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  1. dounavilla

    Steve Bruce

    TBAR probably. Upon checking , this has come from a poster on h&v who heard it from a lions club chairman.
  2. dounavilla

    New Manager Speculation

    So ..... Big Sam.......
  3. dounavilla

    Steve Bruce

    I had recently warmed to Bruce and prior to this match was of the opinion that he should remain even if we did not go up. However, looking ahead I just cannot see how he will be able to do better with what will most likely be a weaker side. I really think it's time for a change, not just the manager but manergerial styles. A tactical manager that can utilise the youth and remaining experienced players. The question is who ?
  4. dounavilla

    Pre-match chat

    We will do this!!
  5. dounavilla

    James Chester

  6. dounavilla

    Pre-match chat

    And Liverpool.
  7. dounavilla

    Steve Bruce

    You would also have to consider the unbelievably good runs by Cardiff and to a degree Fulham.
  8. dounavilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    You sound like a Die Hard fan of McDonalds.
  9. dounavilla

    Mile Jedinak

    The words 'weak' and 'Jedi' should never be used in the same sentence, unless you are looking for a Spartan kick down a deep hole.
  10. dounavilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Is that not the machine they use to clean McDonalds toilets with?
  11. dounavilla

    Alan Hutton

    How dare you suggest my sister looks like a horse!?!
  12. dounavilla


    He was 92 at the time.
  13. dounavilla


    Block 548, 2 tickets , happy !!!
  14. dounavilla


    Be interested to know where everyone' s block is. May give an indicator in which blocks have not been released yet ?
  15. dounavilla

    Jack Grealish

    Didn't his brother Kevin post on here prior to Jack getting in the first team I seem to recall.