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  1. dounavilla

    Christian Purslow

  2. dounavilla

    Christian Purslow

    El Mohammady already here..... Could go for : Djibril Sidibé
  3. dounavilla

    Christian Purslow

    Perhaps a loan bid for Victor Moses in Jan?
  4. dounavilla

    Dean Smith

    I've heard if Smith and Terry turned us down we were going to take on Peter Withe and Dwight Yorke as his assistant.
  5. dounavilla

    Dean Smith

    Sherwood got Wilki.....oh.
  6. dounavilla

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Jesus ,John and Dean Smith. Aston Villa the Religion.
  7. dounavilla

    Dean Smith

    We are delighted to announce the appointments of Dwight Yorke as our new Head Coach.
  8. dounavilla

    John Terry

    The wags are happy.
  9. dounavilla

    John Terry

  10. dounavilla

    Dean Smith

    May I be the first to say ... SMITH OUT !! ( for potential future use) Just jesting. I bet this guy is happy.
  11. dounavilla

    New Manager Speculation

    Can't say I'm too excited by this if true, but will get my least until the middle of November
  12. dounavilla

    New Manager Speculation

    Its believed @AVFCOfficial will approach @Jordan for permission to speak to Dwight Yorke. Ex-Celt and Villa midfielder Stiliyan Petrov could also have talks. Thierry Henry along with John Terry strongly mentioned. — Jim White (@JimWhite) October 8, 2018
  13. dounavilla

    New Manager Speculation

    I know Terry is renowned for that, but I don't think it will be that kind of partnership.
  14. dounavilla

    Ørjan Nyland

    A keeper worth a million. This guy's keeper level is likened to a pub player who plays for free.
  15. dounavilla

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Will make the player Mad(rass).