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    Dean Smith

    They are strong but we matched them last season and even got a win at their place so, if they are pushing on this season and we are struggling still then something isn't right somewhere… Howcome they would have been able to push on whilst we go backwards? Quite important that we get a result, to be honest.
  2. 1 Still going to struggle with picking up points like we have done after the first 4 games.
  3. Some individuals played well. But as a team it was miles away from where we need to be.
  4. We lost 3-0 having made defensive errors again and failed to score despite a large number of attempts. Please, I’m struggling to see why that is great and worth celebrating?
  5. Four points from 12… let’s face it it’s probably going to be four from 15… I’d say we are quite close. Teams are capable of looking great for certain periods of matches. However we still made mistakes which lead to conceding, and we failed to score despite all the attempts. Wins are going to be very few and far between this season. If Chelsea had put away two more of their attempts on target, making it a 5-0 score line, would people have been happy? I don’t think so.
  6. Please nobody say “play like that every game we’ll win more than we lose” …we lost 3-0. We’re awful.
  7. So to summarise; - Away game against a Sky side so expecting a Chelsea love fest. - Poor referring performance - Tyrone Mings balls up - Played well but lost anyway. Honestly could have produced this list at the start of the game. So predictable. We’re in trouble this season.
  8. cheers for this Daweii! What’s the difference between Dynamite and Rampage? Assuming Rampage isn’t available in UK yet without the subscription?
  9. The numbers are awful again aren’t they. Been living by these stats for about a year now and they make me feel quite anxious. It bothers me that we don’t know anything about the people that are sadly passing away because of Covid. (Age ranges, double vaxed etc etc) One reassuring thing that I am keeping an eye on is that ‘only’ 10% or so of the population have caught it, however with the way things are going soon it’s going to be 20% and so on.
  10. Is there a small concern that AEW have or will bring in too many WWE stars that make things go back to how the WWE is at the minute? AEW is obviously quite cool and fresh. Could it lose that with its recruitment?
  11. There’s something about the photographs from the 1800’s that captivates me. I find it somewhat difficult to comprehend just how long ago that was. I don’t know too much about the playing ages of players during that era - I’d guess it isn’t too dissimilar to present times - maybe they even played until a little older than they do now. However, some of these guys may have died over 100 years ago… it’s absolutely crazy. Thank you for representing the Villa back then, gentlemen.
  12. Heard lots of good things about AEW now so want to give it a watch. When is it on in the UK and is it just ITV that shows it? Is the weekly Raw/Smackdown equivalent called Dynamite, or is that something different?
  13. Fair enough! Sounds like he has a bit of work to do then! It would be good to know if he did regret his decision and was honest about it. Guess he would never admit to that though. Christ knows what he could have been if he remained focused.
  14. Has he ever said anything along the line of regretting his decision to leave us for Arsenal? Or was he already starting to get the wrong sort of mindset, thinking he had already made it and becoming a bit of a lad?
  15. Could hopefully be a decent season but the aim is probably to get to at least 5 wins ASAP, and then a few draws would see us hit the 20 point mark. Would be a decent season of consolidating our position in the Super League, especially after all the signings that have been made.
  16. Stones hasn’t played a single game for Man City this season has he? Funny how he starts… Also, Shaw just took a corner where the ball was nowhere near the line, this fashion of the ball being outside the actual corner area is really bugging me…
  17. Fair. As you say, fingers crossed it’s just a cold/flu off the back of being at a festival. But always best to get tested properly at the minute.
  18. Take a PCR test if you have a cough. The lateral flow test isn’t very effective when you actually have symptoms of Covid. Lateral flow is best for identifying Covid when you don’t have symptoms but might still be spreading the virus.
  19. That’s fine and I don’t think you are having a go. Perhaps it’s the way I’m putting my point across which is allowing some posters to think that I’m demanding NSWE leave immediately or something… I mentioned above I’m happy with the signings as individuals - we have also signed some really talented youth players as well. But, I think we are now very unbalanced. If we have signed three players to replace Jack… then those three players need to be able to fit into the team somehow… so we aren’t just replacing Jack, are we? In addition to that, we haven’t addressed the CM problem which has been our main issue for years. The way that our business has been carried this summer makes me think the owners are reining it in a bit.
  20. I’m happy with the signings as individuals. But I can’t accept that the window has been middle ground because, in my view, the balance is way off. Defence was good last year, but we have now lost JT from the coaching side of things. We have lost our best attacking player and replaced with (apparently) three other players. Our midfield has been our weakest area for years, so why wait another season to address it when we could well end up relegated again because of the decisions made this window… makes no sense to me. CM needed to be addressed, and it hasn’t been.
  21. You think this has been a brilliant transfer window, I think this has been a dreadful window… means I’m ignorant?
  22. I didn’t say I wanted them to leave Pissflaps… however I do believe they are starting to rein it back in a bit…
  23. Typical of the club. NSWE have chosen to not allow us to progress in my view. If we were going to sign Buendia even if Grealish stayed, then that would have been £30m spent on transfers. Fine. That’s a lot of money, but it’s not going to get us up the table. I’m not convinced we would have purchased Bailey and Ings if we didn’t sell Jack. Thats not going big to progress, that’s holding back… I’m not saying we needed to spend £200m on new signings, but I did expect us to recruit in a position we desperately needed to fill, which is CM (most probably a defensive minded player). Buying two players to cover two of Jacks skill areas isn’t a proper strategy. It has left us severely unbalanced. It’s quite evident really and I’m amazed at the people who are saying this has been a successful window. It hasn’t.
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