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  1. Fortnite

    Anyone played this? Been playing on Xbox past few weeks - annoys the hell out of me, because I can barely get any kills, but it is great fun to mess around on. I primarily play in a team of 3 with a couple of buddies.
  2. Other forums

    I don’t bother with any other forums. VT pretty much has everything I need. Was looking at my profile the other day, and to think that I joined in December 2010 is crazy. I must have looked at this site everyday for just over 7 years. Mental. Sorry, I release I haven’t contributed very much to this discussion! Hah!
  3. Steve Bruce

    So, we can sign Januzaj on this basis?
  4. Steve Bruce

    We lost at Reading, so I’d imagine Interpreting won’t do any better.
  5. Fortnite

    I’ll give you a game at some point mate. Aren’t you in Oz though?? Ive played about 60 games now, and I reckon I’ve got less than 20 kills. It’s so damn hard! I’m quite good at building and hiding, so tend to make it to the last 10 or so! Hahh.
  6. Steve Bruce

    He hasn’t been in the PL with us yet.
  7. January transfer window 2018

    Ah thanks mate!
  8. January transfer window 2018

    Indeed, another one who was privy to some information and sharing it despite risks with work. Got slammed for not sharing frequently enough or if RLs jet went somewhere else!
  9. January transfer window 2018

    I don’t blame him, I blame others. He only made a few hundred posts I believe, but each one was like reading a section in a good book that you just don’t want to end.
  10. January transfer window 2018

    I miss MysteryMan, especially when it comes to threads like these. Who remembers when MM said that we were about to make a signing that will send us into meltdown, and then it transpired that we were signing Bent for £18million. Those were the days. @MYSTERYMAN - come back!
  11. Crypto currency

    Cheers dude. Any other tips/advice before going into it all? As I say, never done it before, I want to be smart about it.
  12. The data behind the REAL In or Out debate

    Did anyone else come into this thread expecting to get some useful facts about Brexit? I don’t know why, but, I did... hmm. Always In though...
  13. Crypto currency

    Oooo chaps, been doing a bit of reading on Dent over past few weeks. Where abouts did you take your punt @Genie? Not don’t anything with crypto before and looking to get started somewhere.
  14. The death penalty

    You say that, but 31 out of the 50 states of America have the death penalty, PLUS the federal government and the US military have it as a penalty as well. One of the most modern countries in the world still see it as a suitable option for punishment. That’s quite a lot of people who are able to live with it and not feel the need to protest to encourage their state to abolish it.
  15. The death penalty

    My first thoughts on it are; there are some horrendous people who do not deserve to be allowed out on the streets, and people should not have to live in fear with the fact that they are out there. If the crime is serious enough - why pay for them to be ‘locked up’ when they have zero chance of being released... that’s obviously very narrow minded of me, but I can think of examples right now where the crimes committed are just so sickening, that... yea. You get the picture... I can totally understand reasons why people are against it as well. There is something quite medieval about sentencing people to death. Capital punishment is always an interesting debate...
  16. Match Thread: Villa v Bristol City

    Any clips of the goals yet folks?
  17. Steve Bruce

    Hah!.. Noo, I was genuinely interested! Whats your reason for wanting him sacked though, If gaining promotion isn’t enough to keep him in the job?
  18. Steve Bruce

    What is your view on things?
  19. Steve Bruce

    Wolves have been able to bring in a certain calibre of player that we haven’t be able to match, because of the setup that they have there. These players wouldn’t look out of place in a decent La Liga side. They have spent a large quantity of cash in doing this. We’ve spent a decent amount also, but on players that have performed well at the level that we are at - with the exception of Terry. Let’s not forget, with regards to Terry, there were other teams who were willing to pay him a higher weekly wage than what we were... We dont have a star studded squad, however we have a good squad of proven championship players who probably should be playing better football than what we see at the moment.
  20. Steve Bruce

    Absolutely... the article is great if you are anti Bruce - can I assume that you are?...it’s obvious that the writer is. But, the context of the article is poor, in my opinion, because there is good reason for Bruce to say what he has said today.
  21. Steve Bruce

    No probs... so, I said...at no point did Bruce say we are down to the bare bones because we are playing Elphick. ... Bruce did say we are down to the bare bones, but he didn’t say, “we are down to the bare bones because we are having to play Elphick”...
  22. Steve Bruce

    You didn’t quote my full sentence....
  23. Steve Bruce

    Duuuuuude. Come on. This is horrendous! I got annoyed as soon as I read the ‘bare bones’ section. At no point did Bruce indicate that we are “down to the bare bones” because we are playing Elphick. The person who wrote that suggested that, so actually it is he who thinks playing Elphick means we are “down to the bare bones”. When I think of that, I look at the bench - now, the bench today was VERY different to what we have had over the past few weeks or so. Bruce is right to argue back with the fans - he’s employed to do a job and he has obviously been reading things where people have been criticising that job and asking for him to be fired...FIRED - now, personally, that is not a situation I would like to be in, so if getting some results and showing a glimmer of being able to turn bad form around comes along, then I would also rub it back into people faces. There is a hysteria, we are in bad form at the moment, we probably could be doing a bit In terms of points that we have amassed... but we don’t have a right to be any higher than what we are at the moment. The whole article is just based on assumptions and the writer is clearly anti Bruce, so, it lacks validity.
  24. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    You lot are so grumpy! We will probably be ok. I’d say it’s almost 50-50 that we will get promoted. Soooo, stop worrying.
  25. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Out of the top 10 teams, 8 of them have to come to Villa Park. The only one who hasn’t is Sheff Utd... and ourselves. Hah! Thats a bit strange isn’t it? How many of those away games against the top 10 have we won? Only two I think??