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  1. Data security

    Slightly OT - but I have purchased a new laptop recently because my old one has packed in, and I am keen to destroy it properly so to stop people taking the HDDs out and accessing my data! As such, I have also decided to get rid of my old desktop that has been in my loft for the past 8years or so. What's the best way to destroy the HDD? I have taken out the disks, hit them with a hammer and screwdriver to the point that I have created holes in them... is that enough? Haha. Surely there is a better way that doesn't involve beating the hell out of them? Getting to the disks is a mission!!
  2. Data security

    It's just in general really. I'm a bit para about my info being out there etc - for example, I shred my letters properly and won't throw anything with name/address into the bin. I see people just giving laptops/computers away all the time, and I ask if they have cleared out the data and they always respond with 'no'... I find it crazy. I need the space in my house now as well, so it is time to dispose of my old crap. But I need to do it properly. I've decided to use garden clippers on the platters and cut them into pieces. Should hopefully be enough?!!
  3. Who's got what, what was your experience in obtaining them, any advice for others? Im currently studying a degree through the OU in Computing. Also starting my ITIL foundation next month. Work also want me to get my A+ ASAP... Lots to work on!!
  4. @maqroll how are you getting on with the learning man? Have you secured a role in the IT field as yet?
  5. Data security

    Not sure if it is worth popping this into it's own thread Limpid on data security of something (unless there is one already) Re write progs, what do you recommend? Assuming the best most reliable ones carry a cost. The HDD I have destroyed already was from my old desktop. And I haven't used that since I was about 19/20 (8years ago), so I doubt I would have been following best practices at that age. Are the holes in the disks enough for that particular HDD? I might have a go at using the write programme for my laptop. Saves destroying the poor bugger.
  6. Post-update gremlins

    The site looks pants on mobile (iPhone). Everything merging into each other, can't see page numbers clearly when choosing a topic to go into etc...
  7. Prague

    3 days in Prague coming up! What are the main things i absolutely must do? Any secret little gems that tourists tend to overlook?
  8. Steve Bruce

    People are aware that we only really lost the game once we had a CB pairing of Richards and Hutton right? Chill. Seriously.
  9. The USA

    How about Carmel and Pismo Beach?
  10. Leandro Bacuna

    Worth reading I want to go on holiday to Curacao now.
  11. Carlos Sanchez

    He can't have left yet because this thread hasn't been moved to 'other football'. Only once the above happens can a player be confirmed to have left Aston Villa. COWTIOF
  12. The Careers/Jobs thread

    VT - I'm stressing, and I really could do with some sound advice from knowledgable people! I'm 25, working in recruitment, but I have hit a bit of a wall. I'm thinking I do not want to be working within this arena anymore. I don't have a degree, which limits me massively as far as I am concerned because every job I see they want someone of 'degree calibre'. I have never known what I wanted to do, I just drifted through school and got myself 10 GCSEs then took a couple of A-levels with the intention of going to uni. I had a place confirmed but then was offered a full time job, which I took. I have absolutely no idea of what to do with my life, I have so much ambition and desire to succeed, but god knows what in. It's stressing me out more now because the missus wants to buy a house etc and I am a little worried about losing my job for whatever reason and then not being able to find anything else. Does anybody have any sound advice to give, or know of any opportunities within the Nhants, oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire areas that might be coming up? Ironic really considering I work in recruitment eh? Thanks all.
  13. Microsoft Dynamics

    Anybody using it or working on is an administrator? Just started supporting it for internal users and starting with external clients shortly! Seems pretty good!
  14. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Transfers when are we gonna get rid of some of the rubbish?
  15. I don't understand why Brighton got rid of Stockdale though seeing as he was their main keeper during their promotion season!
  16. Villa Kit 2017/8

    Can't we have a sponsor on the back, towards the bottom of the shirt?
  17. Villa Kit 2017/8

    Love that away top - would get that for sure. Can't remember the last time i purchased a shirt... had to tell my mother to stop buying me Villa shirts for Christmas a couple of years ago because i don't wear them. Might have to get that going again...
  18. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    What utter crap that is.
  19. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    This whole budget thing isn't a big deal. If it's £1million then that's fine, but that will of course be on top of what we make from sales. We have a LOT of players to get rid off this summer, and hopefully those on loan will be purchased outright, which will easily give us £8-10mill. That should be fine for us to go for the players we are likely to be able to get in.
  20. Linux OS for Laptop

  21. The Careers/Jobs thread

    So it was a good meeting. They understood what I was concerned about with the current goings-on that we have. They outlined the plans going forward, what other areas I can be exposed to. Stated clearly that they did not want me to leave.... I think I do need to stay where I am. I'm not sure if moving to a company with only 1 IT person doing the internal support will be the way to go. I think applications etc is the strongest route at the minute - esecially with learning Dynamics now.
  22. The Careers/Jobs thread

    So, I decided to make my boss aware that I had an offer, but that I had absolutely no idea what to do and what path I want to go down for the rest of my career... mentioned that my motivation for looking was the current insecurities that we had in the company. Got a meeting with him tomorrow and one of the directors. Anyone got any ideas of how I can stand my ground here and get a good outcome for myself? Hah! Worried they will just turn around and tell me to jog on...
  23. The Careers/Jobs thread

    Cheers @Midfielder appreciate the response. I got the offer!! So, now have a hell of a decision to make. I'm quite loyal, and hate letting people down, which is what I feel l will be doing should I decide to jump ship. I'm not very good with change, and worry about being on a probation period just in case they decide I am crap and don't want to keep me. No idea what to do now... the new role only has 1 bloke doing the IT for a growing business, so I'd be the first on in to help with the support of it all... Much like the meme - this job would be more face to face rather than remote, which is a good thing! Cheers @TrentVilla as well!
  24. The Careers/Jobs thread

    I'm in interesting situation at the moment. Not sure what to do. The company I work for, our particular dept. has just lost a few clients who have gone to our competitors, and as such, we have had to reduce our headcount. What this has meant is that some management has gone and also our IT support teams have had to lose a couple of heads. The team I work in - application support - aren't losing any heads, because what we do is very niche and we are about to take on internal support for the wider business, focusing on Microsoft Dynamics. Now, I had pre-empted this, and had an interview in a town closer to home, but slightly less money and it is getting back into the more hands on IT stuff, working for a non IT company doing their internal IT support. Do I take this, or do I stay where I am, not particularly enjoying application support?
  25. Business Ethics

    What about buying them out, or merging?