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Fixtures 20/21


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Apparently the fixtures will be released no later than Friday. The rumored (always fake one pops up) is spurs away again so its likely to be anyone but spurs


Premier League 2020/21 calendar dates announced

The Premier League can today reveal the scheduled dates for the 2020/21 season.

The new campaign will start on the weekend of Saturday 12 September, and will end on Sunday 23 May.

The full fixture schedule, detailing all 380 Premier League matches, will be released no later than Friday 21 August.

Matchweek dates

Matchweek 1: Saturday 12 September
Matchweek 2: Saturday 19 September
Matchweek 3: Saturday 26 September
Matchweek 4: Saturday 3 October
Matchweek 5: Saturday 17 October
Matchweek 6: Saturday 24 October
Matchweek 7: Saturday 31 October
Matchweek 8: Saturday 7 November
Matchweek 9: Saturday 21 November
Matchweek 10: Saturday 28 November
Matchweek 11: Saturday 5 December
Matchweek 12: Saturday 12 December
Matchweek 13: Wednesday 16 December
Matchweek 14: Saturday 19 December
Matchweek 15: Saturday 26 December
Matchweek 16: Monday 28 December
Matchweek 17: Saturday 2 January
Matchweek 18a: Wednesday 13 January
Matchweek 19: Saturday 16 January
Matchweek 18b: Wednesday 20 January
Matchweek 20: Wednesday 27 January
Matchweek 21: Saturday 30 January
Matchweek 22: Wednesday 3 February
Matchweek 23: Saturday 6 February
Matchweek 24: Saturday 13 February
Matchweek 25: Saturday 20 February
Matchweek 26: Saturday 27 February
Matchweek 27: Saturday 6 March
Matchweek 28: Saturday 13 March
Matchweek 29: Saturday 20 March
Matchweek 30: Saturday 3 April
Matchweek 31: Saturday 10 April
Matchweek 32: Saturday 17 April
Matchweek 33: Saturday 24 April
Matchweek 34: Saturday 1 May
Matchweek 35: Saturday 8 May
Matchweek 36: Wednesday 12 May
Matchweek 37: Saturday 15 May
Matchweek 38: Sunday 23 May


Please be kind premier league

Be good if final game is at home for once. I wouldn't mind getting city away first or Liverpool away just to get it out the way early 

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first week is not going to be any of the clubs in european action I don't think, assuming they're starting a week or two later. So main one to avoid in week one is Liverpool. 

also, we have the league cup throughout september. I think the first matchday for us ( R2) is w/b 5th September so we technically will start then. 

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7 minutes ago, Rodders said:

in a get it out of the way approach, or do you think it's when they're most likely to be vulnerable?

I have done zero statistics to be adament about this, but I always suspect newly promoted sides to come flying out with confidence and then watching it fall off after about 2 months. Especially the first match of the season.

I also suspect teams that have done exceptionally well, and won the league, to be rather complacent the first match of the season. My impression is that a lot of the CL clubs can have rocky starts, but the quality compounds over a season and it gradually settles them where they normally are over a full season. 

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Just now, El-Reacho said:

My thoughts too - just wondered if it's actually statistically proven that the promoted sides perform better in their first few matches?

It could be verse effect with no fans though. Elland road for example is not bad with no fans

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Full ‘leaked’ 20/21 opening day
Brighton vs Sheffield United
Chelsea vs Southampton
Everton vs Fulham
Leeds United vs Newcastle United
Manchester City vs Crystal Palace
Manchester United vs Arsenal
Tottenham vs Aston Villa
West Brom vs Burnley
West Ham vs Liverpool
Wolves vs Leicester

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