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  1. dounavilla

    André Green

    By whom?
  2. We would not look weaker if we played with ten men and no left back than those two.
  3. dounavilla

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Like many others , I enjoyed reading your posts. Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to you posting again soon!
  4. dounavilla

    10 year challenge

    Woo hoo!
  5. dounavilla

    Dean Smith

    Good individuals do give you an edge.
  6. dounavilla

    Neil Taylor

    I have to confess, I have never liked his face. Looks like droopy the dog.
  7. dounavilla

    Henri Lansbury

    That causes lots of injurys to young members.
  8. Even a Hardened criminal, who will shoot dead anyone that tries to give them a reach-around with the promise that he will steal any income from the said person attempting the job?
  9. dounavilla

    Tammy Abraham

    So if you were inviting your bro to go skiing, it would be skiski.
  10. dounavilla

    The NSWE Board

    It was a run, but otherwise spot-on. You have won a seat next to Tony at the next game(subject to terms and conditions) Terms. You may or may not be sitting next to someone called Tony at the next game, this is subject to pure luck or if you were bringing someone called Tony with you, which is your choice entirely as Tickets are not included in this prize. * bored too...
  11. dounavilla

    The NSWE Board

  12. dounavilla

    Scott Hogan

    When he joined us I listened to his interview and came away thinking how impressive he spoke. He sounded confident in his ability ambitious and I just got this feeling he was destined for the top. I've been very patient with him, style of play, poor tactics, injurys all seemed plausible for him not doing well here. Finally, I have concluded that it is not going to work out here. I think due to a combination of the reasons above and his confidence being at an all time low. I also now feel he just doesn't have the talent. Time to move on and for us to recoup as much as we can.
  13. dounavilla

    Lovre Kalinić