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  1. Comic Books

    Went today. Was pretty good. First time going to one of these, so got to unleash my geeky side. Me and a couple of mates went along, each with different things that we were looking out for. Couple of us wanted a few Pokémon cards, I wanted Thor comics, etc. Wasn’t disappointed.
  2. Comic Books

    I’m starting to get into marvel quite a bit at the moment, particularly Thor, and I’m looking at getting myself a few comics to read and collect. I’m off to comic con tomorrow at the NEC, figured it’s a good place to start. Bit confused about where to begin though, with the Thor comics. I like the idea of starting with the really early versions, like when the character was first introduced. Any suggestions?
  3. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    Got the free DL code the other day. Had a go on campaign mode - seems to be quite good. Didnt enjoy the multiplayer that much. Probs because I’m not very good and kept getting killed too easily. Started to get on my nerves a bit actually. At the minute, I’m kind of thinking, “glad I didn’t pay for this”. I reckon I will come to like the game though. Big Star Wars fan, so it’s getting me well in the mood for the upcoming film.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    On the Xbox website they have a draw thing you can enter into. Did it yesterday and got a code to DL battlefront 2 when it’s out. Think there are daily prizes to be won over next couple of days as well. (You need to enter, name, address and number each time you enter).
  5. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    From 4th down to 14th, it’s all quite tight. Could easily finish anywhere amongst that lot. We haven’t won as many games as we should have by now. Wolves, Cardiff and Sheff Utd going to run away with it - possibly Bristol City could join that little group. A few teams around us also have a game in hand, so, not that great, really.
  6. Pre match buildup

    Jota and Vassell make me nervous. I actually think we could be in for a really really tough afternoon. Very little confidence
  7. 502 gateway errors

    Was getting 502 bad gateway errors just a moment ago @limpid. I had logged in as well. Assuming that is something to do with the web server and it was just a coincidence that it happened once I had sumitteed a post?
  8. 502 gateway errors

    Oooo. What do you make of it? Do you do all the design work yourself??
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Let’s see if we can beat Leeds and Sheff Utd in the head to heads first of all. Will give us a better idea as to whether we will be up for the fight should we make the play offs. We won’t be finishing top 2 - not good enough.
  10. Glenn Whelan

    I’m sorry, but - a Bannan style play maker? You want us to have a man focusing solely on marking Bannan?
  11. The Careers/Jobs thread

    VT - I'm stressing, and I really could do with some sound advice from knowledgable people! I'm 25, working in recruitment, but I have hit a bit of a wall. I'm thinking I do not want to be working within this arena anymore. I don't have a degree, which limits me massively as far as I am concerned because every job I see they want someone of 'degree calibre'. I have never known what I wanted to do, I just drifted through school and got myself 10 GCSEs then took a couple of A-levels with the intention of going to uni. I had a place confirmed but then was offered a full time job, which I took. I have absolutely no idea of what to do with my life, I have so much ambition and desire to succeed, but god knows what in. It's stressing me out more now because the missus wants to buy a house etc and I am a little worried about losing my job for whatever reason and then not being able to find anything else. Does anybody have any sound advice to give, or know of any opportunities within the Nhants, oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire areas that might be coming up? Ironic really considering I work in recruitment eh? Thanks all.
  12. India Travel

    Just wondering if anyone has travelled to India and if they had any recommendations to make? I'm looking at going for about 2/3 weeks within a year or so with my gf and would like to see as much as possible. I am looking at actually travelling it, ie, using public transport to get from one place to another rather than taking an organised tour. Both are options, it depends on money and ease I guess but any help/advice would be much appreciated.
  13. Firearm Enthusiast Thread

    I actually do play golf as well...
  14. Firearm Enthusiast Thread

    I’ve been thinking about guns a bit over the past week or so. I went clay pigeon shooting for the first time ever for my birthday the other day (late 20’s now) and you know what, I bloody loved it. Not only that, but out of about 25 shots, I think I only missed the target 4 times - I was quite good at it. Infact, I enjoyed it that much, that I have thought about getting myself an over & under shotgun so I can go clay pigeon shooting at the local ranges when I want to. There is no denying that shooting is great fun, I get the whole thing, I really do. In my opinion, it’s akin to playing golf! I’m a law abiding citizen and I will take all the necessary safety precautions to ensure that I am complicit with what the law dictates. I don’t see any harm in that. There isn’t any harm in that, is there? Things are really sensitive at the moment, I almost feel bad for being interested in the sport of it...
  15. The Apprentice 2017

    Seeing your weekly Apprentice snippet makes me happy. Glad it’s back!!
  16. Steve Bruce

    Yes - right now. (Point 2)
  17. Rocket League

    When is cross platform happening? Will have to teach you PS4 girlies a lesson in gaming.
  18. What you eatin' there then?

    My wife and I get that Hello Fresh box delivered every 2/3 weeks so we have 1 week where we have 3 veggie meals. Really enjoy the stuff they come up with and all the different ingredients. When my wife first suggested it, I was very apprehensive at the thought of having a meal without meat, wasn't sure my body would cope.. but actually, we have had some right belters. Worth checking out if you haven't already. You can pick and choose the weeks you want and can see what is included.
  19. Steve Bruce

    So why aren't the players playing for him, when he has signed nearly all of them and some of them have played for him previously? What is going wrong? Its so frustrating to see the managers at Wolves and Leeds coming in to the their teams and creating this positive winning mentality, and they have come from leagues elsewhere in the world. Why cant we find someone like this?
  20. If it is a joke, which I think it is, the only thing I don't get is how they got it to come from the same place where other messages have been received previously (going by the screenshot). However, the grammar isn't brilliant. It's as if someone has produced that whilst pissing themselves. The main giveaway for me is the use of 'villains'.... im sorry, but someone working for AVFC must surely know that villa fans are not called 'Villains'. If it is genuine, they themselves should be called into a meeting and fired! Agreed with what someone else put, this isn't likely to have been sent via a text message, but rather an official letter inviting you to attend a meeting, and with correct use of grammar and spelling. Also a point of contact as well.
  21. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    It's an interesting theory - The idea that he has become trapped in the Night Kings body, presumably because he spent too long 'warging' there. It is also interesting that we only ever seem to see the Night walkers carry out their work when he is in his little trance...
  22. Tony Xia

    So it's definitely closed for vacancies. Then it's, heading backwards soon (yay!), or, people are walking away soon... all positive I'm sure, especially coming from the T Man.
  23. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    What's with the Chinese character though? Does that symbol translate to anything? (Apologies for the ignorance)
  24. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    I really don't get why some people are suggesting Bran is the Night King.... makes no sense whatsoever.
  25. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    And to think whoever signs Mbappe, who is 18, will be paying around £150m+ .... ridiculous figures on transfers at the moment.