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  1. "When I met you last night babyyyy, before you opened up your...."
  2. Can anyone confirm by way of a twitter link or otherwise that Phillips is out due to a shoulder injury sustained last night please.
  3. I see a bromance blossoming, I hope they include Mcginn.
  4. The only hope for Grealish is for England to lose and keep losing. Big nose will then get the sack and go back to his hobby now taking photographs of Mason Mount for his scrap book.
  5. I've literally just had this done, left the dentist about an hour ago and the pain is kicking in.I'd take Wiltshire!!!
  6. I seem to recall Ron Atkinson fielding 9 black players , most for a top tier club at the time (90's).
  7. Minus Mr Gareth "id like some head from Mason" Southgate.
  8. Can we stop the fish puns. This is not the plaice.
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