for our 2nd pen also. Great game Elmo.
  5. In other news. It has been reported that the recent released photo of a black hole is not a black hole at all. It turns out the picture is a close up heat map of John Mcginn's post match right testicle.
  6. Guys,guys stop with these in-play maps. Full-time map for you all.
  7. I would never put my finger on a funny smelling owl.
  8. I personally enjoy the man with what appears to be a grey lampshade on his head, busting out the 'discreet' Justin Timerlake moves.
  9. Except that they are playing WBA.
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