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  1. @villakram - please report to the burn unit. #burn.
  2. Tayls

    Alan Hutton

    He said “reduced salary” not “reduced celery”...
  3. Tayls

    Steve Bruce

    There will defo be some form of compensation owed if he does leave so... yea. Hope he doesn’t go though. Be the worst thing that can happen after the events of this week.
  4. Tayls

    The Careers/Jobs thread

    VT - I'm stressing, and I really could do with some sound advice from knowledgable people! I'm 25, working in recruitment, but I have hit a bit of a wall. I'm thinking I do not want to be working within this arena anymore. I don't have a degree, which limits me massively as far as I am concerned because every job I see they want someone of 'degree calibre'. I have never known what I wanted to do, I just drifted through school and got myself 10 GCSEs then took a couple of A-levels with the intention of going to uni. I had a place confirmed but then was offered a full time job, which I took. I have absolutely no idea of what to do with my life, I have so much ambition and desire to succeed, but god knows what in. It's stressing me out more now because the missus wants to buy a house etc and I am a little worried about losing my job for whatever reason and then not being able to find anything else. Does anybody have any sound advice to give, or know of any opportunities within the Nhants, oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire areas that might be coming up? Ironic really considering I work in recruitment eh? Thanks all.
  5. Tayls

    Time for a takeover

    *read in trump voice* Trump is gonna buy Aston Villa, from a China-man, who’s a wonderful person, ok. Then he’s gonna build a wall, ok, and we will keep out all of the opposition teams, and get wins by default...ok. He’s gonna make Aston Villa great again.
  6. Tayls

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Not even sure they should have disclosed that to you!
  7. Tayls

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Where are all our signings?! Every club are adding to their squad, even the poor as ones! What the **** are Wyness and co playing at!! Everyone out!!
  8. Tayls

    Going Under ?

    No. But we can apparently sign Januzaj on loan.
  9. Tayls

    Steve Bruce

    I’m not really bothered about being put into a group. If that is your thing, then that’s cool. Anyway - you’re avoiding the question. All I want is a name of someone who you think will get us promoted next season. There must be someone that can get us to win more games than we did this season. Wolves have got away with doing what they did this season, by having that super agent (is he part of the ownership of the club - can’t remember?), who was able to bring in certain individuals who got them playing very well indeed (Except when they came up against a defensive Villa side at Villa Park - 4-1, was it?) We are not wolves and we will not be doing anything like what they have done. Cardiff got promoted with Warnock Is Fulham’s manager the next big thing? Talk of Chelsea being interested. who do you think we should get?
  10. Tayls

    Steve Bruce

    We’re having a discussion on Steve Bruce, you want him replaced. Who is the answer?
  11. Tayls

    Steve Bruce

    Ok... great... so, who is the answer?
  12. Tayls

    Steve Bruce

    What do you propose we do instead? Who should we bring in as manager, bearing in mind we have no money?
  13. Tayls

    Steve Bruce

    We were 1 game short of achieving what we had all hoped for. Luck would have it that W faced one of the best teams in the league, who, are probably better than half the teams in the prem at the moment as well. So yes, he deserves more time - and, again, must start this season well in order to keep his position.
  14. Tayls

    Jack Grealish

    £50m or GTFO. Sod taking anything less than that. That’s nothing, really, to most of the premier league clubs. Someone mentioned taking him back on loan again as part of the deal. I’d have to say no to that as well, because, if we managed to get promoted, we wouldn’t have jack stay with us, which would annoy me. Same as if we lose him this season completely and go up anyway... so. Can’t win really! Guess he needs to stay. Problem solved.
  15. Tayls

    Tony Xia

    Changes changes changes - that’s the key and I think they both mentioned it without saying exactly what they will look like. We all knew it would mean that a struggle would be upon us. I just hope that we had already started preparing accordingly before the final...
  16. Tayls

    Tony Xia

    We are firmly a championship team now, recovering from being in the premier league with the wages that we were paying certain players. We could quite easily be in this league for years to come. We need to accept that now really - we are no longer the giant of this league in terms of finances. We absolutely had to go up this season.
  17. Tayls


    They are absolutely the first players we should be getting rid of. We do not need players that are coasting along offering us nothing and costing us money. Get rid. Go. Be gone.
  18. Tayls

    Tony Xia

    I think the fact Tony has come out and said he is hurting like the rest of us says it all. He’s not just going to be sat there playing Paper Toss on his phone - wheels are in motion to get us ready for next season, whether Bruce stays or not.
  19. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    I believe he is on loan from Man U.
  20. Tayls

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We already have one of these https://www.villatalk.com/topic/17648-1819-promotion-charge/
  21. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Answered my own question!
  22. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Just straight in? Don’t need to use the link icon to paste the URL into?
  23. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Tell me tell me!
  24. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Why won’t the video embed?
  25. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    God this video makes me totes emosh...