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  1. Farewell Scott " play to my strengths" Hogan.
  2. I live in Watford and just screamed when that winner went in, I'm fully expecting my Watford supporting neighbours to come crashing through my door any sec !!!
  3. Look at his rash tackle attempt that led to their goal. The guy was really poor and it's becoming consistently so.
  4. I hear He might be able to advise you on where to purchase a good set on binoculars.
  5. Not a chance, also below is Gaston's agent Paxo Casal.
  6. Looks like a luminous KKK member.
  7. Part of the " play to his strengths foundation".
  8. Would have preferred us to have kept Hutton at left back than Taylor.
  9. A Benteke comeback will be the football equivalent of "Speed 2: Cruise Control.
  10. Personally I thought it looked a little like Layne Stayley of Alice in Chains. However, he's not a footballer, known to use drugs and has been dead since 2002.
  11. Birmingham mail is an anagram of "utter bollocks"
  12. When he does leave, I can't think of any other player in my 30 years of watching Villa I'd be more gutted about moving on. It's gonna hurt, but I'll wish him well and maybe one day we will have a Grealish 2 thread when he's in his 30's.
  13. Don't work. People's perceptions on here who want him are based on nostalgia rather than the facts that he is older, carries more injuries and has "Hoganesque" form.
  14. I just spoke to Suso, he told me Hogan will be the main man.
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