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  1. Top two French leagues have now been cancelled. No details yet on promotion relegation etc.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuhan_Institute_of_Virology
  3. I do wonder when they had that leader election if they had a crystal ball would any of them still wanted the job.
  4. He will probably distract them by declaring war with Chi-na.
  5. For those that need to know. The government has relaxed the rules for children's attendance and you will not be penalised for taking your kids out with reason. I have heard that schools to close nationwide either this Friday or next.
  6. We are the coronavirus of the premier league.
  7. Remincent of ww1. Guy in the front row looks like sad monkey.
  8. He also appears to have a nice first touch and control.
  9. This guy is simply not up to premier league standard. He's probably just up to making the bench for a championship side. Woeful.
  10. I'm sad to admit it but it's time for Smith to go. He just is not up to the job, I get the feeling he has lost a few 1st team players. Let him have the cup final and then it's time.
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