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  1. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

  2. Watford a 29th July 15:00

    Living in Watford I shall be there !!
  3. Jonathan Kodjia

    Welcome aboard. Please pick up your banner on the way in and have a seat.
  4. Pre-match thread

    I'll pay for your petrol.
  5. Libor Kozák

    Farewell Libor.
  6. All games streamed live overseas next season!

    Tiny is going to wear a headcam which shall be streamed live. It will also include his comments and views.
  7. Steve Bruce

    So the players are ignoring his instructions or he has not instructed them yet ? Or maybe he has instructed them, they understand it , but they can't follow out these instructions because he plays the wrong tactics with the wrong players? Worrying.
  8. Tony Xia

  9. Tony Xia

    So Tony wants out .............
  10. Steve Bruce

    It will hurt your eyes.
  11. Steve Bruce

    For me, there is no set number of games. I agreed that RDM should go when he did (10 games) as it just seemed obvious and I believe SB has stabilised us but can't take us forward and so needs to go at the end of this season. I guess what I'm saying is you kinda just know.
  12. Steve Bruce

    But much like with RDM perhaps some people (myself included) have just concluded that he simply cannot do what we need him do. Yes, he has made us harder to beat. Yes, it appears his signings were what we required. Yes. We went on a unbeaten run. But promotion next season? Not a chance IMO. I'd like to state again for the record ;I'm all for stability in the managers seat ( and felt the same when RDM was introduced). But, like with RDM I felt he had to go when he did and I really think we should get rid of Bruce and have although new manager in place for pre season.
  13. Gary Gardner

    Yes, it's the persisting with these players that does my head in. On another note, do we not have any half decent midfielders coming through ? It would not take much do be better than GG.
  14. Steve Bruce

    I can't help but think the reason why so many are still happy for him to continue might be that that he's a good talker. By coming out and saying what we want to hear doesn't mean he's capable. His words about buying players and we being miles away from how he wants us to be does not dismiss the fact that after 6 months we look utterly woeful. I'm sure most would agree we should at least be playing slightly better all round ??
  15. Gary Gardner

    Could be down to the numerous injuries, but he is really poor. We need to stop being a hostel for these players and ship him out pronto.